Ok. So. Christmas.

Thursday 28 December at 1330 | Posted in Life, London, Personal, Rants | 8 Comments

Well its over. Less then  year to go till the next one. All that is left is to eat all the turkey butties, finish of the remainder of the alcohol and get annoyed by bargain shoppers. Damn them!

The boy who likes to take a break from taking a break.

Firstly I’ve ate too much turkey. Too much turkey butties to be exact. If I don’t see another turkey butty for the rest of the year Ill be a happy man.

I took a 4 hour coach home last night, I’m spending less then 24 hours at “home” before heading back on a 4 hour coach ride to London for New Years with the missus. Why? I have to work one bloody day in work and now I’m stuck here till 6pm. Arse.

But Christmas, so I got muchos presents,

DVDs, Curb Your Enthusiasm series 1 to 4, can’t wait to get this home and watch it proper. The missus is getting annoyed now at this DVD and would be happy if she never watched it again. Spellbound, great movie about a spelling bee. Some hilarious scenes. Spirited Away, I’ve wanted this movie for a long time. Now I have it and it’s on BBC2 on Saturday. I highly recommend everyone to watch this movie.
Some CD’s Nina Simone and Gnarls. Books, Philip K Dick, Man in the High Castle. My all time favourite book. Ever. Fact. I lost my copy, or lent it to a friend, but now I have another. Hopefully the missus will like this more then what she read of Catch22 otherwise she may never trust my judgement in books, (like she doesnt trust my judgement in TV shows, see above, or music 😀 haha) Also some Mighty Boosh stuff, mousepad and badges “I am the moon.” And I got a computer game. One went missing, it was a gift of the missus parents. When they couldn’t find it they went and bought me another game for my Wii. Very nice indeed.
My main present was an electric shaver. I’ve wanted one of these for a while now. It’s not been long since I started (close) shaving, only a few weeks. About the same amount of time Ive seen the missus for. Sometimes I can have good shaves. But mainly I’m getting rashes and slashing my neck lots. So It would be nice to have a shave without finishing with a red neck.
But I’ve not had chance to use it. For somereason (if anyone knows why please tell me) the razor has a two pin plug. I know this is what all razors and electric toothbrushes have, but I dont know why? There were no adapters in missus house for an electric razor and I only got one yesterday as I left London to come home. But I know that the razor will be charged for when I get back to the missus and it sounds like she is as much excited about using this as I am. I hope she hasnt gone and used it on her legs. No way.

 So Ive done nothing much else apart from sit, eat, drink play games, watch DVD’s.  Other highlights were, drinking almost all my ration of alcohol within half the time (even I thought that Id manage to drink so much so quick) winning a few pieces of “pie” in Trival Pursuit ‘Boys vs Girls’, including the winning piece. I did go out on Christmas Eve, but this was cut short as my allergies started to play up while we were in the pub. Im allergic to animal hair and there ahd been dogs either allowed in the or living in the pub. Either way I was finding it hard to breathe so had to leave.

Fingers crossed they dont let any dogs in the place were we are going for New Years.

So Ill be gone again this evening until next year. So will again be very quiet around here.

So Happy New Year to all of my readers. Have a great night out, but be safe.



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  1. hey hey gorgeous

  2. hey hey pinky. Hope youve not busted my spanking new razor by shaving your legs 😉

  3. ermmmm no i’ve not, don’t worry! it’s all shiny new and waiting

  4. Excellent.
    Oh did you read above, Spirited Away is on BBC2 this saturday,. haha. How funny. We’ll ave to watch that soon though. ie tomorrow.

  5. Just to say Happy New 2007 and sincere wishes from Athens, Greece!


  6. wheres my wii message 😦
    i cant get enough of this lazy attitude atm, i never want to go back to college 😦

  7. Thanks grhomeboy. Happy New Year to you to.

    Well Kerri, sorry about the delay. I have added you to my friend list. But I cant use my wiiconnect24 here at the missus. But once Im back at mine in the New Year Ill make sure to send you a few messages and my Mii.
    I have to admit, I hate being too lazy, especially when you know you have to back to work. Too much time off and its too hard to get back in the routine.

  8. […] like that spider dude in Spirited Away (thanks for mentioning it, Boywholikesto – it was solely on your blog entry that I watched it and although it was totally bizarre I enjoyed it) patting myself on the back with […]

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