A wee bit of Scottish culture

Wednesday 06 December at 1506 | Posted in Life | 6 Comments

Here are just a few things that I have noticed about Scotland (this excludes their fascination of referring to ‘Nessy’ as a person.
So here is my things found out while in Scotland

This is a little more work related, then Scottish related. But in the bathroom on the floor I am on, the hot water tap has a warning advising
“Warning Very Hot Water”
I’ve seen this warning many times before and know that the water, will indeed, be very hot.
But as I went to the loo on the bottom floor, I went to wash my hands and turned on the cold tap and had my hands slightly burnt, well not really burnt, but that kind of burnt you get from hot water. It seems that the bottom floor hot/cold taps are the opposite from the 4th floor ones. I just have to keep my eye out in other toilets.

While out, hunting and scavaging for food, no way Im using work’s overpriced canteen, I came across a Gregs bakery. Well it wasn’t an accident really, I had been tipped off. So I headed down there as I know what they serve as that is the place where I normaly eat when in my home town (must remember to go Benjy’s next week).
One of my regular sandwiches is the the chicken mayo. Where I am from this comes with a tomato. Where my missus is from this has tomato AND cucumber (although I remove the yukky cucumber). But up here the chicken mayo comes with no tomato or cucumber. It’s funny how the same company can have the one sandwich but sell it in different variations.

In a conversation with Soup, it has come to my attention that alot of people use the word wee in Scotland. I half expected this to be a stereotype kind of think. I hadn’t noticed it too much while up here. This is due to everyone in the hotel being from main lan Europe, and only about 50% of the workers in the office, or around me, being Scottish. But last night in a conversation with a Scotsman it was the only word I could hear him clearly say. “blahblahWEEblahblahblahWEE…” and so on.
But across from my work is this shop that will confirm ‘Wee’ is a favourite word of the Scots.
The Wee Shop
The Wee Shop. A shop for Soup, her wee skirts for Not-So-Wee-Gay-Nights-Out.



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  1. Excellent!!! This is the first laugh I have had ALL day!!! Fantastic!! I owe you sooooo big time!!!

    “blahblahWEEblahblahblahWEE…” I must use that sometime!!!!

  2. Good to see that youve been laughing 🙂

    I think that was really how the conversation went too.

  3. i’m useless at knowing what Scottish people are saying! your description was good!

    i hope you’re brining me something Scottish home – not haggis though….

  4. Hi,

    We have a surprising number “Nessy” lovers over here as well. They form clubs and buy vast quantities of Nessy merchandise. There is at least one documentary a month on searching for the beast.

    the Grit

  5. There’s a sign over the sink in the bathrooms at my college that says, “Please do not drink the water. For hand washing use only.” WTF is that?

  6. Buttons, well today I bought what the shop lady said was a “wee milk” and paid for it with a “wee fifty pe” Lots of weeing again this morning. Pick you up something Scottish. damn er. eeeeeeeee

    Grit, I think there could be more American Nessy enthusiast’s then one’s in Nessy homeland, Scotland.
    Although one search a month, you’d of thought that theyd of found the monster by now!

    Shelby, yeah that is a common one. And although it is understandable at first, ie it’s not drinking water, it begs the question, “Well how dirty is the water we’re washing our hands in?”

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