Playing with toys earlier.

Thursday 14 December at 1150 | Posted in Life | 9 Comments

If you already have Christmas toys hidden away and you play with them before Christmas, does Santa still know and can they be taken from you?

The boy who likes to receive gifts. Yessssssssssssss

 Chrismtas presentA few years ago, long enough ago that I was still living with my mum, I got a Nintendo 64 for Christmas.
I knew my mum had bought it a few weeks earlier and so I had bought some memory cards and other stuff for it.
But I did something naughty. When my mum was at work I’d come home from school on my dinner hour (I lived around the corner from my school) or after work, get out the N64 and play on James Bond.
By time Christmas had come I had already completed half of the game on easy setting. Although I don’t think my mum would of noticed.

Now this year, although I can’t sneak in to my mum’s house to see what (if any) presents I have, the presents I have bought for other people I really want to play with. I opened up my neice’s DVD and watched some of Button Moon. And the missus has some toys that I really want to play with before wrapping them?
Father ChristmasIf I were to play on them would Santa know? He didn’t take away my N64 many years ago, but who is to say he will be lenient again?

In other news it seems that I won’t be going to Edinburgh for pre Christmas work.
This means now that I can;
a) Not worry about missing my train to London for Christmas
b) Play more on my Wii
c) Go to the departments Christmas meal and afterwards drinks. 😛 Nice



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  1. Santa will turn them all into lumps of coal.

  2. Pink would he turn my presents in to coal, or the toys that I have been playing with?

  3. your presents. each and every one

  4. best not be my presents that get turned into coal!! 😦

  5. Pink, but they didnt last time. So I should be safe?

    buttons, well, erm, if they do Ill buy you some new ones.
    I hope the neices DVD doesnt turn to coal eeeeeeeeeeeee

  6. On Tuesday I acted as Santa for the afternoon for 50 children. Does this give me the power to grant you immunity from you gifts being turned into coal?

  7. Brit, I certinaly hope so.
    I hope none of the kids peed on your lap!


    you’d better not get them turned into coal

  9. Hopefully with Brits help they wont be (crosses fingers)

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