The New Year

Thursday 21 December at 1727 | Posted in Life, London, Personal, Wii | 14 Comments

Well 2006 is almost about to close in on us like a fat man sitting down real fast. But 2007 is about to start, like a fat man in a candy shop.
Fingers crossed no fat men see me soon otherwise I won’t be seeing the end of 2006.

The boy who likes to live.

So the things that I am looking forward to next year, are;
Top of my list. This has to be moving. To the Big Smoke. London. Can’t wait. Despite trying to reassure the missus that the move isn’t just for her, it is. I love her much and I can’t wait to be closer to her and spend more time with her.
Although (to make the missus happy) moving to London has other advantages to it. Make new friends. Get in touch with old friends that have moved there. And more oportunities for work and pleasure, concerts, gigs, nights out and nights in with the missus. And everything that comes with living in the 24 hour, busy, lively Capital that is London.

Next is my Wii. Yes I got this this year. But it’s new and it’s not all there. Its the kind of thing that is going to grow as it get’s older. A bit like my own little baby. Except I’ve given my a stupid name.
But at the moment there isn’t much to do. There is limited games as it is new, and limited technology. But only the other day I got a “Forecast Channel” on the Wii so I could see the weather. How I arrrrrhed at it, like a proud father would. I even made the missus listen to its “cute little noises” down the phone.
But I guess this could really be titled “Playing more with Wii.”

I have two of them in the pipeline. First is Scotland. Somewhere very remote. So remote its going to take me two days to get to the cabin from the car park.
The other is Spain (I think) Somewhere hot. The missus needs her Sun light and tanning. I’m not complaining as she likes to go topless on the beach. I’m all for that! Best keep a towel handy to cover up an embarrassing “happenings.”

I’ve spent almost as long waiting for a Wii as I have for the New Radiohead album.
Yes, Thom Yorke did bring out a genius piece of solo work. Yes, I may of already heard some variety of all the songs off the new album played live, thanks to downloads. Yes, I did go and catch them at V it what I described as the  greatest performence I have ever seen. But that doesn’t mean they can slack of and not bring me an album next year. It’s been taking them ages now. I’m getting a little impatient.

Series 7 finally came out. After waiting almost a year for it. And each time I watch it gets better and better. I found my sides killing while watching The Gum episode the other night.
So what next? Well there are two series left for Seinfeld people to release on DVD. Not only that the missus has finally caught on to how funny it is. She has even had a few laugh out really loud moments thanks to Kramer. (It appeared that the old and dull looking sets put her off the show) That can only mean watching them all again from series 1.
If anyone is looking for a new box set I highly recommend any Seinfeld series. For those that aren’t the biggest of fans anything after series 4. But they are being sold in lots of places at half price. Go buy two.

Other mentions go to;
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah gig – Possibly my last night out in the North for a while.
Faithless gig – The missus was almost mad at me for catching these live at V. They were awsome. Possibly my first gig in London
More holidays – I got a taster of a weekend away in Vienna last year. Very much looking out for cheap deals again next year.
Games – Apart from Wii ones, I can’t forget about my DS. Although now I wont need to do any long journeys to the missus anymore doesn’t mean I should abandon this cute piece of hardware. And there are some decent games coming out for it.
Football – I’ll be closer to Stamford Bridge. I can go to any weekday games that haven’t sold out on the spare of the moment. Very much looking forward to this. All I need is someone to agree to come along.

Well I think this is about it from me for 2006. I’ll be off soon to head to the missus for Christmas and New Year. Not looking forward to the train Friday evening. Yikes. But things may be a little quiet around here until the New Year (unless something really exciting happens that I need to tell people).

So Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.



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  1. wahooo wahooo! it’s late. i’m drunk, you’re ace and yesssssssssssss

  2. Hey drunky Buttons/Jelly Baby (stop confusing everyone 😉 haha)
    Good to hear you were in the Christmas Spirit last night. Just hope you havent got a cold from waiting around all night for a train.

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  4. sweet
    happy christmas 🙂
    london is pretty cool

  5. Happy Christmas to you too kind sir.

    For when you get your Wii, here is my FC 4859 7530 9312 3844. Just mail me with yours when you have it and Ill make sure to pop you on the list.

  6. this computer says i’m buttons so i’m sticking to that story

  7. Thats fine with me. Eeeeeeeeee

    Hows it going slacker?

  8. good goood good. i’m tired and a bit jiggly, making room for your clothes and things in my wardrobe!

  9. well aslong as you are doing nothing you can reply to my email.

  10. confuser confuser confuser

  11. Have a very merry Christmas! And I hope that all your New Year wishes come true! And don’t injury yourself with your Wii over the festive period!!!

  12. thank you very much kind sir. And a Happy New Year to you.

    Will try not to get too many Wii related injuries. 😀 haha

  13. Hope you had a Merry Christmas!

  14. Thank you very much Shelby. I did I have a good Christmas yep yep. May stick something on here in a bit. First though I think I might have some catching up to do on other blogs.

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