Goodbye from me.

Friday 08 December at 1022 | Posted in Life | 9 Comments

So I’ve spent 5 nights here. Had wee fun. Not had to spend any of my own money (excpet for dinner). Been stroked by an over friendly manageress of an Italian restaurant and seen my 3rd German market in a week. But now its time to leave Edinburgh.

The boy who likes to return home.

This morning I woke up and as soon as I switched on the TV to watch the news I was reminded that had I not been in Edinburgh, right now a Wii would be sitting on top of my TV.
But I only have to wait till tomorrow now to pick up my new toy.

Just wait.

and wait

and wait.

But I am looking forward to getting home for other reasons. To see the missus. To get back to my own bed. To be able to have a snack without worrying about the charge to my room. Also a friend is having some gig organised so looking forward to that. Although it’s on a school night, so I shouldn’t really.

It’s been good fun in Edinburgh but I think I’d have to come back to really get the most out of it as everywhere has been closed. So will be good to come up and see the zoo, maybe the castle, but it’s a wee bit expensive. Although I am told it is worth it.

But I’m now just looking forward to the day passing fast and getting on that 3 o clock train. Fingers crossed I dont have any major delays like on the way up.
Fingers extra crossed that HMV have late opening times today, will mean I can pick up my Wii tonight.

In fact I think I’ll call them now…



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  1. awwww i wish i could be waiting in bed for you all cosy warm..

  2. Well if you plan on getting back to mine that early maybe you wouldnt mind if I wished you picked up my Wii on the way home! πŸ˜€ haha

  3. Coming home is nice, isn’t it? You and your missus can play Wii all night long πŸ™‚ And yeah, Brit issued that statement on her web site, It’s probably still up. And I’d let you send back bread.. but I’d tell you that you’d pulled a “Lindsay.”

  4. Yeah coming home was nice. Except I had loads of stuff to do when I got in from having a shave to starting to make my way through a weeks worth of washing.
    Thanks for letting me send back bread. Ill make sure to remember for next time Im in a restaurant πŸ™‚

  5. ack, i have to wait till christmas lol

  6. Kerri I have mine now.

    The missus is playing on Zelda while I do the vip codes.

    Wii sports is loooooads of fun.!

  7. sweeeeet, any chance i can come upto your place and play some wii tennis? πŸ˜› hehe

  8. TBWLT- hey you, I have just dropped by to say goodbye to you and to Buttons. At least for a little while anyway. my blog is set to private and you have access for the final post. If anyone in the blogsphere wants to know what happened please pass details on, or get them to email me at and I will explain. I just couldn’t find it in me to make it a public post and not many people on my blogroll are on wordpress (bloody blogspot).

    I do hope to be up and running again when things are better, but for now BSis closed. Hope you enjyoed your Wii and you and Buttons are doing well. x

  9. Hey Soupy. I hope youre alright. Ill make sure to pass on a message to anyone that asks (if they happen to miss that email address ther πŸ˜€ haha)

    But I hope to hear from you sooner then later.

    Take care of yourselfx

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