The New Year is old news. Fact

Tuesday 02 January at 1133 | Posted in Humour, Life, London, Personal, Rants | 9 Comments

Well the whole World took part in celebrating a New Year. Some where cancelled due to bad weather, some went without problems. Liverpool has postponed New Year till this Friday. Everyone get a train booked to Liverpool for weekend partying. So with New Year being the hottest topic, here is my view.

The boy who likes the old year still.

I Still in 2006 Comfortable Pantsdon’t know how long it will take me to get used to this New Year. I mean Im still very much in the Comfort Pants of 2006, ie writing “2006, 2007″ on dates still. I do like change, I embrace change. So hopefully Ill have my pants off soon and hugging 2007 fast.

I had a good evening with the missus. There was one downside. Food. The last few years Ive spent New Years at a house party at my mums. And of course every year there has been a buffett. This year I was in a pub in London with missus and friends and an abscence of food. I’m used to my NYE ritual of drinking, sneaking food from under tin foil covers and then spending the last portion of the evening with a warm beer pciking at the left over sausage, pineapple and cheese toothpick things.
Next NYE party, no matter where I go, I’m going to make sure that my pockets are full with egg mayo butties, mini sausages and pork pies. Then there will be no complaints from me.

Also, what is the cut off date for saying “Happy New Year”? I mean I cant go through every conversation saying “Happy New Year” straight away as Ill be fed up with 2007 and its only just begun. I’d of been happy keeping Happy New Year greetings to just the first. I mean the first its the New Year. You call the people close to you to wish them a Happy New Year. Then after then the New Year is old news. I think I have said Happy New Year one or two times today, but my heart wasn’t in it – either that or its down to the fact the its the first day back to work and before 8am that didnt make me cheery.

And so with that. I wish you all a Happy Old Year and hope you have no problems fitting in to your 2007 pants!



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  1. You are a funny boy sometimes. I haven’t switched to my 2007 pants yet – so far it has been, well, pants. Therefore I am avoiding it.

  2. Why thank you. And dont keep your old pants on for too long, they start to smell.

  3. i don’t like 2007 so far, my contract ends for my job in a weeks time 😦

  4. That sucks. Its never good waiting for jobs to end. But there are always plenty of new opportunities for other jobs though in the new year.

  5. next year we will party…. i promise

  6. Just as long there is food.

  7. a party with food..ok

    and answer your two emails i sent ages ago!

  8. You’ve got to LOVe those cheese and pineapple stick things. I agree. You need food to pick at. No food = too drunk too quickly. And hungry.

    erm. Happy New Year!

  9. Damn right girl! 🙂

    Im trying to thing of the fourth ingredient for those sticks, there was sausage, pineapple , cheese and a forth ingredient. Then you mix three of any of those four on one tooth pick. What could the forth be?

    Food picking is always a need when drinking.

    Happy Year to you too (I figure if I take out New, everyone is happy :D)

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