Misletoe and Merry Kissmas*

Wednesday 20 December at 0816 | Posted in Humour, Life, Personal | 12 Comments

Continuing Bluesoups Misletoe Campaign to get more misletoe out there this year, here is a photo of me preparing for the rush when girls know I’ll be handing out Kisses under the Misletoe this year.

Me preparing my misletoe
“Stand back Shep. Stand waaaaaaay back”

So here is a snog under the misletoe for all readers, and make sure you snog someone you fancy under misletoe this Kissmas.

*Shamelessly stolen from Bluesoup.

PS. Turns out I may not have any trouble with finding the perfect underwear for the missus, apperently there is a “Knicker Snap” craze going on that I did not know about. Why was this kept from me?
Best clear some photo space on the phone ready for some ideas of what the missus likes 😉 haha



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  1. That picture amuses me for many reasons 😀

  2. does that mean i have an excuse to go and try on underwear and take rude photos??

  3. Mike it was the best photo I could find of me 😀 haha

    Buttons. Not that I need an excuse to ask you to go send me photos of you in underwear, but yeah, there is an excuse.

  4. i’m not sure you will be getting many snogs, by the looks of it, even the dog is scared of you 😉

  5. Thats not a look of fear on the dogs face.
    He’s just a bit tired after all the snogs he got fron being under misletoe.

  6. did the dog get more snogs than you?

  7. I meant snogs off me. 😉
    Although I think you could be on to something with saying that a dog might get some snogs mroe then me!

  8. Cor blimey, pucker up boy, you’s a bit of a looker

    (Sorry Emsbabee, had to censor your comment)

  9. That you *doffs flat cap*

    Chance a snog under my misletoe?

  10. you two, get a room

  11. oh and this Mareisa woman is someone who apparently went missing in America and was found 2 weeks later, wedged upside down behind her bookcase…. no one knows how she got there!

    goodness knows why your blog comes up!! haha

  12. Oh her! I remember posting about her. Cant find the post now. Maybe I should google it and get my referals up! ;D haha

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