My morning adventure, the postman and finishing off with some tea.

Wednesday 22 November at 0917 | Posted in Life | 20 Comments

That whole shap shot thing was fun. Here are some more. This is what happened to me this morning.

The boy who likes to recycle.

Ā I had to pop in to the sorting office today to pick up my Seinfeld series 7 box set. While there the lady in front of me asked the post office person at the counter “Where the nearest post box was?” PostmanThe guy had a think, but couldn’t say. Not that he wasn’t allowed to say, but he just didn’t know. He asked a few other people. And they had a think about it too.
I felt like leaning over and saying “Excuse me. You work in a letter sorting office. There are thousands of letters and packages here. Couldnt you just, perhaps, take this letter, and sort it. Not to sound off. But. It. Is. Your. Job.”
After discussing with the other guys behind the magic wall, who I can only assume were actually sorting letters and parcels, turned to the lady after a few minutes and politely, as if he was doing her a huuuuuge favour and said, “Pass it here. I’ll take it from you.”
What a very nice man.

So now I have my Seinfeld DVD’s, but with my mum coming for tea and the football on tonight, I think I’ll not get chance to watch any of it. Or I’ll be going to bed later then normal tonight.

When I got in to work and sat at my desk after a few minutes I started to get blinded by the sun. I have spoken about this previously, that the tilting blinds in are office have holes in them? Why? I still dont get it. The whole point of the tilting blind is to block direct sunlight. ANd you can’t block sunlight with frickin’ holes.
And the thing is, I bet some genius go made bag fulls of cash to design these holes.
If anyone knows a reasonable answer to why some tiliting blinds have holes in them, please send me a postcard.

Even the Prince drinks tea.Like many other Brits, one of my favourite things to do in the morning is drink tea. Even the future King likes to do this. Its more of a ritual or past time, then trying to get rid of any thirst, as alot of people I guess would even have a cup of tea even if they weren’t thirsty.
So each morning, when I get in to work as my PC power’s up, I head over to the kitchen area on this floor and make myself a nice cup of tea. But this morning was slightly different. See, most people in this office have their own cups, and I have my own. Each morning I give it a wash and then have make my tea. As I went to pick up my cup today I noiticed that it had already been washed. Someone. For some reason. Had washed my cup. And I don’t know who. The cleaners wouldn’t do it, as they think their job description is to hoover floors, which is why I have my own cleaning wipes for surfaces/keyboards/monitors. But I have no clues as to who, or why, someone would wash my cup. I mean if you were to clean someone’s cup while they were out of the office, would you leave a clue/message? Very. Very. Strange.



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  1. I like your new pad, very swish. Let me know if you ever need somebody to dust it

  2. Respect Emsy šŸ˜‰

    Respect and Word, in fact.

  3. Hi TBWLT,

    You have to be careful around postal workers over here. While they do their jobs reasonable well, for the most part, they also tend to snap and bring a gun to work. This has even worked its way into our culture as the term “going postal” is commonly used to describe anyone who goes violently crazy.

    As to your cup, I would advise you to get a new one. Who knows what some miscreant has done to your old one? You should also keep the new cup locked in your desk, just to be safe. Of course, I tend to be a bit paranoid šŸ™‚

    the Grit

  4. awwwww Charlie

  5. Grit, I love the phrase going postal. But I didnt know it was actually based on postpersons. I always thoguht it could of been, then thought that maybe it was too obvious of a phrase “going postal” to be based on the actions of postmen and was instead a coincidence.

    Well Ive had two cups of tea today. Both seem fine. I’ve not passed out. Yet. There is 1h30m’s left of the day and anything can happen. But Ill keep my wits about me.

    Awww, yes. I forgot, Charlie is an old friend of yours isnt he.

  6. some bastard broke my mug. they broke the handle off and put it back in the cupboard hoping i wouldn’t notice

  7. The Pig one, or another one?

  8. a nice one that i had with a dolphin on the handle šŸ˜¦

  9. Awwww poor dolphin cup. Maybe you should leave a post it note on the cup sasying
    “Who broke me? :(“

  10. green tea is much nicer than any normal tea

  11. Green tea? Yuk! More like PG tea!

  12. The blinds have holes in them so terrorists can”t leave bags with bombs in behind them and also so that when you sit on them they warm up faster than sheet metal. Oh no, that’s those holey seats in train stations, not blinds.

    Sorry, no idea. A wholey (ahhahahahaah) useless comment.

    Today I am playing a game. It is called “How long can I get away with pretending to read this boring board report with my iPod on and not actually do any real work?” So far I am at 3 hours!

    And thank god for Firefox tabs šŸ™‚

  13. Sorry, I mean thank God, not god. Don’t wanna piss the Old Fella off now.

  14. But there are no shelves behind the blinds. How else can they hide stuff behind the blinds? Unless they can make their bombs float? Hmmmm

    I cant believe you know the reason as to why metal seats have holes in them. Did yo ulearn that in your Rail Technology Magazine, in the Rail Way Station Fact Section.

    Good pun šŸ˜€ haha

    My boss plays that game. But he doesnt last very long as he has to do meetings.
    I hope youve changed your track and are no longer listening to the blur one from earlier.

    DOnt get me started on firefox users. They’re akin to mormons, toher religious nuts šŸ˜€ haha

  15. I know nothing about bombs *looks around* Has my identity become unmasked already?

    I don’t know where I found it out either but it wasn’t RTM. Although there is a fine piece on talking concrete in this issue.

    Pun – why thank you. As a writer, puns are one of my talents. The others are not related to writing. Nor are they printable. (Except for in that quality top shelf magazine Railway Technology Magazine of course).

    I am now at 5 hours. The board report has now been shelved (note the backtrack to your shelf reference, claps for me) for, yes, you guessed it, RTM!

    Without Firefox you wouldn’t have my enthralling comments šŸ˜› Perhaps that is what you are angling at?

  16. Whenever you say that sentence you should always tap your nose three time. “I know nothing” *tap* *tap* *tap*

    Talking concrete? What? Maybe you could put that on the bottom of escaltors and have them shout insults whenever someone takes a sudden turn or stops.

    Haha. only in Railway Technology Magazine? Ill make sure to keep an eye out for you on the front cover.
    You dont contribute to their “readers tales” do you?

    5 hours? Thats alot of listening. You better be careful your battery doesnt run out on before you get teh train home.

    That is true. I guess one good thing did come out of firefox. If Id iof known this a few months back I wouldnt of uninstalled it.

  17. noted

    excellent idea. I don’t think the concrete talks though. The strap line bored me to tears so I didn’t read the article.

    I certainly do. I am what keeps the publication in business.

    Tip – take iPod lead to work. Listen to iPod in the morning, then charge over lunch. In afternoon listen to Walkman feature on mobile phone (which is fully charged because you plugged it in all morning). Listen to walkman on mobile until you get to Waterloo (if any texts come through when walking the music momentarily switches off so you know to check). On train swap over again so that you have phone free to text text text text text (thank god for 1000 free texts a month…) Yes I am as boring as this comment suggests…

    Suggestion: download it again??

  18. I dont think an article has ever made me cry.

    Maybe you should get some slice of their subscription fee!

    Thats quite alot of swapping. You could save yourself much hassle and sing out loud instead of listening to music. And talk to people on the train instead of texting.
    I hate all those free texts. Ever since I had a phone I find it much easier and a helluva lot cheaper to talk.
    THe missus just got free texting for life as her bill was too high. 30 days later and my bill has double and hers has shrunk. Thats not fair at all.

    I could download it, Ill just stick with my current browser (which is Opera in case you wanted to know )

    If you thought your comment was boring, I think my last line there would of pushed readers over the bridge.

  19. dw’yn hoffee tea, too!

  20. hoffee tea? What flavour is hoffee? Is that like honey and toffee?

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