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I’ve often been told that I’d make a great kids/TV present. In fact I’ve been told this too many times.

The boy who likes to have a different future.

Many years ago when I picked up my failed A level results – firstly I should of at least tried to pay some attention in class, and secndly my CV doesnt know I failed. The teachers had been talking to us all about “What you doing now?”
Im sure they didn’t mean what were we doing straight after picking up are results, but more what were are plans now we knew are results?

I always knew I didn’t want to go Uni. I knew this even before I finished my GCSE years. I did A-level classes mainly because I didn’t want to start work and wasn’t sure what I wanted to do?

The teacher in reponse to hearing me say that I haven’t thought about my life, this was that the grand old age of 18, said that I’d “make a good TV presenter on a kids show.” Crazy presenterThis was a surprise to me, as I didn’t know this old teacher watched kids TV. Or even how she would know what kind of personality these presenters have.

It also wasn’t the last time I’d hear that remark.

I’ve had a few jobs since leaving school, some I’ve loved, most I’ve hated. I’ve found that, despite the actual job description I rate my preference of my job based on the people I work with. And despite me being quite for the first few weeks I come out of my shell eventually at jobs I really like.

Some of these jobs that I’ve had a good experince at people have said to me how they think I would make a great TV presenter. And this hasnt all been at the same job, its been at different jobs and from people who have never met each other. Which shows this way of thinking from people I have a good rapport isn’t just a one off.

Having been at my current job for about seven months one colleague during a conversation turned and said “you know what, you’d make a great T4 presetner.”

Have I chosen the wrong career path?

I just hope that people don’t think that I’m a good presenter like “Chris Moyles is a good presenter,” as I really hate that guy and can’t stand his show.

On a side note, after speaking briefly with Shelby about Jordan/Katie Price, it appears that I was born in the wrong year. I should of been born a few years earlier.



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  1. i think you’d be a right good primary school teacher 🙂

  2. I thought you said Id be a good hairdresser?
    Now a teacher?

  3. i changed my mind. i’m allowed to you know

  4. And you do it quite often too. Is that just so you can keep me on my toes? 😀 haha

  5. They are looking for radio presenters in the Emirates if you are interested. Pay’s good but the alcohol is non-existent.

    the brit

  6. Yeah, dont think Id be looking out for that any time soon. I mean with no beer, where are people suppsoe to go to come up with genius ideas? 😀 haha

  7. I don’t think there’s just one right career. I think if we can do many things, why not? Staying in one menial job for years seems pointless to me. If we always change it up, life never gets dull. 🙂

  8. Oh and, I added you to my blogroll so others can enjoy 🙂

  9. Im with you Shelby on the whole not only one career thing. Although I may only be saying that as I have not found what I am good at or enjoy doing. haha
    Although I dont think I can go from menial job to Sunday morning teen presenter. Damn it. I could of really enjoyed a life of celeb-dom. 😀

    PS thanks for adding me on your blogroll, although I have a slight request, could you take off my name and put up something like my blog title, or TBWLT or A Boy. Anything else really. I have realised where I left my name and had that removed. I just like to have a little bit of privacy on this whole big interweb space thingy. Thanks 😉

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