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Monday 27 November at 1453 | Posted in Life | 6 Comments

I did do some Christmas shopping at the weekend. There are photos, there is even the line “this town is the UK’s population of old people, prams and golliwogs.” But I’ll have more on that tomorrow.

The boy who likes to put things off.

This entry may seem very over the place, as I must of woke up about 112 times last night and so haven’t had the best of sleeps. I did want to talk about heaters and the BBC, but I think I’ll leave them for when the time is right. 

But first a quick little moan. Despite having my wonderful girlfriend stay over at mine for a few days, which I am very happy about, it’s a tad unfair that she gets a day off, can watch my DVD’s while tucked in my large warm bed and emailing me from my laptop. Actually its very unfair. Damn her 😉

Not a QI bookI do have a day off tomorrow though. Not that I can think of much to do. There is the art gallery near by. But its a little on the small side. There isn’t anything on in the cinema that has gotten my attention. So what to do on a day off when you haven’t got plans (after you have woken up very late I mean)? Well there is a Quite Interesting book that I might like to look at. Guess I could waste some time in Boarders. So thats it. My day off and I might go and look at a book. It better be a very interesting book.

Which takes me to this point. Once a book comes out, how soon after will it appear in a library? Does anyone know? I’d really like to read the new Bill Bryson book, but hate owning hard backs. Dont know why. But still I’d like to read this. I doubt though I will find this book in the library as the book is relatively new.

Although I should really be looking for something better to do. Except you have to go some distance from where I live to actually find something of interest (and free) to do. The missus is staying at mine for an extended visit as she has booked a few days off work. Coinciding with that is the small celebration of us being together for 6 months. Not that this is a huge thing, but still gives a reason for us to put on our Sunday best and head to a nice bar/restaurant for something to eat. But somehowI dont think taking the missus to a book store is as romantic.

But I would like to leave you with this amusing/tragic story from Florida. (Cash prise to anyone who can read to the bottom without smiling)

“NEW PORT RICHEY, Fla. —A woman’s body was found wedged upside-down behind a bookcase in the home she shared with relatives who had spent nearly two weeks looking for her.”
Nice start. Gets your attention. Whats all this about? It continues…
“A spokesman for the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office said Mariesa Weber’s death was not suspicious.”
Wait, they just said it wasn’t being treated under suspicion? How can that be. The body was left upside down for days in a family home. How can that not be suspicious? Well the answer lies in below…
“Family members said they believe she fell over as she tried to adjust the plug of a television behind the bookshelf.”
So the reason she was upside down was she fell behind the bookcase, head first, while trying to plug in the TV.
But why did it take almost two weeks for someone to find her? Nobody knows. But just imagine walking in to a relatives room and finding this…
“Weber’s sister went into her bedroom and looked behind a bookcase, where she saw the woman’s foot.”
A foot, sticking up, from behind a book case. Yikes!



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  1. Quality. When the time comes, that is how I would like to go.

  2. It is one way of going and being remembered. Although no one will know your name, youll be known as “the girl stuck under her mattress” (or somethign similar.)

  3. Jesus, what a way to go. A normal day, just adjusting your television cord and BAM it’s over. Wow. Hope you had a good holiday weekend 🙂 How come buttons no longer has a site?

  4. I know, its crazy.
    It was fun. Ill be posting about the weekend a little later today. I know I said that yesterday, but I promise. Today.
    She should do, its here hedgehogsareprickly.blogspot.com. She hasn’t posted there in a while. Dont know why?

  5. Hurry with your weekend post!!!!!!!! 🙂

  6. Hello 😉 Ive never had someone want me this much before 😀 haha

    I’m in the middle of writting it. And me commenting here is not a sign that I am trying to put it off haha.

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