Show me the money

Thursday 02 November at 1459 | Posted in Life | 13 Comments

So my bank have done the outrageoulsy dumb thing and offered me a credit card. This is stupid for two reaons;
– I have only been with them long enough to of received two statements. I think. I know I have one. I may have a second.
and next
– When the lady called me to offer me the card I had no money, well next to no money, in my account.

I mean Im very grateful that the bank have offered me a card, not so I can use it, althoguh I will need to do in emergencies and for any time that my other card cannot be accepted. But also because it appears I must have some sort of credit rating. Or at the least, not a bad credit rating. Which can only be good.

My first big purchase will be for this …

Nintendo Wii



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  1. or they just thought ‘ahhh a sucker’

    i think that’s what they did with me….

  2. But your a girl, you’re expected to spend money on clothes. Boys dont need clothes. We can wear the same clothes that we bought when we were 18, right through to 80. That includes underwear.

  3. ewwww. i think i might revise what i’m buying you for Christmas….

  4. Dont revise this years Christmas list just because of that….just be prepared for the Christmas list when Im 79

  5. Who needs clothes, Wii comes first!

  6. True that.

  7. I used to have a credit rating….then I stopped paying my bills, it soon went away 😉

    I’m utterly humourless about money now and only allow frivolous spending when I’m near a bar or a rugby club….

  8. I am honestly laughing out loud after watching that video. It’s so funny, for some reason. That’s pretty cool. How much is it? Do you play Guitar Hero.. I’m so into that, it’s almost ridiculous 😉 Doonn’t.. Doonn’t.. Get a credit card! They are the devil! I have two that are close to maxxedddd… (But hey, I’ve got every color of eye shadow made and all the shoes I’ll ever need tho.. hehe)

  9. Mike – Well I got in to a bit of money trouble along long time ago, in a galaxy far far away. So Im kind of burnt on the whole debt issue. The main reason I accepted the card is that my current card isnt accepted in all places. So itll be good to havea card that will be accepted no matter where I am.
    But your right, all I have to do is fight the frivolous spending urge……lets hope I can!

    Shelby – It is a very mausing video indeed. First time I seen it I was in work and trying my best not to laugh, I looked very red face and crazy 😀 haha
    The Wii is only £150 ($280), (I’ve already paid some for some of it), and £150 isnt really that much, less then a weeks wages in fact, Id just be paying on my credit card just for the sheer hell of it.
    Never played Guitar hero, but the girl in work wont stop going on about it. Always going on about the newest game that is out and what songs are on it. But I here its very good.
    But things like every colour eye shadow and shoes are very imporatant things, so its ok if your card is maxed out with those things 😉
    I of course wont be buying many eye colour or shoes, so I should save a bit there.

  10. If there’s something to buy with someone else’s money, then this has to be it!!! Then like the Little Pig you can go Wii Wii Wii all the way home!

  11. The Wii is something Id buy with my OWN money.

    Although after queing up outside HMV for an hour or two at midnight Ill be going “Brrrrrrrr” rather then “Wiiiiiiii” all the way home.

  12. i can offer you a marks and spencers credit card if you want?
    im tempted because every customer i convert i get £5 🙂

  13. Thanks for sharing this information. Really is pack with new knowledge. Keep them coming.

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