Google say its 446 miles. It felt about 446 hours.

Monday 04 December at 1458 | Posted in Life | 12 Comments

My starting point. The missus bed. Somewhere in London. The finish line. Some bed in Edinburgh. In one day.

The boy who likes to travel.

 So it got to the very last minute before everything was confirmed. It wasnt until about 5.56pm Friday (4 minutes before I left the office) that I received confirmation that my hotel had been booked.

I did receive some good news though on Friday. I got a call from the nice folk at HMV who said that I will definitely have a Nintendo Wii on launch day. Sweet. At first I thought he was just rubbing my nose in it as I couldn’t pick it up on Thursday as I am in Scotland. But the God like voiced man on the other end of the phone said “You have until Saturday at 6pm to pick it up.” It wasn’t what he said that made it sound God like. It was what he said. So I can pick it up on my return.

Back to my journey. So I woke up at 830am on Sunday. Had an uneventful coach journey to my home town. Then I had another journey, not as long by train. About half way through the train ride we stop in the middle of no where. It appears there is some signalling problems. I hate being on a train in the pitch black. Not knowing what is around you, where you are, how fast your moving is a little un-nerving. The whole World could of vanished and you could be in some twilight void and not even know what has happened.

After EIGHTY EIGHT minutes of waiting and chatting to the passenger next to me (who was late for their parents birthday celebrations) we got a move on.

A few hours later and I arrive in Edinburgh station, very tired and almost an hour and a half late.

I get a long taxi ride to the hotel. Why my manager picked a hotel miles out side of the city centre I don’t know? I get in to my room at 9pm. Almost 12 hours after waking up. Not bad time for travelling under 450 miles.

Up to know all I’ve seen of Edinburgh is what it looks like at night, through a rain covered taxi. And all I can say up to now. There is alot of lights.
But with every touristy thing closing at 4pm (before I finish work), being kept in a nice hotel miles outside the city centre I doubt Ill see much.

Although tonight I think I’ll be heading straight to the hotel. I’m shattered. It doesn’t matter how big my “double size” bed is or how many comfy pillows I can get, they didn’t help me sleep through the howling wind last night. I was woken up three times thinking there was a Banshee on the roof out to kill me.

Just gives an excuse to come up here again at some point with the missus. But looking at the hotel and train rates, it might be cheaper flying abroad.



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  1. ohh a broad? yes please

  2. Well I think one week in The-Middle-of-Nowhere, Scotland and a week On-The-Beach, Hot Place are enough holidays for one year for now. 😉

  3. Poor Boy. Well at least you got there in one piece. Thinking about it, to be an hour and a half late when travelling 450 miles is actually really good work….!! Last month I was 2 hours late for work thanks to the trains and I was travelling a mere 80 miles!! So think how bad it *could* have been!!

  4. nonon but that’s what we already have planned! i need more than that to get through the year!!

  5. I did get here in one piece. I just hope I can leave in one piece.
    That is along delay.

    I’d rather not think about what the worst that could of happened was, I still have a return journey to do.

  6. You need more then that? Youll have to get the girls to go away with you someplace. I cant do more then that. Id lose my grip on reality.

  7. 😦 oh not even places in this country? no 😦

  8. Maybe. If you ask nice enough. 😉

  9. och you darn cheeky wee nipper

  10. A banshee on the roof, haha. And 88 minutes on a train in the dark? You’re brave! I would’ve had a panic attack. I’m glad your trip was safe.

  11. urgh, travel
    so tiring

  12. Shelby, the time on the train was slightly longer then 88 minutes. In total it was about 4hours 30 minutes. In the dark. But 88 minutes was spent in the same spot. Any mythological creature, including Banshees, could of attacked the train while it waited eeeeeee

    Kerri, it was very tiring. But for some reason I could only manage about 10/20 minutes of sleep on both parts of the journey. I should of slept more.

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