It’s not like the Fate of the World depends on it.

Tuesday 05 December at 1155 | Posted in Life | 5 Comments

Top of the group. Guaranteed to be through to the next round. So the football game on tonight isn’t really that big of a game. But it’s still footy.

The boy who likes to watch sports.

So my second day in Edinburgh. Less the 48 hours. I haven’t seen any of Edinburgh. There are a a few other people who are staying in the same hotel as me and working in the same office. People to catch a taxi with in the morning and to eat with in the evening. One of them turned up only yesterday.
Before then one of the people staying at the hotel, a manager, had suggested we all go out on Wednesday as there will be more people staying at the hotel and there can be a bit more of a group thing going on.

This was fine. It meant Monday I can get some rest.
Tuesday I can watch the footy.
Wednesday I can see more of Edinburgh and have a proper night out.

Now the new manager that arrived late yesterday has suggested that we go out tonight.

FootballBut I was really looking forward to staying in, eating and drinking without worrying about payment and most important, watching the footy match.

Now I have to decide, be sociable with people who are paying for my hotel/expenses and who work for the same company? Or watch football? Social or football? Daddy or chips?

I’d prefer to stay in, not worry about money, eat on the room tab and watch a game. But what excuse can you use? Will “Football” be a good enough excuse?



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  1. Sorry to say it, but I think Football is a cop out and would be seen as anti-social by your colleagues… unless you can find an ally who is also secretly hoping to see it. I am entirely ignorant of footy timings etc, but maybe you could go for a couple of drinks after work and then sneak off to a pub with another colleague who’d like to see it?

    Edinburgh’s a fab place though – I would explore more of it and sod the football or the colleagues. But that’s just me.

  2. “Football” a good excuse? In a word: “no”

    In many words: “no, you antisocial little hermit!!!”

  3. Damn my readers to be made up of none-liking-football-girls. Damn! Typical haha

    London Girl. Ive came up to Scotland on my own The other three people staying at the same hotel as me are three women who are from different offices. But they all know each other. I’ve only met them for the first time. So no way of being able to persuade one of them to watch the game. Fact.
    Up to know all I’ve seenof Edinburgh is the hotel bar. And all I can say about what I’ve seen about Edingburgh, its bloody expensive. šŸ˜€

    soup, so which one of those two is the one most positive for me? šŸ˜‰

  4. I think that the latter is probably most accurate… šŸ™‚

  5. Well if the latter is more accurate, I think the former is the answer for me.!

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