An online generation and Mcdonalds.

Thursday 23 November at 1609 | Posted in Life | 11 Comments

I’ve noticed a growing trend in myself lately. I’ve started to become more of an “online” person. How far will this go?

The boy who likes to play on the internet.

As early as the beginning of this year I hardly used the interweb for anything. I’d send the odd email, blog, maybe visit some forums. That was about the most of it. But lately I’ve found that I am doing more and more online. Whether this is because I’m warming to the idea of doing stuff online, whether its because I have more spare time in work to use interweb facilities or if its because I moved out of my home town, is anyones guess.
Stop outbidding me, damnitIn the last few months alone I’ve started up online banking. This has allowed me to pay money in to the accounts of friends and family, set up direct debits/standing orders to pay bills for the home. Earlier this year I gave out cash. Also with online banking I’ve cancelled my paper bank statement and instead view them online. I now contact friends of loved ones mainly through email. Last year I’d vist them. I’ve done ALL my Christmas shopping using interweb stores. Last year? Yep you guessed it, I walked in to actual stores.
And I’m still finding ways of being able to stop doing things in the real World and instead use the interweb. Today I cancelled my paper bill for my mobile phone and started to use online billing to view and pay for my phone bill.
Cant this trend contiune? How else can I prevent myself doing activites, everyday things in the Real World and instead do them in the Virtual World?
I guess the next step can only be download myself on to the interweb and do absolutely everything from the comfort of a PC. Guess that’s all to come though.

I do have one little rant today. This week I’ve started to go McDonalds for my breakfast again. With having a little extra cash in my bank (I knew it was there, I checked the night before online) I’ve had a egg and sausage muffin breakfast 3 days this week. They’ve been very nice and very welcoming.
But my rant is about “Coffee Drinkers in McDonads.” Why do you get them there? The city I live in, like most major cities, it’s pretty hard to walk 30 seconds without spotting some Starbucks or Nero, or whatever they are called.
Hurry up coffee personSo why do coffee drinkers chose to go to McDonalds, hold up a queue of hungry people, just so they can order the one thing that takes the most amount of time to make, a coffee? Do they think it’s fun to prevent people, especially myself, from eating of a morning? Why must they chose only to have one cup of coffee and that’s it? They can get coffee from many other places without disturbing the eating habits of the hungry.
I just don’t understand why some people choose the thing off the menu that takes the longest to make when they could go somewhere else with better variety and without holding me up longer then is necessary?



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  1. To be honest, I’m not sure. I hate McDonalds. While I wish I hated Starbucks, their coffee is so damn good. Happy Turkey Day to you, too. And hey, being an online person is okay. As long as you still feel daylight on your skin everyday 🙂

  2. I could feel daylight on my skin…except the only daylight I get are during working hours. And while that is not too bad, I still have the problem of having to close the blinds and block out all sunlight in to the office otherwise the sunlight will burn my eyes. We dont want that happening now do we. 🙂

  3. Okays… I’d like to add you in my blogroll. But what’s your name? Besides being the boy who likes to……………..

  4. Hi Jennesis, thanks for adding me to your blog roll. But Im trying to keep a low profile on this blogging site (ie, so my boss doesnt have any easy way of telling it’s me basically)
    Dont take this personally, I flattered whenever someone add’s me to their blogroll, I just dont want to give away any details.

  5. Especially when you consider that drinking McD’s coffee is like licking tarmac… I think it is even worse than the piss my work coffee machine (with the sinister milk potettes 🙂 ) dishes out. That is saying something.

  6. I’m not a coffee drinker. I remember once having coffee in my early teens when my dad was amking a cup. But thats about it. I normally have tea at work.
    Also I dont think I would ever be able to order anything in one of those Starbucks places. I’d probably crack and start muttering coffee related words to myself for the rest of my life.

  7. ive yet to try mcdonalds coffee – if its anything like the food it can;t be very good…

  8. Yeah, Im not the biggest fan on McDonalds food. Their burgers are always my last resort. But their breakfasts are to die for. Especially the egg.sausage.muffin.

  9. apart from the egg bit. Actually and the sausage bit. I only want the cheese. Sometimes I wish that melted cheese was an acceptable dinner… Like pizza without the pizza base.

  10. You cant remove the egg/sausage from an egg/sausage muffin, as youll be left with a big hole in your belly and even more hunger.

    Haha, Melted cheese on its own? How would you eat it? Spoon? Fork? Hands?

  11. […] As posted earlier, I have a slight gripe with coffee drinkers in McDonalds. This has now been extended to all coffee drinkers who purchase coffee outside of coffe shops. This morning I dropped of the missus at teh train station. As we queued at Upper Crust to pick up some breakfast we were racing against teh clock. Well racing against the train leaving the platfom. We thought we had plenty of time with fifteen minutes on the clock. But every person who was in the queue in front of us order a coffee. In fact, some of them ordered only a coffee. There is a perfectly usable Starbucks around the corner. What is the obsession with coffee drinkers ordering from non-coffee stores? I wouldn’t mind if they ordered a sandwich and coffee, or fruit and a coffee. But not just a coffee. It holds other users of that establishment up when they could happily be taking a tenth of the time being served to get what they want. […]

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