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Friday 03 November at 1427 | Posted in Life | 10 Comments

When it comes to certain things in life I wish there were soem rules. If I was to make up these rules in life, the top, and first thing on my agenda would be “Kiss Hellos/Goodbyes”
Now I’m never too sure when to do this? Yes I know the obvious answer is “When you are greeting or leaving someone.” But I mean I don’t know how well you have to know someone before you start doing it?

Take the missus, Ive known her friends a while now. I’ve met them a few times and I (from memory) give them kiss hellos/goodbyes. But its been like that for a while. I can’t remember when it started, but for as long as I know I’ve given the kiss hello, maybe not so much the kiss goodbye.
Now the missus mum I’ve never been to sure about. I’ve never given her the kiss hello/goodbye as, like when meeting any new partners parents for the first few times, I’ve been a little nervous.
But now I’m not so nervous, but I haven’t started the kiss hello/goodbye. And I don’t really know if I should be doing it or how to start doing it? How is it that you start up a kiss hello/goodbye relationship?

Heman wont kiss helloSee the problem I see lies in starting a new kiss hello/goodbye relationship. If you haven’t had one from the start, when is the best time to start one? Yes, alcohol may be a good way to start a kiss goodbye relationship, leaving a bar, full on your favourite poison, its easy to let slip a kiss goodbye, even if you didn’t mean it, everyone else in the bar is doing it.
But what if you don’t have alcohol, or the surroundings? How do you approach someone and say “Yes, I think we are in that point in our relationship that we should start a kiss hello/goodbye?” Its not the best subject to bring up.

So why bring it up?
The flip side to this argument could be, “why talk about it? Actions are better then words.” But what if the other person wasn’t ready for a kiss hello relationship. If you went in for the cheek, lips ready, and got the pull away. That could be quiet an embarrassing situation. There certanily wouldn’t be anyway of breaking the sudden air of quiet and unease.

Forget it all 
So you could just then decide to not kiss hello at all. But that could possibly affect your relationship, especially if other people around you are doing the kiss hello and you aren’t. It may make you look like you just don’t want to do it.

So it seems to me, that the kiss hello seems to be something difficult to brin in to a relationship, if it was never there. The best you can ask for is good surroundings, some alcohol and slip when saying good bye, any other time is just to uncomfortable, or suicidal in the relationship with that person.

For now, I’m ok not doing the kiss hello, I have a cold sore. Thats my excuse. But luckily we have Christmas coming up soon. I’m sure with some alcohol and good surroundings, those us who see ourselves in friendships with people who we should be really kiss helloing will ahve the perfect opportunity.
Just dont take it too far though. Then your in a whole other heap of trouble.



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  1. hmmm well i now you do the kiss hello/goodbye with my friends, and i think you have a few times with my mum.

    maybe general saying goodbye you don’t eg. when we’re leaving the house. but if we’ve been out for an occasion and then we’re leaving, then you should. i think

    i hate it. it’s all so potentially embarrassing, i just wait for my cue. if someone leans in then so do i. if not, then i just stand there looking a little bit unsure!

  2. oh and i hope you’re not talking about your office Christmas party. No kissing hello/goodbye there. oh no

  3. I dont remember doing a kiss hello with your mum.

    I know you wouldnt do it if you were just leaving the house for a bit, only if you were going away for a few days at least. BUt its not about that that Im talkign about. Its “When/how do you start a kiss hello/relationship?”

    But your right, there is alot of potential embarrassment to be had.

    And no, its nothing to do with Christmas party. Dont worry.

  4. i think maybe you’re onto a good thing with Christmas

    you know ‘hello’ *kiss* ‘happy christmas!!’

  5. See, and then afterwards, youre comfortable doing it. Its been done. You no longer have that to worry about.

  6. i know exactly how you feel! I think the best thing to do is follow by example, if someone you know kisses the person, then you should to… at least I think thats right…

  7. Thts always a good rule of thumb. But what if your the only person leaving? Then there is a group of people, some you may kiss good bye regularly and other you may not. So would you kiss them all, not kiss them all, or just be selective.
    Someone somewhere needs to come and make some rules.

  8. i think if there’s lots, it’s a hassle to kiss them all. so a general goodbye is ok.
    a small group that you feel you know quite well and who are all generally kissy bye people, then go for it

  9. I don’t know what it is like there, but I know over here the kiss hello is really unheard of but when you get it, it’s extremely wonderful and a sign of great manners! So sounds like you’re ahead of the curve! 🙂

    Oh and, I could never use the toilet in front of all those prisoners.. YUCK.

  10. I think the kiss hello maybe more of an European thing then. I know on main land Europe they dont the whole double cheek thing. Thats one whole kiss more per person per greeting.

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