An evening in with the dentist

Thursday 30 November at 1118 | Posted in Life | 12 Comments

This summer just gone I chipped my tooth on a berry. Now, two dentists, a few weeks of delays and a couple of appointments later, I finished my time at the dentist.

The boy who likes to keep appointments.

Dentist has a bit of his own treatmentYesterday I was able to finish work early. This was so I could go to for my dentist appointment. My appointment was for 4.40.
3.54 I left work. I headed to the bus stop. Normally after 430 the bus stops begin to get busy.
4.03 Arrive at bus stop. The queue is already busy. The buses should be every 10 minutes or so. “I shouldnt have to wait too long. I hope. It normally takes about 15 minutes to get to mine. A further 5 minutes to the dentist. It would all be ok…Why are there so many people here now? Why are there old people and women with babies out? Dont they know that the work/home rush is about to begin? They should of been home a long time ago.”
4.09 Bus arrives. Despite being packed I’m able to find a seat. There are too many people on this bus today and I try to sink in to my Own Little World. I think this scares the old lady next to me. “The bus is taking longer then I had hoped. This will be down to the driver allowing so many people on.”
4.29 Squeeze off the bus. And rush home.
4.31 Arrive at home. “There is a parcel at the door, but I don’t have time to check that. It’ll have to wait.” I quickly brush, floss. “Got to look good for the dentist.”
4.38 Grab my belongings and leave. “I’m going to be late. He has sometimes made me wait. If I rush maybe it wont be too late.”
4.43 Arrive at the dentist. “Three minutes late. Not bad. They can’t complain.”

So I’m sat in the Waiting Room trying to cool and calm down after all the rushing and worrying and I start looking around the room for some reading material. The room has been changed since I was last there and the magazines are no longer in a pile on a table in the middle of the room but on a shelf on the wall. The furthest wall away from me. I can’t be bothered to go get a magazine so I see what is on the wall. Then I happen to read something which very much got my attention.

Due to the high demand of appointments
any person who is over 10 minutes
late may be asked to make another
appointment to see the dentist.

Well atleast I was within this time limit. I can understand that rule though.
I take my eyes off the poster and contiune to twidle my thumbs, examine my shoes and look for anythign with writing on. I continue to wait. And wait. And wait. Then at 5.20. A whole 30 minutes after my appointment was penned in for.
I figured to myself there was no way of me punishing the dentist for unconvincing me. If I was 30 minutes late arriving at the surgery I’d be asked to make another appointment. But I can’t ask him to make another appointment with me after he kept me waiting for 30 minutes, as I have been waiting for this appointment for 3 weeks. It’s a very one sided affair.
I mean it may be easier if the dentist warning read

Due to the high demand of appointments
any person who is over 10 minutes
late may have their appointment
cancelled and charged a cancellation fee

See that way, I could argue that the dentist should be charged for wasting my time. But as it is, my dentist simple advises that you may need to make another appointment, and I wouldnt want to tell him to make another appointment as I may have to wait a further 3 weeks.

Damn it!



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  1. Dentists and Doctors are always hypocrits!

  2. Well thats not surprising really, they have to take the Hypocratic Oath! 😀 haha
    If only there was a way we could teach them a lesson though.

  3. Is not the task of rooting around in the mouths of other beings punishment enough? It must be ghastly! I am a real stickler for clean teeth – in fact, I can feel a blog about it coming on – but sadly others are not so hygienically aware….! I couldn’t be a dentist. I couldn’t take the risk that I’d have to meet horrible mouths. I am a fussy kisser you see. Not that dentists kiss their patients. I expect some have thought about it though.

  4. I can see how a tooth cleanliness freak would not like to be a dentist. This is one reason why I have been brushing and flossing minutes before dentist appointments. THere is nothing I could imagine worse then having to pick someones food out of their mouth before you start your job.

    A fussy kisser? Do you have a screening process with a guy before you kiss him? 😀

    I have to agree, I have never been kissed by my dentist

  5. No, I suppose that fussy may be the wrong word.

    I guess I either have to really fancy you or be really horny.

    If I kiss someone and they are a bad kisser then one of two things will happen:
    1. If I am not really bothered about you then I just won’t kiss you again. Serves you right for being shit. Plenty of other kissers in the sea.
    2. If I actually like you (as in, bothered to get to know you a bit already and enjoy your company) then I’ll do my best to (subtly and without trying to offend you) teach you how to kiss better. Of course, I won’t tell you that you are a crap kisser. I will manage to teach you without you knowing you are being taught. Girls are good at this.

  6. It’s call manipulation…

  7. I have never kissed my dentist. I kicked one of my dentists once when I a kid because he made a joke about an injection and that scared me and I was trying to get out.

    This also started my irrational fear of needles. I also kicked a paediatrician when I was a kid too. He was trying to give me an injection.

    Injections tend to lead to me going a bit nuts and kicking people.

    I was also scared of my orthdontist when I was a teenager because he had a cauliflower ear and I was worried he would try and box with me if I was bad.

  8. Have you ever been able to make a bad kisser in to a good kisser without them knowing?

    Thats a lot of kicking for a young girl.

  9. Yes.

    And yes, it is.


  10. Was you impressed with your manipulation skills?

    This makes me think if I was ever tricked in to kissing differently?

    Do you still kick a lot? Apart from when you are trying to wine of wine people.

  11. that is a cool mattress!

  12. erm, thanks…hmmm 🙂

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