Christmas shopping like never before.

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I’ve just been to do a bit of Christmas shopping. I have one gift left to get. Why has this one turned in to the hardest one?

The boy who likes to give.

So I’ve just been out in the town centre to pick up the last of the Missus presents. Despite Christmas shopping zombiesnormally hating Christmas shopping as
a) I never know what to buy
b) queues for the till when you finally do find something
most important
c) stupid stupid people.

What is it about shoppers, especially around Christmas time, that make them walk around like mindless zombies looking for something? What they are looking for is unknown to me, and most likely unknown to them. Shoppers just seem to stare open mouthed at the furthest wall away from them. I’m sure I saw one zombie shopper drool.

But that’s not what I want to talk about.

A very Merry Christmas GiftLet’s discuss my last gift for the missus. Not to give away too much, but it’s underwear. She know’s, now you do.
Now it’s not that I have a problem with buying underwear – although admitedly I did try to go in to a game shop to buy an accessory for my Wii so I looked a bit more manly when walking in the underwear store. I’ve even been shopping for underwear with my missus.
Going on my own is much easier. The missus disagrees with about 99% of what I point at, but I do point at everything.
Being the wearer she take in to account everything. Size, colour, material, what it looks like under clothes, without clothes and the list continues.
All I think about is how it would look when taking of her clothes.

Now I dont know what I like when it comes to bra’s and knickers. I couldn’t describe what colour, pattern, cut or anything else to describe underwear, that I would like. If I was asked by a shop assistant “what are you looking for?”
I’d reply “Let me see what you’ve got.”

So after going in to a few different places, my first choices of underwear had to be thrown out because there was none in her bra size. Either my missus has the same bra size as every other women in the UK. Or a very rare one.

So after a while I get to my third store (take in to account how many Christmas shoppers I’ve bumped in to and how annoyed I’m getting) so I’m looking around and I see something that, not only do I like, but that the missus would agree wearing. So I go to pay for it and see something completly different that I like as much.
But the styles are totally different and I don’t know what to buy? So I decided to phone the missus to see if she has any preferences dislikes.
Me “I’m getting your last gift but I’m stuck. I want some advice.”
Missus “ok.”
Me “It’s a bra and knickers I’m looking for. Do you have any colours you avoid?”
Missus “Nope. Not particularly.”
Me “Ok. Well there is two that I’ve seen that I like but totally different. So I want your opinion. Ok, so the first one is padded. Not over padded, just a bit padded. The second is not padded. But like not padded that the material is very see-through and thin material”*
Missus (I think she used my descriptions so not to confuse me) “Well the padded one I’d probably wear more often under tshirts. The thin material one would probably show off my nipples under tshirts and stuff.”
Me (Grinning) “Well that’s kind of the point.”
Missus “Well I’d wear the padded one more often and the thin material one just for you.”
Me “How about if we were out, would you wear the thin material one then?”
Missus “….Probably not”
(I think she was putting that nicely)
Missus “Its up to you. What you want me to wear?”

Which comes to my conclusion, do I want to buy her underwear she can enjoy? Or that I can enjoy? Tough choice.
Either way, due to massive queues I didn’t pick up either, I’ve put it off for a few days.
I guess I can always cross my fingers and hope my first choice store and pick have a little more choice in sizes in store as I think that would make all who see it very happy 😉

*Like my descriptions? I should work for Ann Summers

PS Fingers crossed the missus doesn’t make me sleep on the floor after mentioning her nipples 😀



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  1. I wish I could say that a man has ever bought me underwear at all let alone put so much thought into it!!

  2. Its not all its cracked up to be you know. Its very stressful. I know hopw picky women can be (sorry to generalise there) But Im worried about getting the wrong colour, material, something to heavy, light, not enough support.
    Its crazy
    I know its a present and at least for one day she will love it and wear it. But it would be nice to see her wear it a few times and not find it at the back of a sock draw.
    Damn it women, why cant you be simpler?

  3. I bought myself a really sexy basque-type thing once. And wore it once. It resides at hte very back of the undie drawer. So even when we women buy things ourselves we are still too difficult! 🙂

  4. Very interesting story! I saw get the one thats slightly padded, I agree with your lady, because even if you don’t need a little padding, I think it still makes you feel really sexy and you can wear it more often. While see-through is good for naughty times, you can’t wear it as much. Anyway, good luck when you go back to get it.. maybe you’ll get another doo-dad for your Wii when you go back 🙂

  5. my nipples! on your blog!yipes!

    hope you find something we can both enjoy baby 😉

  6. soupy Hello 😉 Why were you buying a basque-type thing? Maybe you should get it out this holiday period for when you go out to any Christmas or New Year parties 😉 wink wink

    Shelby, well my first and second choice shops had some really nice stuff in so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the sizes are in there when I go back.
    Not too sure when theyll have the Wii doo-dads in next. The queue for the till was huge in the store and there was no one around to answer questions.
    Although we do have a guy who has just started working with us, he used to work at the game store I was in. Maybe he knows someone (taps nose)

    buttons, You know you enjoy the exposure of your nipples 😀 haha (I hope 😉 )
    Im sure I will find something we can both enjoy. I wont leave till I do. But there is plenty of options to choose from.

  7. you can always see if there’s a store near me who has my size and ask them to hold it til the weekend?

  8. Yep i’t was hers I think, i reckon it only made me laugh because she said it made her laugh 😉

  9. Buttons, you could always help me. Have a look at the link in my newest post 😉 yesssssssssssss
    Jolenex I was wondering what you were talking about then. Petrified Wood right? Im sure PinkJellyBaby has a very infectious laugh too.

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