A night out/A night in.

Thursday 07 December at 1050 | Posted in Humour, Life | 7 Comments

So last night the work colleagues and myself all ventured out for another night in Scotland. we visited the German market, very Scottish thing to do, and went for a meal. After attempting to get seated in two different Mexican places we come to the conclusion that we weren’t going to be having Mexican tonight.
After much umming and ahhing, we went for another Italian place. It was like a repeat of the previous day, Italian followed by the same bar afterwards, The Dome.
Although this Italian place had a mature, rather ‘friendly’ manageress (or manager’s wife?) who kept stroking my head and shoulders. Very nice of her 😀 haha

Today when I was getting a drink of milk in the canteen I was asked if all I was having was the “wee milk” and when handing over the money the cashier said “wee fifty pe.” So the wee word is said more then I had origianlly thought.
But thinkink about this, it could be because the Scots have an evil sense of humour and are poking fun at me as I won’t be getting my Wii tonight.
The Nintendo Wii is released on Friday. Some stores, including the HMV where I have preordered mine, will open at midnight tonight to let people have their Wii. Had I been in my home town tonight I’d be picking up my new toy. But instead I have to wait until Saturday to get mine. I am happy that the nice people in HMV are keeping it for me, I just want it now!!!
Although some poeple have been waiting since Tuesday. Thats many days earlier then I have been waiting.

Clap Your Hands for a new albumSome music now. The most fun I have had at a concert after being stood up was at a Clap Your Hands Say Yeah concert. I can’t remember if I made another date with the girl after that, although we stayed in touch as friends. I did make sure she knew how much fun she missed out on though.
Anyway, Clap Your Hands have a new album out soon, and their website has a few tracks to download. I highly recommend you look them up.

Finally some great pieces of news.
The BBC has articles about a woman who had her son arrested when he opened his Nintendo DS Christmas present early.
And a plane in America is diverted after a woman farts. Evidence women do fart. Fact!

And finally, here is another example as to why The Onion is a great read. Enjoy.



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  1. women don’t fart. not normal ones and not in company

  2. Well she did, infront of 100 staff and customers too

  3. i have to wait to christmas day 😦
    enjoy the rest of your time in scotland anyway 🙂

  4. Its hard to enjoy my time here knowing I could be throwing my wiimote at the DVD player and puting in a claim 😀 haha.

  5. Yo, been off work today hence quiet,.. thoguht you might like to know that both our blogs have been featured on the fastest growing wordpress blog list today….!!

    Keep up the ramblings! Back to work tomorrow…

  6. Ah, so that’s why you’ve been so quiet of late, you’re north of the border, soaking up the culture

  7. A day off work? Soup you slacker!
    Mine was on there? Dont know that would of happened. Obviously wordpress cant count properly 😀 haha

    Ems – Yep, north of the border. Whats your excuse, been wondering why youve been quiet of late.

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