My view on this copycat Ripper

Friday 15 December at 1504 | Posted in Life | 9 Comments

The Times has an artice, which goes on about how the police have some clues, how the police have taken evidence and statements and how a hundred special detectives are going to help out with this.

Amongst the article are two things that got my attention.

First, the times reports that
“The killer, or killers, seem to have a good grasp of forensic science — dumping two of the victims in water, which can destroy DNA evidence, and stripping them of their clothes; ”
Now this to me doesn’t sound like the “special” detectives are doing a good job. Dumping less then half of the bodies in water doesnt show a good grasp of forensic science. It just shows that the guy was trying to get rid of some bodies.
Good knowledge would  show him dumping all bodies in the water, at least.

Next is;
“A claim from a prostitute that the killer could be a “chubby man” driving a blue BMW. A friend of the third victim to be found, Anneli Alderton, told officers that she saw the man driving away with Ms Alderton beside him. ”
When I read this, I counldn’t help but imagine the scene when the catch the killer and are driving him to the the station. In the front of the car the two cops start singing this great song by Bowie/Gervias.

Now, everyone

Little fat man who sold his soul, little fat man who sold his dream, chubby little loser…Chubby little loser. National joke…Pathetic little fat man, no one’s bloody laughing, the clown that no one laughs at, they all just wish he’d die.
He’s so depressed at being useless, the fatman takes his own life.
He’s so depressed at being hated, fatty takes his own life.”



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  1. those poor women 😦
    you’ve got a point though about the river dropping – isn’t that just generally what murderers do?

  2. That is what killers tend to do.
    Its not like killers tend to walk around dragging bodies with them
    “Yeah sarge, we found another one….yep, carrying the body.”

    I mean if this is how they are working maybe I could help them. Maybe the killer is a tree as all the bodies were in wooded areas.

  3. I sort of don’t even know what to say. How horrible and sad. 😦

  4. Where have you been?? Having a good weekend I hope.

  5. I have had a good weekend. I was visiting family. That little story should be on here soon.

  6. Yay!! Write it. Right now. Write right now. And write it right. As in correctly. Write it right right now, as in compose it correctly at once… Like wees, there are a lot of rights. Too many rights. If you can get Ian Wright in there too, that would make 4 rights. I can’t really get him into it other than how I have already done. But I think that is good enough to warrant me saying that I got 4 in.

    Coffee machine calling….

  7. Sounds too me like you have already had too many coffess.

    But four rights would be good. In fact 4 rights dont make a wrong, which is a positive thing.

  8. unless Ian Wright IS involved. In which case it is all very wrong.

  9. Right!

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