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Wednesday 01 November at 1142 | Posted in Life | 10 Comments

So a few days ago BST – Day Light Savings time, ended. It ended on a Sunday and with the clocks going back this meant an extra house in bed.

Here is a  quick story about the boy who likes to play with time.

Now for me, no matter what time it be, I can only stay in bed for a certain amount of hours. Approximitely 8 hours. I can hardly stay in bed for any length of time after that. Once I’m awake, I’m awake.
Now this is unfortunate for the missus. As she can sleep no matter what time it is.
And last Sunday I got up at 740am, taking in to account the clocks had gone back, I’d had all the sleep I could get. But the missus saw it as she had plenty of time to spend in bed. But once I was awake I was awake and sadly for the girl she could’t put up with a noisy and fidgetty bed partner and was up soon after.

 Now it has only been a few days since Daylight Savings Time has ended, but I’m already feeling teh benefits.

After the government have been storing the daylight for 6 months its good to see them using it sparingly. Not going gung ho, but giving us a few extra hours each morning to brighten up the start to are working day.
Last week I would wake up miserable, freezing and in a bad mood. And I always put this down to it being dark.
It still is a bit cold, but now I feel much more energetic and happier of a morning. The difference, those extra few hours each morning of daylight being spent from the government, from their stoke pile.

Some people could argue that the daylight savings over the last 6 months should be used over a short period, meaning we could have maybe a week of nothing but sun. But I doubt I could get some sleep with all that sun.

I’m happy with how the government have been spending saved up daylight. And I hope they try the same scheme next year. I could do with waking up happy more often during the cold winter months.



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  1. you sodding looney getting me up at that time. i WAS NOT happy

  2. Yes I know you werent. Sorry. I did make it up by cooking you breakfast.

  3. Yes, I found those early winter-blues disappeared when the clocks changed too. Most pleased I was 🙂

  4. I only hope that the daylight hours dont get too short now in the Winter and the mornings go back to being dark.

  5. I more with your lady on this.. I can sleep as long as its dark.. even if it’s ten hours! Oh and, I don’t dislike that girl.. I LOATHE her. (Loathe.. it’s filthy, right?)

  6. Shelby – Shhhhhhhhhh, dont agree with her. She’ll only think she is right. And Ill get in trouble 😀

    Ahhhh, she is one of THOSE types of girls. A loather!

  7. i sure wish the government could make it warm again too 😦

  8. Kerri – Genius, you mean like some sort of Warmth Savings Time?

  9. I’m with you there, sleeping in’s a waste, my mrs is the same as yours but she has no problem sleeping while I’m wandering around the house, even using the hair dryer. Each to their own I spose. I just wish they stop pissing out with the clocks and just tell us to get up an hour earlier instead! Takes me weeks to get round to changing them all.

  10. […] In work I’m pretty lucky. Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty lucky indeed. I get to sit near a window. Now alot of people may think that this is a stupid reason to feel lucky at work, but to me it’s a good enough reason. Having had a few office jobs in my life I’ve had some were I’ve been quite far from the nearest window, and meaning I can’t see any real sunlight. It feels good being sat near a window. Makes me feel much better in my work. Especially at this time of the year when there isn’t much daylight to go around – despite the Governments great forward thinking ideas. […]

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