It would be bloody typical wouldn’t it.

Tuesday 12 December at 1342 | Posted in Life | 6 Comments

Well work would decide to chose to do something like this weeks before I plan on leaving. After years of trying I’m (almost) rewarded for hard work.

The boy who likes recognition.

Since I started working, from the very first time, not just since moving to this job, I have always been a temp/agency worker. It’s not that I haven’t applied for permenant roles. There was a time when I applied for a bug ol’ bunch of permenant roles, but didn’t get accepted.

But all the work I have done while working in an agency I’ve always done to my best of abilities. Apart from one year long period where I was often late and got sacked twice. But since then I have grown up.

I have had some recognition in work. I’ve twice been asked to work away for a period of time (last time being last week). I’ve even won an all expenses paid weekend away in our capital. First class and five star. With some money to boot.

But other then a few bits of “rewarding” I have never been offered a permenant contract with any employer.

And now with just weeks left till I move out of here and towards London I have been taken to the side and offered I full time job.

If I hadn’t found a girlfriend who I love loads and happy to be with, this post would be very different.

Its hard to turn down something you have wanted for a long time. But somethings are more important.



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  1. i’m sure you’ll get a good job down here baby, it’s nice that they recognised that you work hard for them though 🙂

  2. It is nice. I just wished that something like this had happened to me a while ago.

  3. You’re right – life is more important than work. But must have been a hard call to make. Enjoy the flattery, keep positive and London will love you!

  4. It wasn’t really that hard of a chocie to make. My mind has always been made up. It was just a bit disappointing to of finally been offered a contract and having to turn it down.
    I certainly do hope London loves me.

  5. hey Boyo, I gave up a potential £7k more a year cos of the bright lights of London and I don’t regret it for one second!!! Come join us!! 🙂

  6. Just think about how many Wiis and wee skirts you could of purchased with 7k? Wowee!
    I hope the lights arent too bright as Id hate to have my sleep disturbed ;D haha

    Ill be there soonish.

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