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Monday 30 October at 1510 | Posted in Life | 16 Comments

As I had said in the previous entry this weekend was going to be about a pub crawl along all the squares on a Monopoly board game. 28 properties on the board game and a pint in each one was what was planned. Luckily for me I was turning up late due to heading to Greenwich for a drink and tea with the missus.

After finishing off a nice pub tea we headed off to meet the rest of the players. I was a little weary as we had been asked to dress up, or at least have an item resembling that of a piece on the game board, ie dog, hat, car. Without this piece I wondered if, and hoped against any, forfeit.

But here is my story of what happened, the boy who likes to have fun.

 As we didnt know where the the tube stop was in Greenwich we headed to the DLR and makre our way to Kings Cross, where everyon was, via Jubilee and Northern lines. As we got off at London Bridge and waited to get the Northern to Kings Cross, it appeared that the tube was going no where. The platforms were crowded and the tube itself was overspilling. Despite the total lack of space, I doubt anyone could of scratched an itch let alone much else, more people tried to get on. This really confused me.

Instead of waiting around, we thought it might be best to cut our losses, head to Stockwell and make a run to Kings Cross via the Victoria line. But the party had moved on to teh next stop, so we were playing a little more catch up now.

 After hopping on the tube to Kings Cross the train stopped at the first stop. Oval. The missus had a think. Then I looked up at the map, not being from London I dont know the tubes too well, but I had to point out the one blaring fact in front of me.

“The Victoria line isn’t black, is it?” I commented to the missus.

She turned her head up to look at the map and see what I was talking about. Also to confirm what she had been thinking since Oval. We hadn’t jumped on the Victoria line. We had just got back on the Northern line and heading back from where we had came.

Inevitably, the next line, could of been a chorous as it came from both of us simultaneous, “lets go home.”

And that was the time I did the Monopoly board game pub crawl.



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  1. Very, Very interesting.

  2. It sure was very interesting.

    Not what most would call a “typical pub crawl,” seeing as how we missed the pubs. But you get that 😀 haha

  3. Hiya, I just wanted to say thank you so much for your comments on my blog, you’re very sweet!!!

    Shame about you missing the pub crawl, it sounded like fun 😀 Maybe if I ever manage to make more than two friends I might give it a go some day, although London tends to scare me more than any place on earth!!!

  4. Sounds like a right laugh!
    i was gonna go upto london soon, maybe I should check this out… 😀

  5. yep yep. a disaster….mind you, we did get to go home and do what we’d been wanting to all day 😉

  6. Sweet Sparkles – Thank you, shucks 😉 Yeah was a shame about missing the pub crawl. Although I did manage a few pints around Greenwich so all wasn’t lost. You should try that out if you go London with friends. Just beware, ITS 28 PINTS!!!! Eeeeeeeeeee

    Kerri – It does sound like a right laugh, if I ever got round to it 😀 haha Its worth it. I believe another London pub crawl is the Circular Line pub crawl, although not nearly as good.

    buttons – Erm, as I recall it was what you wanted to do 😉 haha It wasnt ALL a disaster, I did enjoy my time in Greenwich.

  7. we should have just stayed at home you know. we should remember that for next time!

  8. buttons – That could be fun, but that would me we would become hermits. Eeeeeeee. Not a good thing 😉

  9. i don’t know, ask a crab and he might tell you it’s a pretty good life!

  10. Yeah, 28 pints does seem like a lot… I was sick after two glasses of wine last nite, so it’s probably not the best idea!!!

  11. buttons – Yeah, Ill make sure to ask a crab. You never know, that crab on the little mermaid might have some comments on the audio commentary extras on the Little Mermaid DVD. Maybe we should watch that?

    Sparkles – 28 Pints does seem like a real lot. Maybe you could just chose you favourite side of the monopoly board and hit 7 places.
    But if your being sick after two glasses, maybe its best if you chose you favourite colour on the Monopoly board and just hit that group. 😀 haha

  12. i think we should. i think you should buy it, i’ve not seen it in years!

    my friend once said i look like the little Mermaid, but you know, without the ginger hair and fish tail…

  13. Sorry I brought it up now 😀

    Your friends said that? Well if I ever get a taste for Disney porn I’ll know who to ask

  14. Nay the Circle Line pub crawl is much better and more realistic. It’s still 27 stops but as you jump on and off the same line it’s easier. I’ve done this one twice and vaguely remember both times. The biggest time of year is NZ day as literally hundreds of kiwis turn out for it and then do a haka on Parliment square or London bridge at the end.

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