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Tuesday 21 November at 1025 | Posted in Life | 14 Comments

Here are a few things that have gotten my interest in the last few days.

I really wanted to read OJ Simpsons book, If I Did It. A book, alot of people view as a confession, as OJ Simpson cannot be put on trial anymore, that has caused a lot of controversy. Mainly being that as OJ Simpson Simpsons lawyer Johnie Cochrancan no longer stand on trial that he is rubbing his nose in the faces of the victims Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldmans family, as well as the authorities.
But in the view of bad taste, I would really of liked to of read this book, althoguh understanding the unethical reasons it canot be publish, I’m still dissappointed that I won’t be able to read it.

Other celebrity news was an interview from some US tv show with Heather Mills, estranged wife of Paul McCartney. I’ve thought that maybe Heather could be losing her sanity slightly lately, what with all the drama surrounding there divorce. But I heard an excerpt from an interview this mornign on radio. In it she says
“I was just madly in love, blinded by love, and totally, totally madly in love.”
Not only was it what she said, but how she said it that kind of made me feel like she had over done the whole “I’m defenceless and innocent in all of this,” persona, and that maybe she had crossed that wide line that devides the sane and the nuts.

I received a text late last night. Very late. So late I read it this morning. It was off an old friend. The problem is I have two friends with the same name. One I ended up becoming less of a friend with as she turned in to a slight stalker. The other was a great friend who I wish I had given more opportunity to spending time with. I haven’t a clue which of these friends sent the text and I can’t reply with
“Are you the good one or the bad one? x”

I have my mum visiting for tea tomorrow. Its her birthday. I’d like to confess now that I don’t know my mums age. I know this is wrong, but it wasn’t too long ago that I got my own age wrong. I think I should start with the basics.
Also I won’t be giving my mum a card. I used to not give out cards as I thought they were pointless. But as this is my first year of not being able to be with my mum on her birthday I bought a card and posted it to her. On the day that teh card was posted, from my girlfriends house I’d like to add as I forgot all about it, my mum calls and says she will be coming to visit. But now I can’t get teh card back. I can only hope it arrives tomorrow morning.

Coal for ChristmasAlso I have just found out that Santas Naughty or Nice list is to be made public. By visiting this site, adults can check their children are in the correct list. Kids can find out if they will be receiving presents or coal this Christmas?
As well as being able to see what list you are on, kids can also shop (snitch, tell on) other kids they know thanks to the Tell Santa site.

So remember kids, be good. As Santa will know if your Naughty or Nice!



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  1. the stalker one ALWAYS sends texts in the middle of the night…. i think it was her

  2. No, this was a different stalker to the one that texted at the weekend. This is the stalker one that was in the pub that time back home.

  3. i thought that’s who that one was! who’s the other one? i’m going to have to sort these two out, i can tell

  4. Well the one in the pub is one of the people who I think may of texted me last night.
    The weekend one is some girl that I use to work with. I still havent replied to that text now you mention it.

  5. men dont do cards
    atleast i dont
    presents are better

  6. We dont? I think that could be just a you think. But I may be wrong and hallmark/car comapnys may have loads of cards for lesbian couples with messages like “to my loving girlfriend” on. 😀 haha

    Presetns are better. But more thought has to be put in to it. especailly when you are buying for the female of the species. You should of seen how much trouble me and the missus had trying to buy for her friend. We must of gone in half a dozen shops.

  7. Heather Mills is unbearable. I just don’t buy her act… I wanted to read the OJ Book too, sorta.. But I couldn’t fathom buying it. He doesn’t deserve a penny of our money. He did it and now he’s confessing because he knows he won’t be prosecuted. I think the naughty-nice list is funny. If I were a child, I wonder what list I’d be on?

  8. Youre right. She is unbearable. If I was stuck trying to think of a word to describe her earlier, then “Unbearable” would of been the word I was searching for.
    Do you know if the book will ever see the light of day? It was announced today (maybe yesterday depending where you are stood in the World) that the book had been cancelled. If only someone, somewhere had a copy.
    Do you know what list you would be on now? (I mean at your age, not as a child?)
    I think right now, I’d be on the good list. Or at least thats what Id hope.

  9. First off, let me thank you for bringing our web site for Santa’s naughty or nice list to peoples attention through your blog, it is very much appreciated.

    I found your article whilst browsing to see how our nessage was getting out there, we only went live 15th Sept and getting noticed has been harder than building the site (and that took a year).

    Anyway, I just wanted to point out a small misconception. The site is for the parent, here they administer all the naughty nice behaviour of the child as well as make suggestions. However, there is a sister site which is for the children and this links to the database of information held by santa. If you would like to see what the child sees, please just go to that site and use the demo Id Santachild and password santachild.

    Again, many thanks for telling people about us, we need all the help we can get :0


  10. Hi James. No worries, I heard about your site through a work email and thought it was a good idea. It looks like alot of fun. Unfortunately I dont have any children of my own to put on the naughty/nice list. And I think the missus would have a go at me if I told Santa on her as she would very much be in the naughty list. Fact.

    Well good luck with the site. I’ll make sure to let my family know about it. And I hope it takes off quicker then it took to build.

  11. Fuck cards. Just give them £1.50 instead to spend on something else hahah

  12. Would you be impressed if your partner handed you £1.50 and said “here is your card.”?

  13. Erm, yes actually 😛 I think you were banking on a “no” there weren’t you? Sorry to be a pain.

  14. Sadly yes, Yes I was. Im shallow.

    I suppose if I were to right a greeting on the card it would be more acceptable.

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