A pre Christmas Christmas weekend and lost bags.

Monday 18 December at 1310 | Posted in Life | 14 Comments

So I got to have a pre-Christmas, opening presents, eating big dinners* but it wasn’t all smiles.

The boy who likes Christmas.

With me getting to spend Christmas with my beautiful missus round her neck of the woods, this weekend we spent some time with my mum and family. I was all pack, I had my presents for everyone, I was most looking forward to watching my neice open up her Button Moon DVD. I took along a Wii controller for when I went to see an old friend as he had told me he had a Wii also. So with presents, toys and clothes packed I set off “back home” straight after work. This did mean though that I missed the work Christmas do. Nevermind.
So I jumped on part one of the two part train journey “back home.” As I was getting to the connecting city I was unsure which of the two stops in this city I was suppose to get off? So after thinking for about 5 minutes while the train pulled up to the first station I recognised it and jumped off. A few minutes later the second and last train home approached, I jumped on and let my mums husband know I was doing ok for time. Thats when it hit me. I was all of a sudden filled with dread. After spending so much time debating which train to get and jumping off I had completely forgotten to pick up my bag. The one with all the presents and toys in. This was not good at all. I made a few phone calls to stations but nothing. No bag had been turned in. I was told to leave it 7 days before giving up hope. This is day 1. Fingers crossed.
So with no clothes, washing up stuff and most important no presents we made a quick dash to the local supermarket to get some weekend gear.

Apart from that one down side to the weekend the rest of it picked up on Saturday. Some additional Christmas shopping followed by pub dinner round my old local. Got to catch up with some old friends and get the latest gossip. Few people are engaged, some a pregnant, new jobs, etc..
A night out on Saturday night. Nothing too late, but its good to catch up with missed friends. Especially the ones that make promises to “come visit the new place.”
As well as getting some standard Christmas presents, ie shower gel, body spray there was a lack of underwear this year??? Weird.
Everyone was ok with not getting presents. They just hoped I got my bag back. although my mum was giving me a bit of a hard time about not getting her UB40 album.

But thanks to the good nature and the great imagination of the missus we were able to come up with a present for my neice. I may still even buy her another copy of Button Moon as she danced so well when she first heard about it.

Fingers crossed that I don’t forget my bag this weekend. Not only will it have another Wii controller in it, but a complete Wii. More important it will have the missus presents in. I’m guessing she might not be as forgiving as my mum.

*I’m from the North, to me a dinner is the same as lunch. And your dinner is my tea. Got it?



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  1. dang, that was a bit daft!

  2. It was more then a bit daft. It was bloody ridiculous. Damn 😦

  3. i had a bloody ace weekend i must say, despite the lost presents and all that 🙂

  4. I know you had an ace weekend because you went to sleep surrounded by sackfuls of presents.

  5. Oh Dear, I did that once, with my school report, a whole 5years worth!! Never found. I hope you get em back, however doubtful human nature is, there might be one good soul out there who has connected finding a bag full of toys and a national holiday.

  6. Damn, that sucks.
    Id really like to get them back. Its just a pain having to buy presents again for everyone.
    Plus I had a favourite pair of pants in there. Now I have to go and buy more new clothes. And I hate buying clothes. All clothes are crap.
    Fingers crossed still

  7. You better not forget the girlfriends presents otherwise she will not be a very happy bunny. Although i think that forgetting pants would be ok. Im sure she would cope with that.. hehe

  8. Damn that’s sucky. Especially since your favorite pants were in there!

  9. Fabulous, I dont think there is any chance of me forgetting the missus presents. She’ll be waiting for me at the station and IF I did for get them she’d make me chase the train till I did get them. 😀 haha
    Well now you have me thinking, all my pants (underwear) have gone missing that I have left at hers, so maybe its her.

    Well Shelby, not many people would agree with my taste in pants (trousers). The pants (trousers) that I left on the train make me look a little like Rupert the Bear

  10. Damn it, why dont photos work in comments?
    Anyway, Shelby, for a photo of Rupert and my taste in pants go here

  11. From now on, you shall be known as Rupert

  12. Well it isnt a shabby name so I cant complain.

  13. I was with my friend last weekend, we were on a train to the capital to catch a concert and we had to switch half way there… we knew what stop to get off at just not what train to get one… so we just took a random guess and luckly it was the right one!

    That no good about your bag though.

    The Wii looks quite good. Is it? 🙂

  14. I never normally have problems with what trains to get and to where. I have to admit this is thanks to preplanning on the net. Although I didnt do this for my last train and got caught out thinking.
    Lesson learned, NEVER LEAVE A BAG.
    You get that.

    The Wii is the most fun I’ve ever had on a video game. Just the simple game like Wii Sports is great. Im finding myself getting addicted to Wii Tennis.
    Once you play it, you WILL want one. Its a matter of Life.

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