Pulling an Italian job on my bank.

Wednesday 06 December at 1243 | Posted in Life | 8 Comments

So I lost out to girl voters. Damn it. I need more male readers.

The boy who likes to socialize.

 My employers have messed up my pay. Working for an agency means I pick up my pay weekly and if my wage slip isn’t authorised by Monday afternoon I miss my pay.
I have to hold my hands up and say, in all the madness of the late arrangement of coming to Edinburgh I forgot to send my wage slip to my boss. But did so on Monday. But it was too late. I got a call from my agency simple telling me that I wouldn’t be paid.
My next wage would be for two weeks, but in two weeks.  And I have direct debts coming out within that time.
Money, money muuuuuunhayThere is a way around this, involving picking up a percentage of my wage by cheque. But that means I have to be at my home to get cheque and cash it. I wished there was a better way.
So I spoke to my bank. I asked if there was a way that I could get an small overdraft of perhaps, if not (as I hadn’t been banking with them long) transfer some cash from my credit card to my account.
I asked for a tiny overdraft, as I didn’t want to be given the opportunity to get in trouble, especially before moving home. But I was told that if I wanted to increase my overdraft it would cost £25 to do so, so maybe “I should think about increasing the overdraft as the maximum is £500.”
I couldn’t agree to that much, but it’s nice to see how helpful my bank want to be by giving me a credit card and offering a £500 overdraft having, not only been with them for about 4 months, but also that I join them having no previous bank account. Nice folk. 🙂

So having lost out 2 nil to girl votes on whether or not to go out last night, see previous entry, I went out for a meal with my work colleagues. I was seconds away from hanging up the phone to a friend, leaving the bar and heading to my room for room service and the football when a colleague met me in the bar
Edinburgh castle at night.We took a walking tour around Edinburgh, from the Castle, in some loop-de-loop and to near the train station, in the cover of darkness. Throughout almost the whole of this walk I was desperate for the loo and didn’t really pay much attention to the conversation.
After what felt like a life time walking with my legs as close to be crossed as could be without actually crossing and in freezing weather we made it to a few restaurants. After umming and ahhing we deicded on a little under street level Italian place.
I went straight to the loo and on my way past the wash room seen some staff watching the Chelsea game so stayed and watched the game with them for a few minutes before rushing back to the table.
The night was alright. Some good laughs. Except at one point the conversation was stuck on wedding dresses. (One girl is wearinga  cape, I’d like to see how someone puts a cape on a wedding dress. Really!)
The meal was nice, not as good as the hotel food – I may slightly be turning to Alan Partridge, I know this. But afterwards we went to some bar called The Dome. It was very grand and very veryu pretty with all its flashing Christmas lights. Except from when the tree lights changed to red, and instead of softly changing colour then just flicked to red making people stumble as they stood chatting.
But everyone is out again tonight. So hopefully get to see a little more of the city.

I heard today on the BBC morning news that they can make a fleece out of 6 (or 12) plastic bottles? I never knew fleece come from bottles!



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  1. i’m glad you’re getting into wedding conversations 😉

  2. You dont want to know what the conversation was about last night 😦 eeeee

  3. oh i do…. what was it about?

  4. oh BABIES??!

  5. I wish it was about babies I could of dealt with that.
    It was about the opposite of not having babies.

  6. a the thing that men can’t talk about? womans things?
    oh poor you

  7. Yeah that thing. A taxi load of women discussing periods. Wasnt the best of conversations.

  8. bleeeee

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