A day in the life of my office.

Wednesday 29 November at 1322 | Posted in Life | 12 Comments

So after trying for a few days to fit in tidbits about work I know have enough tid bits about work to fill in an entry.

The boy who likes to tidbit.

Hard at workI have tried in previous entries to drop one or two of this little bits in, but they have built up so much that they deserve their own entry. Without going in to more detail about my actual job, lets just say I sit behind a PC all day, here are just a few things about my office and work day.

As posted earlier, I have a slight gripe with coffee drinkers in McDonalds. This has now been extended to all coffee drinkers who purchase coffee outside of coffe shops. This morning I dropped of the missus at teh train station. As we queued at Upper Crust to pick up some breakfast we were racing against teh clock. Well racing against the train leaving the platfom. We thought we had plenty of time with fifteen minutes on the clock. But every person who was in the queue in front of us order a coffee. In fact, some of them ordered only a coffee. There is a perfectly usable Starbucks around the corner. What is the obsession with coffee drinkers ordering from non-coffee stores? I wouldn’t mind if they ordered a sandwich and coffee, or fruit and a coffee. But not just a coffee. It holds other users of that establishment up when they could happily be taking a tenth of the time being served to get what they want.

The next thing about my office is the door. Not that I have a problem with doors. They are helpful. Especially when trying to enter a building. Otherwise things could be much harder. But we have one of those heaters above the entrance to this building. Why? I don’t get it. Shops have them too. I’m not sure abotu shops, but this building has very good climate control. I’ve only had a few minor problems once or twice, but the temperature of the office levelled itself out after a few minutes on all occasions. So if we have really good Climate Control through the entire building, do we really need a heater at the front door? Nobody ever stands there to keep warm. Which leads me to believe there is another use for this vent. But I don’t know what yet? Any ideas?

On my break today I headed to the centre of town. Next door to my office there is a gentlemans club opening up. Its been in devlopment for a few weeks now and I think it is to open soon, or has opened very recently i.e. this week. As I walked past it today there was a girl handing out cards to men and me being a man she handed a card to me. I had a look at the card to see how they were advertising this place and I have to admit, they have a pretty genius idea. Not only do they give you a card for “admit one.” But there was a second card for a complimentary taxi fare to the club. Now I wouldn’t think of entering this building, for fear of my safety and that I have gotten attached to my life and wouldn’t want to see the missus take that from me, but I think the free taxi could come in handy. If you want a lift in to town and don’t to wait for public transport you could just use the free taxi ride, get out at the strip club and walk off to which ever pub you feel like frequenting that night.
I think I’m going to look more in these freebies.

I have found that I have alot more free time in work of late too. This is due to having done all my Christmas shopping. I no longer have the need to want to visit eBay/Amazon as all gifts (except one) have been bought. Instead I have been keeping up to date on news, but the bbc only updates a few times a day, if its a good day. And all news is teh same no matter which site you look at it from. Can anyone think of other new ways to kill time in work?

Emailing at work. A good idea?I do email at work to pass the time. Outside of work there is maybe one or two people who know my address. All other emails though are all internal. There is one colleague who I can kill alot of time with, but the last few days that colleagues emails have turned from chat, to the dreaded chain email. Be it some funny advert, clip of a show or test this colleague has figured that they no longer have anything to say to me and instead communicate in what can be best described as the electronic form of the “Grunt.” I want to ask, “has our relationship gone all that way that we can only forward on stupid links and quizes? What happended to us? We used to be good.” I’ve never been a fan of the “fw:viral emails” and I think they should be banned. I think they should come with health warnings like,

“Overuse of Virals may harm colleagues and loved ones.”

I have warned you.



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  1. Heating vent – is clearly there just to perplex you like this.

    How to kill time (rather than other people) – talk to me over the Meebo widget on my blog!

  2. My work is rather fancy when it comes to IT. (Which is a good thing as it is a IT company). THey block all ways of messaging, including meebo. All I see is a big white block where Meebo should be unfortunately.

  3. 😦

  4. If I owned an IT company I would allow MSN and all that stuff – I mean, imagine the shit your IT guys could do to your firm’s stuff…. unless I was a total IT boffin of course. Then I wouldn’t care. In fact, I would dare them to fuck my servers and the like up. Mwahahahahahahahaha! Bring it on!!

  5. I know. Sad face indeed.
    We can use MSN. Well a version of MSN that can only be viewed and accessed to chat with other people within the company.
    Well this isnt a small IT company. It’s rather large. And Im sure quite a few people have heard of it.

  6. i will of course be checking your wallet for the card of this ‘place’ as i shall call it.
    and putting a bug on you

    just incase

  7. That is fine for me
    (as the card is in my work desk)
    Why did I just write that? Its evidence
    (Who am I talking to?)

  8. Will it be a ladybird bug?

    Oh hahahahah.

    I talk to myself too. No-one else will talk to me. No-one else will even LOOK at me 😦

  9. A ladybird bug haha. That is funny 🙂

    Well no one looking at you is better then being faceless and having everyone look at you and not know they are 😀 haha

  10. you could always spend your time going past that place getting more free taxis?
    either that or comment my blog loads 😛

  11. I could try and get a lot of free taxi rides, your right!

  12. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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