Some photos and my weekend.

Friday 24 November at 1424 | Posted in Life | 13 Comments

I’ve had this new phone for a while and I haven’t really used the camera on it as much as I would like. But today a few opportunities presented itself for me to take a few photos. So here is what I got.

The boy who likes to take photos.

As I sat at my desk I looked over the roofs of the other offices to see if today I would be blinded by the sun. What I seen took me by surprise. It was a very pretty looking sun rise.
Although the picture doesnt do it justice, the clouds looked more creamy then fluffy and there were alot of colours. And it was the clouds more then the colours that got my attention.
I dont normally get all cooey over the sky and stuff, but this looked rather nice.
Except for the fact that it’s red. As we all know, “red sky in morning. Shephards warning.”

A very creamy cloud.
What a very creamy cloud.

The next photo was off something I saw as I was walking through the town centre. I don’t often pay attention to activites that take place near me and had no idea what had been happening. But as I passed through the high street today there was a pile of snow lying on the floor behind some barriers. I haven’t a clue why it was there at all? Had someone been having snow fights? Had a snow man melted? Was there a freak tiny snow storm in this one area of the UK? Whatever it was, I’ll never know. It was the one that got away.

Why was there snow?
How did the snow get there?

And yes, that is a panda bear hanging out in the shed at the back. The look on his face shows that he isn’t too sure where the snow outside his hut had come from either.

So this weekend I’ m off Christmas shopping. Crowds of people, with no where in particular to go but for some reason either rushing to or taking their time toΒ (almost as if trying to avoid) their destination. The thing is, I’ve already bought all my Christmas shopping. So has the missus. There is nothing else to buy. But she is in the Christmas spirit and all excited abotu Christmas so I’ve agreed to go along (as long as I don’t miss the big game on Sunday).
So we are heading to the Christmas market. Now they dont have any sales on here. In fact all the items here are home made, wooden and over priced toys. I don’t know anyone who I could give a Β£10 wooden yoyo too. And finally there is the cold. Its winter. And the weatherman is saying there will be strong winds this weekend.
Despite all the reasons to not go, some how I was persuaded to go.

Oh and another thing. I’m giving up my Sunday morning Hollyoaks omnibus aswell.

The missus best be buying me a wooden yoyo for this!



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  1. That is true love for you. You are the epitome of the Perfect Other Half.

  2. Beautiful sky. And that Panda looks rather creepy. Somehow, I had the idea that it was snowy and cold in the UK all the time during winter? I guess I’ve watched Bridget Jones’s Diary wayy too many times. Perhaps I’ve lost touch with reality? Good luck with the Christmas shopping, I’d like to hear how it goes!

  3. that poor snowman 😦

  4. Hi,

    My wife finally made me get us cell phones. Mine has a camera, with zoom capability and such, it even takes short videos. At first, I thought it was extremely stupid to have a phone that takes pictures. But, I’ve been seduced by the technology. It’s marvelous fun.

    the Grit

  5. Bluesoup, that certainly wasn’t the other halfs thoguhts after reading this entry πŸ˜€ haha
    You used to be right SHelby. There was a time when it snowed in the UK, especially in the winters. Now, possible a result of Global Warming, we get snow during freak Spring months in February or March.
    I have to admit, I’ve never seen that movie, so I couldn’t comment on its closeness to reality. Ill blog about my weekend once I’ve gone through my favourites list.
    I know Kerri, poor poor snowman.
    New phone technogoly is good Grit. The last few phones I have had have all had cameras on. This new phone I have has a 3gb harddrive, thus plenty of space for pics. Even though I have about 20 music albums on my phone there is still almost half empty, meaning I have plenty of room to be taking photos at every opportunity that presents itself. I really should use my phone more.

  6. hey.. how comes you managed to make yourself sound like the perfect boyfriend and me like a whingey girlfriend there?!

  7. Hey buttons, you know when boys say things like that it is just boy-speak for “I wuv my girl very much but I gotta look like the tough guy…” πŸ™‚ That’s what I tell myself anyway. I told myself this morning, when AMB got out of bed, threw his clothes on and walked out the door that his failing to even consider pulling the duvet back up and making the bed for me meant “I love the way she makes the bed. She is so much better at it than I am.” Deep down I know it really meant this: “I am a lazy sod. If I tell her I love her from time to time perhaps I can get away with this?” (Answer – er, not bloody likely mate).

  8. buttons, because I cant control what happens from when the words reach your eyes to when the words reach your brain. Somehow what I say changes in to something completely different before it gets to your brain. I didnt make you sound whingey.

    damn bluesoup. Dont be agreeing with her. she has the day off today, lying in my bed wrapped in my covers. I should be allowed to moan as much as I want today πŸ˜€ haha

  9. Oh, oh oh! The day off!!! Well, that changes everything! *grumble grumble* I want a day off. I bet Buttons remembers to pull the duvet back.

    At least your bed will smell nice when you get back BWLT

  10. and i did all the washing up….

  11. Buttons – I think you wanna come over mine and sleep in my bed and do all my washing up!

  12. thank you blue soup. Its not the smell Im worried about. the missus is feeling a bit ill at the moment and I hate getting ill. I just hope there are no cooties (I know that boys normally have cooties, but the girl has them today)

    Well done buttons. Thank you.

  13. Love reading your blog. Great info!

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