He did the Mash. He did the Monster Mash.

Tuesday 31 October at 1214 | Posted in Humour | 18 Comments

A short but Halloween themed post today.

Halloween Decorations Done Good

Firstly, its good to see some people getting in to the Halloween Holiday Spirit (pun intended ;D haha)
A house in America has been decorated with a fake plane crash outside. This has cause some concern to some Americans, and alot of confusion for the police.
I just wish there were more people like this! Great work.

Next, I wish I’d posted this yesterday, but if you get the chance to check out this blog, with a complete list of Halloween Themed tracks to download. From the likes of DJ Shadow, Gnarles Barkley to Ryan Adams (if you like that sort of thing) Alot of unknown bands, at least to me, but all free (illegally?) but all good. Worth the time to download.

Well my little vampires and witches, I wish you a Happy Halloween. And beware for any asbo’d yobs thorwing eggs at your house, just give them the cookies.

I also have the beginnings of a cold sore, that should scare any kids wishing to “trick” our house. ::Cue evil laugh::



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  1. That valium/laxative cookies are in the oven! Teach the little S#!tz to kick my front door in. :@

  2. im gonna knock on your door tonight and run away giggling

  3. At the moment Im in a new house, new city and this is my first trick or treat night here. Im hoping the kids just arent nearly as rough as they are where I grew up.

  4. Kerri – Ill make sure to listen out for the tell tale sign, and have a bucket of flour spare above the front door 😀 haha

  5. That’s a filthy trick, but I love it. A fake plane crash, who would have thought of it? So I’m not sure what “Scientology is ace” means but if you’re agreeing that it’s a psychotic crock of bullshit then OK! I am happy Paris & Nichole are friends again.. Paris can be the sluttiest of all sluts and I still seem to find love for her. And yes, Fabulous is a (crappy) rapper. I don’t really care that he got shot either, to be honest.

  6. Shelby – It is a great trick indeed.

    Yes I am aggreeing it is crock haha, but I like that its crock, in teh same manner I like bad movies, or crappy pop songs. If you see what I mean.

    Well if the troublesome twosome are back together I suppsoe Paris can only get sluttier! (wish is good news for celeb magazines and interweb sites)

    Fabulous sounds as good as Scientology. 😀 haha

  7. My God, Americans crack me up. Seriously tho, could you be arsed to set up a fake plane crash just for one day of the year?? That guy clearly has too much time on his hands!!!!

    As for trick or treaters… someone remind me why it’s ok for kids to take sweets from strangers on this one day? Must be a perverts dream come true!!

  8. If I had the extra cash to do something like this I would do it in a heart beat. If you going to do decorations, dont do it by halves.
    Same for Christmas. The bigger, the better. Size matters! 🙂 haha

    That is true. But Im sure the kids have all been told by their parents which homes the “perverts” live in, even if its just a rumour theyve hear about that person.

  9. Christmas is my favourite time of the year, I love it!!! Absolutely everything gets covered in glitter, tinsel, lights and that crappy spray snow that no one can ever be arsed to actually remove after xmas ends!!

    And yes, size does matter 😉

  10. There is always some Christmas decotration that get left on all year round in my mums house, mostly its half of piece of tinsel or hanging decoration. Last year she left holly about the living room door.

    A few years ago, me and a flat mate decorated our living room in Christmas paper. It looked like we were living in a Christmas present. You should try that! 😀

    You say that as if from experience? 😀 haha

  11. That sounds amazing!! I don’t think my dad would appreciate it, but maybe I’ll wrap up my bedroom… yay, I’m all excited now!

  12. You should Its very cool and somewhat very cosy. You could go the full length and put bits of “ribbon” going around the four walls, just for effect.

    But the wrapping paper alone is cool.

  13. this blog is awesome!

  14. Thank you very much Judi

  15. Spectacular! Where can I get some of that wreckage for next year?

  16. It is ace indeed.! Couldnt say were to buy some from though, maybe you coudl start off on a smaller scale and buy a “scrap car” and have that “driven” in to the side of your house.

  17. In Surbiton there’s an auto repair shop that’s done just that – the back half of a Mini sticks out the side of the building… ten feet off the ground. Great advertising.

  18. Damn it! So someon has already robbed my idea….before I even thought of it.

    There is a beach bar near where I live that has a shark “ripping” a whole throught the exterior wall quite high off the ground. I doubt its a real shark though.!

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