A week away in Scotland

Friday 01 December at 1227 | Posted in Life | 16 Comments

So I was asked to step in to a meeting room with the boss. I was a little worried. Turns out though that he want’s me to go to Edinburgh for the week. Unfortunately I have to work.

The boy who likes to travel.

So this isn’t the first time I have been asked to go away somewhere for work. Last year I spent a week working in my ex employers head office helping set up some new process. This was fun and there was much to do.

I'll be missing more then a castle.But what is there in Edinburgh? I’ve checked and there isn’t much. The castle closes at 4pm and the museum at 5pm. So If I work until 5pm each day then I miss the touristy things. The only other thing apart from touristy is to eat and drink. Work are paying for it (well mainly the eating) so I’ll have to just do that.

I’m looking forawrd to it. I’ve never been to Edinburgh. My only time in Scotland was before I was a teenager so I don’t remember much. And I always enjoy visiting other places. So I’m pretty excited.

Except that I was only asked to go Edinburgh yesterday. And it wasn’t a definite thing. Last night after I had a wash I realised I had done no packing and it was already 11.30pm. So I had to rush some ironing. I can’t do this at the weekend as I am staying over at the missus so I can’t pack through the weekend.

The other thing that is worrying me is that there is little over 4 hours left in the working day. At the momnet I have been told that I AM going, but there is no hotel reservation or train tickets at the moment. This is all very last minute.

All that plus I havent a clue what I’m doing when I get there or even where to go, I’m still looking forward to it. I’m sure it’ll be fun.

The one draw back is that I was suppose to be collecting my Wii at midnight on Thursday. Which I now will not be doing. Damn it. I’ll have to wait till they are next in stock.

So if things work out like they are planned it could be quiet around here until a week Monday. I will be back. Don’t worry.



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  1. Firstly *upset face* accompanied by a quiet noise that if I were asked to write it down would be something like this: “hoip?” This face and sound combination translates to: “oh no!” Of course, I could have just said “oh no!”. But I didn’t.

    Secondly, it’s a good job about the Wii. Someone told me they are bad. I believe them. Someone also told me that they paid poor people to have their hands cut off at the start of “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves” and I believed that too (for a while). You have to admit, it is awfully realistic! The scene I mean. And give me a break, I was about 11.

    Come back with tales to amuse. Otherwise… well, I don’t know. But something bad!

  2. Whats the upset face/hoip none sound combination for?

    Its not a good job about the Wii. Obviously ther person who told you abotu the Wii is a liar. As you already know as the lied to you about the poor people in Robin Hood.
    I reckon you should try out the Wii. It could possibly be the most fun ever had with a remote since it was no longer attached to the tv by wires.

    Ill make sure to come back with some tales. I dont know what of. But I’ve been looking in to live music bars and such. Im just trying to work out what would be seen as too much alochol for work to pay for? How many pints do you reckon Id be allowed per day without any problems claiming it back?

  3. Potentially a week with no Boy views on things.

    But what if the batteries run out?

    Food/drink: will you have to give them itemised receipts or would card receipts suffice? If the former, well can’t really help. If the latter would be ok, just make sure you eat in venues that serve booze and drink in venues that serve food! Then just pay by card and claim the meal was expensive…. Sorted.

  4. Ooh Edinburgh will be gorgeous this time of year! Very jealous. You could shop as well as eat and drink..good shops in Edinburgh.

  5. Thats sweets, shucks. That is true, there may be a week away. Although I dont know my internet situation will be like up there, if I can steal 5 minutes then I’ll post some luke warm entries.
    Ill just put some new batteries in. I bought a pack of 20 batteries for when I went to V this year. They were suppose to be for when I used my torch. I think I have like 18 batteries left. I have some spare for other stuff like controls. (Unless the controller takes AAA batteries then Ill be stuck. ;D haha)
    I think it would have to be itemised reciepts. The boss said to get a good meal, ie £15. Im sure that could include one or two pints without getting anyones attetion.
    Althoguh I think having a tab on the hotel bar for the week may be seen differently though haha

  6. Amy, I could possibly shop, but I dont think my employer would reimburse me if I handed in River Island reciepts. Good idea though if I could get away with it.

  7. boooooooooooo boo booooo

  8. No, not booooo boo boooo Buttons. Yeaaahhh. Ill bring you back a Loch Ness Monster!

  9. The Loch Ness Monster topped a recent poll to find out who the most famous Scottish person is. Robert Burns was in third place.

    This begs the following questions:
    1. Since when has Nessie been a person?
    2. Since when has Nessie been proven to exist?

  10. i still say boooo booo booooooooooooo with extra ooooo’s

  11. Soup, You could also be asking really, who took part in this poll to give those answers?

    That sure is a lot of oooooo’s buttons.

  12. mate, i’ve no idea who you are or how you found my blog, but if you do end up in edinburgh this week drop me a line and I’ll buy you a drink. ian

  13. Edinburgh. It sounds really fantastic. Of course, all the places over there sound really dreamy, and beautiful. I’m jealous.

  14. Ian – yeah sure Id be up for a pint with you. Dont know my way around the city. I cant find an email address for you, but if you email me at theboywholikesto@googlemail.com and Ill get back to you.

    Shelby. It does sound really nice. The hotel is really nice. What I seen of the city in the dark and through rain covered windows was nice (especially the castle)
    But my hotel is about 15 minutes ride out of the city. Gutted. Damn boss.

  15. scotland… “FREEEEEEEDOOOOOMMM!!!” (mimicking WIlliam Wallace)

  16. Thats a good impersonation of Billy.

    Infact that is the default alarm noise on all alarms to wake you up of a morning.

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