A long wait for stupid people

Friday 15 December at 1250 | Posted in Life, Rants | 7 Comments

Today was my first time being late in to work. This was due to me having to wait 50 minutes for a bus. According to the bus companys own timetable, this is “on average” 40 minutes longer then I should normally be waiting.
But my gripe is not with the bus company.

The boy who likes to let off steam.

Many buses were over crowded.So I have to admit first that there wasn’t just one bus that past in 50 minutes. There were about 3 or 4. One of those did stop, but only let on a few people before the drive declared “sorry, we’re full.” All the other buses were too full to even stop.
But while I was waiting in the queue, under a bus shelter may I point out, that the girl in front of me had her umbrella up. She had been queuing up outside the bus shelter so thats why she had her umbrella up, but once she was under the shlter she stil had it up. This went on for a few minutes before she took it down. I was prett happy as being behind her it was getting in my face. But after only a few minutes she asked if I could “watch out” as she wanted to put up her umbrella again. Why? It wasn’t even raining that much, it was more of a light spray or drizzle.
I think she muttered something about “stopping the rain getting on her face.” What rain? Where?
If this was the reason, then she is an Original Diva.

Then while on the bus there was one guy who, although not fat, definitely had waist over his belt. On top of this he had on a ridculous bubble coat, those ones that add 15 cms around the diameter of the wearer. PLUS he had on a bulky back pack. This meant that he bonked the head of everyone he passed while he walked to the back of the bus. Then whenever he turned around to grip on to something he’d smack someone else in the head with his back pack. Wht didn’t he just take off the pack and save everyone a smack in teh face?

A very angry manAnother thing I hate about crowded buses is how people sometimes dont hold on to the bars. Why?
If you’ve been waiting in the rain for over 30 minutes for a bus. Finally one turns up but your running late for work, you manage somehow to find a seat, the last thing you want is some idiot not holding on to something when the bus moves as you both well know that as soon as it does move that person will be lying in your lap. Not the way to start a day.
Why can’t people just hold on to bars or seats?

And the thing I hate most about crowded buses is when people try to get off. I know people will have to get off at somepoint, but they dont need to make their way to the front of the bus while it is moving.
The bus has signs saying “please remain seated and if you wish to alight ring the bell and wait for the bus to stop”
The bus driver is NOT going to not stop if the bus is full.
Instead people ring the bell, get worried that the bus driver for some unknown reason won’t stop, so deicde to tr and squeeze themselves past people, which firstly bonks people on the head trying when trying to squeeze past – my first hate, and makes people let go of bars they are holding and you have crowds of people falling in to laps of those with seats – my second hate.
Its almost like getting on a bus when its crowded makes people uncivalized.

C’mon people, get a grip!

So despite waiting 50 minutes in the drizzle for a bus, all these stupid people being on teh bus, being late for the first time to work and putting a mark on my clean record AND missing my breakfast I wasn’t in too much of a bad mood. I mean it’s Friday. The one thing that really pissed me off today was some cheeky git lane crosser. I hate it when walking down quite an open path, when someone decides to cut and walk right in front of you. This happens alot near corners I think. Why do people think that just because they are a wisker ahead of you they can make you test the laws of phsics and see if you can walk through a wall?

Stupid stupid people!



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  1. Public transport sucks and nothing is more soul destroying than watching several buses pass you by!

  2. People not holding onto bars on buses – perhaps they *want* to sit on your lap and therefore do not hold onto the bars and railings so that they *will* most definitely fall and end up on your lap. Then they get the cheap thrill of being on what , I am sure, is a wonderful lap and they can go “oh, well, stupid bus” (I have done similar things – like accidently knocking into an attractive man on the Tube and rolled my eyes and said something like “ha, these crowded carriages, eh!”and all the whileI was just thinking “yaaaay!!!”

    But then one of my ex boyfriends described me as a bit of a fruit loop.

    I had a gripe this morning about morons and bars on public transport, but didn’t get around to putting it on my blog… perhaps I will do that presently.

  3. what a rant. my my. you need some sweeties, sweetie.

  4. Betty your right, there is nothing worse then watching buses pass you by. (Well Im sure there is, but when your waiting for a bus there coudl be very few things worse then that)

    Soupy perhaps they do. I never thought of that. I mean if your bumping in to attractive men for attention then surely people could be trying to sit themselves on me.
    I woman did once try to touch my noise on a bus. She had come from teh top deck and was reaching out to grab the bell, but she wasnt looking where she was putting her hand and didnt realise there was no bell there, only my nose. Me and the missus had a hard time trying not to laugh.

    So did you get a reply for the attractive man?

    It sounds like your ex could be a bit righ 😉 haha

    I hope you do, I look forward to it.

  5. I could do without sweeties at the momnet thank you PJB. I have a bit of a toothache 😦

  6. then i only have one other suggestion i’m afraid. A hell of a lot of kissing the missus. works for me anyway

    as for the bus thing:
    – tell people to take off their backpacks OR get a massive bag yourself and swing it round taking out all the backpack people
    – get one of those big golf umbrellas. rest it point up inbetween your legs while you sit on the bus. no one is going to want to risk falling on you then, and if they do BOY will they be sorry.
    -people who are in a rush to get off the bus before it’s even stopped. stick a little foot out and trip them. they will bash into so many people, everyone will shout at them and they will be shamed into standing still.
    -try the tripping thing for the path cutter uppers too

  7. They are all very good ideas PJB. But to remember them all I’d have to write them on my hand, even then I’d get them wrong and try adn trip up anyone with an umbrella and sit on the laps of people that cut me up.

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