Christmas? Bah humbug

Wednesday 20 December at 1451 | Posted in Life | 12 Comments

I’m starting to hate Christmas. I think the nights out are giving it a bad name.

The boy who likes to party, in moderation.

I like Christmas I really do. If I could spend the entire Christmas period eating turkey butties, drinking beer sat in front of a roaring fire and playing some Wii with the missus. That Christmas would be great.
But instead there is parties. Lots and lots of parties. And I don’t want to crash the Christmas festivity plane, but there are too many parties.
First there is work, one for all. Then there is work, but only for my team.
Then there is friends. A night out on Christmas Eve. A different night out with those that can’t make. A night out with old friends. And a night out with new friends.
Despite taking in to account all the Christmas presents buying and New Year party alot of money is spent on Christmas nights out, only because its Christmas. And all these meals/parties/drinks happen within a two week period.
I mean if someone asks if I fancy a drink? Sure
A meal? Sure
A party? Why yes. I might as well.
But all of these and more within a very very short time period? Ouch my poor wallet.

Anyway, we have are works team meal thing tonight. Fingers crossed someone, anyone, makes an early exit as then I can use there exit for myself.

Well I was able to pick up some nice lingerie for the missus. Not only did I find something that ticked all the boxes that I liked, but also what the missus would wear more then just the once, but it was also gift wrapped for me. Excellent! Less work for me.

Quick question before I go.
Is she really sneezingIf someone where to almost sneeze, like when they are going to sneeze but stop themselves but still make a “ghn” sound. Would you use manners and still say “bless you,” (or one of the many others)?
Would you use just half of an expression?

If someone were to make some throaty noise, scrunch up their face and become all tense, is it correct to say;




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  1. eeeeeeeee, you’re getting yourself all in a tizz. Christmas eve won’t be expensive, promise and the only other day we have to go out is NYEve and that doesn’t have to be expensive either

    i promise the rest of the time we can sit around playing your Wii and wearing my nice new underwear

  2. You cant say promise about stuff not costing much. Yes you might only say youll spend £15 in a pub. Bought on either of those two nights it wont get you far. Plus there is entry, and the taxi’s which are set to premium rate. So the entire night from start to finish could cost a bit (although your mum has me a few cans so I can just get drunk before I go out yesssssssssssssss)
    Dont forget also we need to go see some of my friends. The who we are not going to see on either his birthday or New Years after being invited. It will be rude of me to not go see him for one drink.

    Im not wearing your nice underwear. Nope. No matter how much you ask. Not again.

  3. i’m going to confuse things now….

    Christmas Eve. we get lifts. no taxis needed and it’s a local pub so local prices. sorted.
    We drink before we go out. sorted.
    NewYearsEve. life there, just one cab back. drink before we go out. sorted.
    going to meet your friend won’t be difficult! and you make it sound like i’ve said you can’t go!

    pretty please

  4. Ok. Now multiply that five times, over 2 weeks, then we start getting in to why its going to be getting expensive. Fun but expensive.

  5. ah baaah humbug to you, you bah humbug

  6. Dont say that. I might just “forget” your presetns ont the train. 😀 haha

  7. you best not you little wotsit

  8. Hey! We wont have language like that used on this little blog.

  9. wii + underwear = good
    cold + parties = almost as fun

    my problem at the moment is that its just too damn cold! and we’re on the south coast so I’ve no idea how cold it is up there 😛

  10. See, I like Kerris way of thinking. Its very true indeed.

    ITs freezing up here. And waiting for any form of public transport (trains/buses/taxis) in teh cold is not forward thinking. In fact its very backward thinking.

  11. wii+underwear=the boys dream

    but i think underwear+cold=better than a party 😉

  12. that sure is boys dream 😉

    But I think your underwear + cold may be slightly off. If we had underwear plus cold it would really equal “no touching until Im warmed up under this duvet. None at all You heard the first time” 😀 haha

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