Its not always about the length.

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Is it just me, or do other people prefer one side of the bed? I’ve lived in 3 homes and each one I think I’ve slept on the same side of the bed in each one.
Actually I’ve lieved in 4 homes, bought the 1st one I lived in up to 3 years and dont remember much.
And I’d like to point out that in those three homes I’ve had numerous changes of bed. It wasn’t always the same bed.

The boy who likes to sleep.

A topic arose on the way to the pub quiz with the housemates on whether I sleep on the same side of the bed. I answered without any thought “yes.”
After a little more thinking I realised that ever since I can remember I’ve always prefered sleeping on the right side of the bed.Sleeping monkey No matter where I am, which bed or surprisingly who I’m sleeping in bed with. That latter of these shocked me the most as I thought that the side of the bed I slept on would of been brought up when going to bed. For instance my girlfriend at the time, when we first stayed over at one anothers house there was no disucssion as to which side of the bed each of us slept on. I got on the right and the lass got on the left.

But why do people automatically take up one prefered side of the bed.

The one that has been confusing more of late is my current sleeping arrangement. At the moment I have the left side of my bed facing towards the TV and the right hand side facing the window. Before bed I may watch a show or DVD and get all warm on the left hand side. Then when Im about to sleep and everything is switched off I role over to the right, to my comfort side. I’ve found now, in the Autumn/Winter months that the side facing the window gets very cold while I watch TV as it isn’t covere up in the blanket, they are around me. But when I move over to the that side the bed is freezing. A lot colder then the side that I’ve just been lying on. Common sense would tell me to stay on the left and keep warm. But for some reason, unknown to me, my heart is set on the right side of the bed. Sometimes you cant help but follow your heart.

Yes you could argue, “Why not simply move the pillows to the other side of the bed and have the TV on the right?” Well I’m sure if I did that the missus would have somethign serious to say abotu being left on the cold side.

Sleeping on ice



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  1. a) that first picture is SCARING ME
    b) i think i’ve always slept on the left side and never thought about it but once having slept on the other side in my bed, i didn’t like it at all
    c) you let me get all warm in bed and then get in freezing cold anyway so it doesn’t matter if you’re on the cold side when i’m there!
    d) if you think we’re swapping you can sod off.

  2. hey gorgeous, That picture scares you? I think its a very cute lseeping monkey. Look at its little hat, awwwwwwwwww.
    I guess it was good we bother werent left/right hand sleepers otherwise there would of been some arguning šŸ˜€ haha
    That is true. But I do give you a hot water bottle so the temerpature difference will always seem like a lot.
    I wouldnt dare think of swapping (damn there goes my “time to rearrange my room” excuse)

  3. I always prefer to be next to a wall as otherwise I have the tendency of falling out of bed so I hate when the bed is just in the middleof the room with nothing to stop the falling..I don’t knwo whether I have a left/right preference fact I don’t think I do.

    Buttons is right, the top pic is scary but the bottom pic is so cute.

  4. Actually, i wouldn’t mind if you put the TV on the other side of the bed. Then i could just cuddle up to your back all nice and warm!

    You only give me the hot water bottle so you can get in bed and have me all nice and warm and then sneak your cold cold hands up my t-shirt!

  5. Amy, I can see how falling out of a bed would want to be avoided.

    Buttons, Well there isnt much room for the TV to be on teh other side. Plus it will be obstructing me when I try to hang up my washing.
    You could be true. I could unknowingly of course, be trying to turn you in to a giant 5 foot hot water bottle. True.

  6. and there was me trying to be all helpful!

    plus, you know, i don’t really mind you suing me as your hot water bottle, i quite like it

  7. I like it when your helpful. Abd if you can think of a way of me being able to put up my washing on the raditor without standing on it maybe I will move the telly. Saves me getting a dead arm having to lean on you to watch Hollyoaks šŸ˜€ haha

    Im sure you dont mind being used as a hot water bottle.

  8. why not just plonk your bed in the middle of the room and then you can have more space on your side?

  9. Dimensions. Space. It just wont work. Fact.

  10. Thank you for your Jordan info!.. I wonder why she chose the name Jordan? Now that I know she’s like our Paris, I think I see her in a better light.. isn’t that funny? Because before I just thought she was a chick with big boobs. Famous just for that. I like posting about girls. I think because.. well, who doesn’t want to stare at someone beautiful all day? šŸ™‚

  11. I havent a clue why she chose that name, I just tried to wikipedia it to find out. I dint find out why that name, but I did see she ran for local elections 5 years ago
    Check out her “Political Interests” haha. Whether she knows it or not, she is very funny.

    And who wouldnt want to look a t beautiful people all day? You right. Although my boss would have something to say if they are nekkid! šŸ˜‰ haha

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