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Doctors suggest we eat at least 5 portions of fruit and veg a day. I’ve tried. I really have. But things are wokring against me.

The boy who likes to eat fruit.

So there is a minimum daily recommendation for a lot of things. Vitamins, iron, fruit, even eggs. I didn’t believe this at first, but I’ve been told there is a recommendation of how many eggs to eat.
Doctors are evilI’ve always wondered how many doctors there are that actually eat the minimum recommended allowance, and who dont go over ther allowance? How many doctors actually follow the guides? Or are these so called doctors just evil spin doctors created by food companys to scare is in to buying their product. Maybe the government werent earning enough from fruit so they paid a doctor to say “eat five a day.”

I do try to eat my minimum amount. But whether it’s because I’m lazy and wont cook or some other reason I don’t always eat my 5 a day.

I often try to bring in a pack of clementines to work. If I wont eat 5 a day at home, Ill try and eat as many as I can at work. But there is always something that goes wrong. Sometimes the peel is too hard to remove. I’ve had times when a few clementines have gone bad and made the fruit next to it taste horrible.

But recently it feels a lot worse. Its like some fruit/citrus God does not want me eating her seed. The last few times I’ve taken fruit in to work, bought from Morrisons or Tescos, I’ve either tried them at home and they taste nice, so take the rest of the fruit in to work. Or whether I’ve bought two packs of fruit, one for home and one for work, but either way, over the last few weeks I’ve had the same problem. Outside of work all is fine, but once at work the fruit are bad, stale, moldy and I’ve had to bin them.

This weekend the missus bought two packs of clementines. We had a few over the weekend. She took the opened pack back to hers and I took the closed pack to work. These clementines were bought from M&S so weren’t cheap. And the ones we had over the weekend were nice. But as soon as I got in to work I seen that one of the clementines had become bad over the space of two days, and had been squashed in the packs spreading bad clementine guts and smell aroudn the rest of the pack. I was able to save about 8 fruit, but I want to know why fruit always seems to go bad for me as soon as I get in to work? Does a fruit God hate me?



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  1. well all i can say is that maybe you shouldn’t take them to work…. becasue mine were all fine πŸ™‚

  2. Maybe I should just eat all of yours then!

  3. Eat’m right in the store.

    You’re wrong about the Government being behind the fruit and veggie pushing plot. They’d push expensive food – steak, lobster, butter – since that would make them more from taxes.

    the Grit

  4. Hey Grit, Eat them in the store. Thats a great idea! At least then you can always go to the counter and complain.

    well maybe the small amount of taxes from fruit and vag was to help Gordon Brown buy some new pants or something?

  5. if you come to the m&s i work at, you get 2 packs of clementines for the price of one. πŸ™‚

  6. Well thats where I got the last clementines from. Mine went bad when I brought them in to work after the weekend. Whereas the missus, her’s where fine 😦

  7. Hi TBWKT,

    As I see it, the fruit isn’t going to get any fresher while you’re standing in the check out line. Besides, it’s fun to put the seeds on the counter and tell the cashier, “ring up what ever was around that.”

    If you phrased a tax that way, I wonder if it would pass? In the States, well, in some of the States, I suspect it would. I can see the headlines in California, ballot initiative 56027, a 2% tax on fruit to buy pants for politicians passed yesterday by a 78% margin …

    the Grit

  8. That is a great quote. And could possibly be applied to any self service kind of shop/restaurant.

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