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Wednesday 13 December at 1409 | Posted in Life | 11 Comments

So it’s nearly Christmas. The missus keepsgiving a high picthed noise at the very mention of this word. I think if she gets too excited she may just pop.
I’ve done all my shoping. I even picked up some wrapping paper today. And now work have asked if I can go back to Edinburgh the week before Christmas.

The boy who likes to revisit cities.

Chrstimas time is nearly hereSo it’s cutting it really close to Christmas this visit. Although I’m not too worried about that as I’ll make sure there is plenty of time to get me to my home and pack before making my way to the missus to spend Christmas with the in-laws.
I will miss my Wii though. Having just got a new toy, being able to play it for less then a week and then having to leave it for over a week isn’t fun at all.
Although I am finding that I’m getting used to my Wii. I no longer ache, and I got me exercise age down from 58 to 47. Which is good. But still twice my actual age. So I need to keep on exercising more.

But with the possibilty of going away to Edinburgh again next week I have to do my Christmas wrapping to day, just in case I don’t get the time. But it wont feel very like Christmas as we don’t have a Christmas tree up in our house and I’ll be watching football while I wrap, instead of listening to The Best Christmas Hits 2007.

I guess I could always ring the girlfriend and have her sqeak really loudly down the phone about how excited she is 😀 haha, bless her.



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  1. oh don’t you worry. By the time you get here next Friday, you will be feeling the most Christmassy EVER.


  2. We lost our Christmas tree!!
    Bloody Christmas.

  3. Oh, I think the missus may of just exploded. Eeee, I better check on that.

    Thats alot of spaces soup

  4. (hey it removed all my spaces. not fair 😦 )

  5. bloody wordpress

    I hate the way if I press enter loads (to leave an expanse of white space that I usually want there to make a point) it removes them all. tooo blooooooody smart.

    Probably designed by a Quim

  6. Could you not fill in that bit of white space with dots?

    like this?

    Whats a quim?

  7. I did do that, as you can see here:

    A Quim is a derogatory term for ladybits. So, if you call someone a quim it is a ruder way of saying “You are a fanny” – another of my favourite says.

  8. your employers sound like right ass hats

  9. can you tell buttons that i’ll miss her and i love reading her blogs? and don’t go!
    thank you to the boy who probably doesn’t want to be a messenger.

  10. I don’t blame her, Christmas is super exciting!

  11. Soup, I dont I have ever called anyone a Quim (or a fanny)

    ass hats, thats another insult I have never used. Plus Kerri, it isnt that bad working away for a bit.

    Hollly (thats alot of l’s haha) after checking your blog I think she already knows you’ve been here. Glad I could help 😉

    Shelby, it is very exciting. I just think all my excitement has been spent on Wii this year.

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