Wiiiiiiii!! home sweet home

Monday 11 December at 1402 | Posted in Life, Wii | 12 Comments

Its Monday morning. I’m tired. Sore. And want to be at home.

The boy who likes to hate Monday’s.

Well I’m home. There were no problems with the train ride home, which was good. Although I have learnt that I can put down travelling hours to and from Scotland on my work time sheet. Which is good. Now means that 88 minute delay I had wasn’t for nothing, but I made a few quid from it. Nice.

I picked up my Wii. Not without it’s problems though. After getting to HMV for a little past nine I was eagerly waiting to pay for my Wii and games. But I kept getting told my card was delclined. No idea as to why as I had used it a few minutes early in M&S.
After calling my card company it appears that the hotel had tried to charge my card. But when I explained that the room was paid for by a company card the receptionist agreed that the company card was used to pay for my room. So this other charge which was over £600 was for something else. After speaking with my bank more it turns out this charge was placed on Sunday when I checked in???
I have cancelled the pending charge with my bank, and Im waiting for the hotel accounts team to call me back to explain, and to make sure I dont get charged again by them.

Luckily for my, my great, wonderful and gorgous girlfriend offerd to help me out by paying for the Wii until the hotel sort themselves out.
This little action was made even more amazing as the missus was tucked up warm in bed and braved the frozen weather (and nearly slipping) to help me out.

So I got the Wii home and switched it on. And now I am as close to being in love with a piece of machine as possible.
Its so much fun, and Wii sports is so much better and fun then any other sports title I have ever played.
Although the reason I am sore is from all the swinging on baseball and boxing. Shows how unfit I am 😀 haha
So unfit that on my exercise age I scored an age of 54. Thats not good at all!

 Plus I am glad to be at my office now. I get free tea and there are dozens of different places nearby for me to eat instead of having to trek like last week for food.
But Id much rather be home playing some more kick ass Zelda.

If any of my readers have a Wii and access to Wiiconnect24, drop me an email at theboywholikesto@googlemail.com if you want to swap Friend Codes.

Although what wasnt ideal was coming home to learn that there is a 1 day bus strike today. Haven’t a clue how late I’ll get home. Damn 😦



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  1. awwww thanks baby

  2. and this little piggy went ‘wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii’
    all the way home

  3. Buttons, no thank you 😉 yessssssssss

    Kerri damnit hurry p and get your Wii. Im expecting to find a specatating Kerri Mii soon after christmas while I play Wii Sports or Wii play.

  4. Finally! You’ve been waiting for this for at least a month! Congrats!

  5. Ive been waiting for the Wii since last year. It’s been a long time comin! 😉

    Glad its here now. Have you had a go of one?

  6. I told you you’d be sore. See. *nods in a knowing way* Hmmm, eh eh.

    Good to hear you finally got the Wii. I hope it lives up to expectations!

    SometimesI love a piece of machinery too…. 🙂

  7. Soup youre right. I dont know what I am more shocked at though, that I got sore from playing games, or that I am so unfit haha.

    It lives up to expectations and exceeds them. By far.

    Hello 😉 Cheeky! haha

  8. well, sore from playing games and being unfit…. I am sure Buttons can help you out 🙂

    😉 Perhaps less said about that the better….

  9. Less said about buttons helping me,

    or you helping yourself?

  10. I am at work!! I am a kinky kinda gal but that is a bit extreme for me!

  11. hey there, I like your blog, just saying hi!

  12. Well Soupy you wont be at work later hehe

    Hi Girl, thanks for stopping by. Hopefully here more from you.

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