Bring back dinner ladies

Tuesday 09 January at 1551 | Posted in Life, Rants | 11 Comments

I really need to start making my own dinner (lunch for Southeners) to work.

The boy who likes to eat.

I am a boy who likes my dinner. Well I know what I want and what I want there isn’t a lot of options. During my dinner hour at work I always try to stick to little over £2 a day. Excluding Fridays when I go all out and buy a drink and crisp aswell as a big sandwich. So with my strict rules its hard to find lots of options.
But today I knew what I wanted. Chicken mayo with tomato on a soft roll. White. Easy. Sorted.
When I got to the bakers I seen what I wanted but that there wasn’t many sandwiches left. Well at least not in white. So I had to prepare a plan B. I saw my plan B and thought “There isn’t many people left I’m fine.”
What I don’t get is that, the baker’s obviously know that this period will be their busiest as everyone will be out to eat and grab some dinner. So they shouldn’t be so low. I do see them sometimes making more of the sandwiches behind the till as the shelves start to go empty. But today there was none of that. There was just people being served.
As it got to my turn I noticed that the one sandwich I wanted was not available. Damn! The plan b sandwiches had all gone. Nothing. I had a queue behind me and my top 2 sandwiches were gone. I hadn’t thought about a plan c so I had to use my back up choice. a small pizza and a basic sandwich – yes, still below £2. Infact I got change from this meal.

A few minutes later I was sat back at my desk. I went to took in to my pizza and it was cold and hard. I finished it off anyway and opened the sandwiches. I wasn’t lokoing forward to these sandwiches as I had had the same flavour this morning for breakfast. And having the same flavour twice in a day just isn’t good.
But as I bit in to the sandwich I forgot all about my worries. As the only thing on my mind was how nice the slightly stale and hard crusts tasted.
They werent stale as in “gone off.” But just as in “being left on teh shelf for half a day so gone a little harder.”

Not my favourite of dinners.

In a few weeks all my dinner habits will be out. I’ll have to get new ones in. I dont know where Ill be working and haven’t a clue on what’s near by. But what are the chances do you think of finding a medium choice of dinner meals in London for less, or very little over, two pounds?



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  1. no chance at all honey bunny. none at all

  2. Then it appears you will be making me sandwiches each morning. 😉

  3. or you can just have low fat soup like me

  4. Originally posted by Blue Soup
    blue soup Says:

    January 9th, 2007 at 1707 e

    If you are near a Benjy’s or a Greggs the chances are quite good. I have recently ditched Benjy’s (despite its points card) to get my sarnies from the little cafe just along the road from my office because the man in there is really nice to me and it’s only £1.50 for quite a yummy and filling sandwich.

    (Soupy I had a problem with this entry being posted three times. Ive had to add yours on to the one with the most comments in.)

  5. Well Soupy I do eat at Greggs at the moment. I tried Benjys but it was too far out of the way and not worth the trouble for their selection.
    But if there was one nearer then I probably would try it.
    Althoguh I do prefer to try adn find the little cafes like you found

    There is one place in Liverpool that does the greatest sandwiches ever. If you ever go to Liverpool for any reason let me know and Ill give you the address for this sandwich shop. Its,…just Heaven.

  6. Slim to poor, I’d say.

    But you could always make your own sandwiches?

  7. I dont like those odds datey. Not one bit.

    I could make my own sandwiches, but things will only be bad. Firstly I only get up with enough time to shower/wash, iron and dress before going to catch the bus. I dotn think I could manage to get up any earlier. The arguemtn then would be to make sandwiches the night before, but I think the bread would just get soggy and they would taste horrible the next day.
    Also I keep trying to remember to bring in some crisp from mine in to work each day and forget.
    So not only will I get up to late, Ill forget about making them and go hungry.
    Do you make sandwiches for your own dinner (lunch to you Southeners)? Or do you eat out?

  8. I think you should have a drip fitted. Problem solved!

    Where are your photos Mr?

  9. I could have a drip fitted. But wont that make an even bigger bulge in my pants. Bigger then the phon?

    Well the photos, theyre in discussion. Id post the ones of me, but that would mean only one photo. Which isnt much really Thats what happens when you are behing the camera. 😀

  10. Boy – Guess my computer was playin gup? That or my crazy stalker has destroyed my account!

  11. No no, it was entirely my fault. I clicked upload on worpdress then banged the publish button a few times and got this entry duplicated a few times.
    I had to move your comment in to one of the other entries that already had muliple comments in.

    No stalkers here. At least none of yours.

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