Nearing the end

Wednesday 31 January at 1312 | Posted in Life | 8 Comments

So work have found my replacement. Infact they have hired him and we are now training him.

So with someone looking over my shoulder blogging is going to be close to gone while at work. I might be able to check out your blogs and perhaps comment.

 But things are going to be a bit slow here for a while.


Is this what music with a black belt sounds like?

Tuesday 30 January at 1159 | Posted in Humour, Lifestyle | 16 Comments

So while looking through the weekend paper I happened to chance across a advert for a gig taking place soon.

It stood out for one reason and one reason only. The name of the artist.

And who might this artist be?

With my CD collection consisting of albums from the likes of Radiohead, Mogwai, DJ Shadow, PJ Harvey, to the lesser known Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Godspeed You Black Emporer. Who, or what band, could of got my attention?

The answer is Steven Seagal. Yes Steve Seagal is on a tour with his band Thunderbox. They even have a CD coming out, on my birthday! It was meant to be.

Steve Seagal who is famed for playing black belt high kicking karate ex SAS turned chefs. Able to take out a large group of ninjas with a grater, some cheese, a peeler and herbs. And not forgetting his most deadliest weapons, “His Fists.”

I think I’d very much like to see Seagal playing in Llandudno. That would be some gig.

Steven Seagal who uttered phrases while killing people like “It doesn’t work if the bad guys kill his mother’s uncle’s friend’s neighbor’s pet dog. You’ve got to make the stakes high.”

Just imagine what his gigs would be like. Half way through the set some Japanese ninjas all gate crash teh gig. Coming in through walls, ceilings windows and doors. Take a few hostages. Then Seagal goes FLIPPING MENTAL and takes them all out with his guitar and the mic. It would be amazing!

A weekend that I wouldn’t want repeated

Monday 29 January at 1248 | Posted in Life, Personal | 21 Comments

So due to a bit of an ongoing problem with a tooth the weekend had me with an abscess. I was in ALOT of pain. My cheek is about 3 times its normally size – I look like a monster. I was vomitting. I had the chills mixed in with a fever. It was alround a bad weekend. But I want to talk about the good points.

This weekend I got the full loving attention of my fabulous, good looking and great girlfriend.
Pinkosa looked after me like a stand in nurse. Except there was no bathing. But I’m sure had I asked I would of had bath prepared straight away. Pinkosa helped me to the emergency clinic in my very fragile state. Spent all weekend not only making sure I followed the doc’s order’s but also she kept insisting that I eat, even when I didn’t want to. She cooked all my meals, tidied up afterwards to.  Wasnt bothered after I had vomitted and then had to do the emergency tooth brush and mouth wash, and then got back in bed with her. She even got up in the middle of the night to get a damp cloth after I started to over heat.
Overall the temporary Nurse Pinkosa I had at the weekend was just another one of the reasons why I am lucky to have found such a fantastic girl who I love dearly.

Thank you Pinkosa for all your caring. I think you’re great.

The ongoing tooth problem has led the dentist to decide the only option left is the last one. To remove the tooth completely. On Friday. When I next plan on seeing the missus. Maybe I should call ahead and warn her I won’t be feeling too good that weekend either. Maybe she can pick up a Nurses uniform this time to cheer me up. 😉

So I could be a little quiet on all the commenting for a bit. Until I feel like myself again and not the ‘Hunchcheek of Bluebell Woods’.
But did anyone catch Top Gear? Cant believe I missed it. Arse. Was it good? I’ll properly catch the repeat on Wednesday?
Also did anyone know
Louis Theroux was on this weekend? Gutted twice as much at missing him.

The crumbliest post

Thursday 25 January at 1230 | Posted in Lifestyle | 26 Comments

After two attmepts – both I somehow, unknown to me, did not get in to a mess, I’ve come to the conclusion that Cadburys Flake is safest eaten in a bowl with a spoon.

Now that my desk draw is empty of the Christmas Selection box, its time I got it refilled.
Without Flakes.

Update: I’ve just checked and I still have an Aero Dairy Milk Bubbly in the draw. That should save me till after the weekend.

Dreamy World

Wednesday 24 January at 1239 | Posted in Humour, Life | 14 Comments

I had a strange dream last night. Or at least a strange vision during a dream. I don’t remember much of the dream. But at some point during the dream I saw a giant advert showing the new Samuel Jackson/”Snakes on a Plane II” movie.
The title of the movie was something like
“Chickens in a Caravan.”
Or “Chickens in a shed”
It was definitely “Chickens in a … “ but the end bit I can’t quite be sure about. Although I do remember the poster having Samuel and some chickens in a very tight spot.

Very quickly some news stories you might like.
-Man jumps red light, hits cyclist, then it all gets strange.
-American school bans spectators from cheering “USA”. Obviously someone has over concentrated the water with Political Correctness juice
-Hire good looking protestors for £100. Just give me a cause. Please.

This is what happens if I don’t go to bed early

Tuesday 23 January at 2257 | Posted in Humour, Lifestyle, Personal, Wii | 15 Comments

Or “Jonny, I too love Adam now.”

In a bid to up my reputation for keepin you kids happy here are some things I found whilst traversing the World Wide InterWeb. Wicked.

Soupy, if you haven’t already got Thom Yorkes amazing album The Eraser here is another reason why should pick it up.

Sasha has already started remixing tracks off Thom’s album in to his trance house set.

Go. Get. The album. Now!

Next is a clip from Adam Buxton’s youtube page Adam is of course famous for the Adam and Joe Show.
Big thanks goes to Jonny Greenwood of Oxford for this.

A ‘random’ caller on the Richard and Judy show. Very funny. But wait for the last round. Best. Clue. Ever.

Too many funny quotes from this. Some memorable ones are
 Judy “Is she English?”
Caller “No. She’s. Just. Rubbish.”
Or caller “Its a FALCON Richard”
Richard “Hawk?”
And the last one is the best. Told you so.

So soupy youtube embedding does work.

Make sure you bookmark Adams blog and youtube page to keep you entertained.

Also for any Wii owners. Check out this site for having your Mii turned in to a sculpture. Looks good. I wonder if they would do Wii Sports poses?

PS does anyone know of any good gigs to look forward to in the Summer? Preferably London, England.

A little extra for those readers using Google Reader. It comes with many keyboard shortcuts.
For example hitting gh <Thats ‘g’ followed by ‘h’> It takes you to the Google Reader homepage
gu brings up your subscriptions. You can either use arrow keys and enter to quickly bring up you desired blog or you can type in its name. Voila
gt does the same as above, only for tags.
hitting u on its own will make the left sidebar dissapear giving you nothing but all your blog entries. Hitting u again will bring it back.
For the whole list, go here.

Google reader

Tuesday 23 January at 1005 | Posted in Lifestyle | 16 Comments

After posting an entry yesterday about me sharing with my readers the blogs entries that have caught my eye, it appears that not everyone knows about Google Reader.

So let me let you all in on a little secret.

Google Reader is a Hidden Gem. So called, as it is not fully operational so cannot be found in the normal Google Services. Google Reader can only be found by looking in Google Labs.
You need to be signed up with your own Google Homepage to get full use out of Google Reader.
By adding just the regular url off your favourite blogs to the “Add Subscription” button you can have one page that displays and updates automatically all your favourite blogs.
It looks a bit like this.
Googel Reader
My current view of Google Reader (plugging the missus blog there too. Hopefully get me brownie points 😉 haha)

Also by going in to the Settings | Goodies you can “add Google Reader” to your Google hompage you can read all of your favourite blogs without ever leaving Google hompage.

Normal view
My ‘normal’ Google hompage.

By clicking on any entry you can read that entire entry through a little bubble.

Viewing blogs.
Reading blogs from your homepage.

So there we have it. Everyone can keep up to date on their favourite blogs without missing a beat or navigating through many pages.

*You do have to view the actual blog to make comments though. Google is good, but it isnt magical.

Ugly Betty Fans

Monday 22 January at 1748 | Posted in Humour | 8 Comments

Uno momento por favor

I promised this to the missus, but I thought I’d let all Ugly Betty fans know.

The Spanish TV show Vidas de Fuego seen in Ugly Betty can be viewed online here. Catch up on your favourite fake Spanish TV show.

There is also Muchas Muchchas, which is a new fake series that will kick off on Ugly Betty soon.

Youll need to let the mini 30 second advert to finish loading before you click on a link to play a different episode.

The trip; wasting time; lovely woman and new fashion

Monday 22 January at 1407 | Posted in Humour, Life, London, Personal, Rants | 17 Comments

On the journey home from London yesteday I was annoyed at the fat person sat next to me. I dont mean slightly overweight, I mean unhealthly obese. Dont get me wrong I don’t mind people being fat. Thats their choice, except when they decide to take up my personal space in an already tight spot on public transport.
I hate that I was stuck between a rock; her, and a hard place. This being the window seat. Why oh why do train/bus companies decided to not make the arm rest closest to the window in a permenant position. Why dont they allow us, the customers, to chose if we want to have the arm rest up, or down and sticking in to our ribs/preventing us from sitting comfy.
I hated that some guy decided to use the toilets and make them smell like last years V fesival toilets. V festival toilets at the time when the loo people are emptying them.
But I decided that I couldn’t be bothered writing about the above.

The boy who changed his mind.

Cycling on a good dayI’m glad that my fortnightly coach travel from home to London is about to end. I only have one more return ticket left. Then I no longer have to deal with 5 hour travelling, in the cold and being uncomfrtable.
Instead I get to swap that with daily commuting, which by reading some blogs is quite a pain.
I’m thinking that when I get a place in London I might take up doing the one thing that I dislike on the roads. Become a cyclist. I may start to hate myself.

Although to take my mind off things, I have learnt that there is a new male fashion trend coming out that I may try. Mans leggings. Maybe this can be something that I can use instead of my new tank top idea. Maybe in Milan Fog Gray. Can’t believe that is an actual colour. What do you say?

Also I think all women should be like this woman. If I gave out Hero of the Year awards she would get it straight away. Inducing a pregnancy so the partner can watch a major sporting event involving his team. That’s love!

Also go read some science myth busting while you are bored. Although I’m not too please about teh “5 second rule” busting. All those bits of food I’ve ate off the floor. Yikes!

Also thanks to the genius that is google reader, not only will I never miss a blog entry but all you guys can read stuff that I am currently finding of interest. See the “What I am reading” widget on the side.
For those without Google reader I recommend checking it out through the Google Labs, or clicking that link. Adding it to your Google Homepage makes life so much easier keeping in touch with friends.
Those without Google Homepage. Go. Get it. Now! Best homepage site ever created. As it is created by you for you. What else do you need?

Protected: Tank Tops

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