Dont let the Sun, go down on meeeeeeee!

Tuesday 07 November at 0841 | Posted in Life | 11 Comments

Now I’d like to make it clear before you read below that I don’t hate the Sun. Not in anyway at all.

The boy who likes to have eyes.

In work I’m pretty lucky. Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty lucky indeed. I get to sit near a window. Now alot of people may think that this is a stupid reason to feel lucky at work, but to me it’s a good enough reason. Having had a few office jobs in my life I’ve had some were I’ve been quite far from the nearest window, and meaning I can’t see any real sunlight. It feels good being sat near a window. Makes me feel much better in my work. Especially at this time of the year when there isn’t much daylight to go around – despite the Governments great forward thinking ideas.

But the problem has risen now. And that problem is the Sun itself. Aswell as being sat near a window, I also sit facing it. A few months back when I first started here it was good. I could turn my head slightly and watch the sun rise over the roof tops and from behind the high rise towers in the city.
Explanation of Earth's AxisBut due to the Earth’s axis being slightly off, aswell as the Earth’s rotation around the Sun and despite the fact that this littl Work of Nature gives us Seasons, it also changes the position of the Sun in the sky. Meaning that now the Sun rises directly in front of me. As if from behind my monitor. This same one I’m finding hard to look at right now.

Yes. I know. There are ways around this. Tilting blinds, pulling down rolling blinds. I’ve tried this. Although the first idea of tilting the blinds to allow light through but not Direct Sunlight had a slight problem in which the vertical blinds had wholes in. Meaning that this didnt block any Direct Sunlight. At all. Not even the slightest.

In the end I had to pull the blind down to block out the sun. But not too much as to make the office look horrible and lifeless without real light. But due to the fact that the hotel in front of my window has a funny roof it means each new morning the sun moves a little more infornt of me, and more from behind the roof. Meaning I get more Sun right in my eyes, so I have to pull the blind down that little bit more. Then the next day the Sun moves a little more to the side of the angle of the roof, meaning more Sun in my eye and me having to pull the blind down that little bit more. Sooner or later the blind is going to be pulled right down. Which will me Ill have no really contact with the Sun at all, due to the very short days and my eyes will mutate in to those big giant bug eyes nocturnal insects have.

Bug Eye Life
A vision of things to come?



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  1. sunglasses. that’s what you need

  2. I like your thinking. But practically, it might not work. I used to hate it when my “changing lenses” took to long to go from dark to clear when indoors. Dont think I could sit around in dark glasses all the time.

  3. a hat with a visor on?

  4. I can see you problem but I think you have a few other options. 1. Turn you desk around. 2. Work at night. 3. Work half the year in Australia. 4. Work somewhere else. 5. Win the lottery and never work again. Failing that, I think the Bug-eyed look has something going for it!

  5. buttons – A hat with a visor sounds much better. But it would have to be one of those cheap plastic with a tinted see through visor.

    Carlton – Those are good ideas. Ill take them on board. I especailly liked your Australia one.

  6. Hi,

    Been there, suffered that. If you do a lot of computer work, the glare will destroy your eyes within a year. Your best bet is to trade desks with a new person. If possible, try to get a location close to the coffee pot and / or restroom.

    the Grit

  7. Well lucky for me (and my eyes) its dark and raining today. No chance of seeing the sun at all whatsoever today.

  8. […] When I got in to work and sat at my desk after a few minutes I started to get blinded by the sun. I have spoken about this previously, that the tilting blinds in are office have holes in them? Why? I still dont get it. The whole point of the tilting blind is to block direct sunlight. ANd you can’t block sunlight with frickin’ holes. And the thing is, I bet some genius go made bag fulls of cash to design these holes. If anyone knows a reasonable answer to why some tiliting blinds have holes in them, please send me a postcard. […]

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  10. very insightful read, thankyou.

  11. Glad you enjoyed it Paul. I enjoyed writing this piece.
    I didnt enjoy the sun being in my eyes though.

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