This day. This, is not my kind of day.

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The last 12 hours haven’t been the best for me. When will this end?

The boy who just likes to get it over with.

Maybe its not even the last 12 hours. Maybe its a bit longer then that.

Bad day in the officeTuesday | I get in to work to find out the other girl is off so I have to do a 10 hours day. My first day back, Im working alone – therefor twice as busy, and putting in a 10 hour day. Not that I have a problem with doing this, it’s just that when you have a schedule in your head of ‘Leaving work at 430, getting shopping done and home within the hour. Then nothing but watching Curb Your Entusiasm,’ it can be a little annoying having your plans taken from.
What makes it worse is leaving after a 10 hour day to go to the shop and finding out the supermarket closed at 6. What kind of backward city do I live in with the supermarket closes at 6pm? Your not on holiday now, get back to your regular opening times.

Yesterday | So the girl I work with is in. First thing she says is “Can you do a shift swap?” This isnt all that bad. But Ive had my plans in my head of finishing at 430 all this week, it feels nice finishing at 430. And for the second time in my first week back Im having to finish at 6. This plays about alot with my plans.

Last 12 hours | First I did poor on Wii tennis. Not just poor, crap. Wii tennis is my favourite of the Wii sports games. It’s the one I play the most. For those that have played it I got to “Pro” rating with my Mii. Last night I was destroyed by everyone of the computer opponent’s I played, even the easiest ones. I lost my “Pro” rating and dont know if I’ll ever get my form back?
Also I think I broke the house alarm. I forgot to switch it off when I got in last night, this was due to me singing along to Nina Simone. That was until i started to hear the whoop whoop whoop of the alarm. I switched it off and thought nothing of it. Until I tried to sleep last night. With lights off and lying in my bed my walls started to illuminate bright blue as the house alarms light was silently flashing right outside my bedroom window. This was very annoying and kept me up for a while.
Also Ripped pantsmy pants are broke. This morning as I went to iron my work pants I noticed that the cuff at the bottom of the pants had come undone. This isnt my first pair of work pants with this problem, but my second. Which is a bit annoying. The way around this is to selotape my pants, but my work wardrobe is in dire need of an update. Its not just my pants, but my shirts are looking a little worn. But in ‘Man Years’ these clothes are practically new at about 4 years old. The last thing I wanted right now was to spend money, but unless I start getting a good deal on selotape of the next few months I think it may be time I invested in some new work pants. If only my clothes could manage to hold out a few more weeks I’d of been much more happier.
People have said that there is some ‘super web’ stuff I can get which is good at this stuff. But people, I’m not Spiderman. Where am I going to get web from?
And finally, I have the mother of all zits. Right on my nose. Its red. Its sore. Its big and I dont know if it will go away. People have noticed it. The man the lives oppostire me waved hello and I know I dont know this person. He could of only been talking to my zit. Arse!

*ps the jeans in that photo are not the pants in question, but are in fact a pair of my pants my friend ripped while we were out one night.



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  1. It is all some co incidence , sleep well and pray to God for a good day tomorrow.
    Lets hope it ends soon

  2. wooo look at your sexy leg!! 😉

    give the pants here and i’ll fix them. you’re being melodramatic… it’s all good today. not all bad and tomorrow is Friday

  3. Shadow – If I sleep now I dont think that will please my bosses.

    Pinkish – You want the pants? Here, catch! Hoike! 😉 haha
    Its not all good today. None of the above statements was I lying. Promise.

  4. Some days are just crap and sometimes it’s just easier to accept it and hope that the next day will be better. 🙂

  5. Well the second half of today has been ok. Seems like the ‘blip’ is over. Except I still have this zit on my nose Eeeeeeeeee

  6. is it the same zit from new year?

  7. No. That one went ages ago. That went before New Year. You were the one who had the New Year zit as I recal 😀 hehe

  8. I’ve lost my form in wii bowling. I’ve had 258 twice and now I can’t break 230. My best mate is one game away from getting his skill rating higher than mine. It makes me want to cry…

  9. Hi Mike,
    Im rubbish on Wii bowling. I can hardly make it past 150. I think my highest is 158. But to be fair Ive stuck far more hours in to Wii tennis.
    Maybe with my form low I should try out other sports?
    But Id much rather start eating up my points again and owning the court in tennis!

  10. theres a single player mode in wii sports?
    i’ve been too busy with Zelda to notice :O

  11. I hope you get new pants soon. Bummer.

  12. Kerri – Its not single player in such there is anything different. The only difference between the single player mode of Wii tennis and multiplayer mode is your playing against a computer.
    Although if you havent properly checked out Wii sports make sure you look in the training. There are loads of fun mini games in there. Golf target being my favourite. Cross between gold and monkey target.
    Ive not been in a Zelda mood of late, just completed Red Steel though. THink it might take a while to get back in to the swing of Zelda. Im just putting it off as I know Im near the end.

    Shelby I know, it was a bummer. Although I did find a pair of very nice pants that were cheap, look good and felt good. So I got two.

  13. Is your spot so big that you wonder how you can see around it so you can see where you are going?! 😀

  14. MY spot is so big I dont thing it will ever go away and I hope that the End of Time is just around the corner and about to eat is all.

    That seems a closer reality that this thing going away. 😉

  15. You can buy the wondaweb from Woolworths – or knitting shops – or sewing shops which is a bit ironic!!!
    Thanks for noticing the two 2s – you are the only one who did!

  16. Thank you kindly for the advice. I havent a clue were either of those shops are in my city so just went to the dry cleaners as them for help.
    They pointed me in the direction of the sewing shop two shops down. If Id of known it was this easy all along Id of bought wundaweb weeks ago when I first had pant problems.

    PS now you sound like a train with your “two 2’s” ;D haha

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