It always comes down to the bed

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I smell of fish, my pants arent ironed properly, I can’t get a reception on my radio/alarm anymore and I don’t know whether the egg or chicken cames first but these are the least of my worries. What will I do with my bed?

The boy who liked it easy.

 After buying some rather nice new pants the other day and being shown some very funky new shoes as a birthday present from the missus I decided that it was time to get a few shirts to go with my growing new wardrobe. Plus it would be nice to go to some interviews when Im job hunting in London with clothes that are less then 4 years old.
So I picked up two cheap striped shirts from half a dozen of good looking ones, paid for them and got them home. When I was home I decided to try on my new outfit. Not just the shirt, but the whole pants and shoes too outfit. The first one looked good – but it suggested that I get a tank top for fashion reasons, and the second one look just as nice. The second shirt is all white with thing grey/black stripes running down it. And it comes with a white tie. It also come with, that I noticed when I opened the packaging a rather fishy pong. I wasnt too sure if it was just my mind playing tricks so I asked a few people and they agreed it did smell a bit fishy.
I decided to wash it and after pulling it out of the machine the smell was still there. Not as much, but still there. So Ive decided to, instead of just washing till the smell goes, to wear in the shirt, get some day to day smells on it see if I can knock off some fo the fishier smells and hopefully everything will be fine.
Except I have to have a slight fish smell about me today. For the whole day. While at work. This should be comfortable.

RadioI’ve also noticed lately that my radio/alarm reception is crap. I used to not have any problems. I hate listening to commercial stations as I can’t stand radio adverts. I don’t know I just find them very annoying. But not as annoying as Chris Moyles voice, but I still do find him a annoying just not as much as radio adverts. So I stick on radio 1 to wake me up of a morning. Up until a few weeks ago the reception was fine. Now every night I’m fiddling with the ariel and reception to get it perfect but when it goes off in the morning the damn reception is all crap and fussy. Its very annoying. I don’t know what to do? Radio2 just confuses me. Have you ever listened to Wobbly Wogan. He is insane. Fact. I hate my actual alarm noise so I prefer to wake up to the radio. Buying a new alarm may be too much as I’m moving to a new area soon so will have a whole different reception. Should I just wake up to static of a morning? Can anyone recommend a good English radio station in Leeds? Does wrapping the wire around a coat hanger really work?

These are the least of my worries though. After spending months sleeping on a hammock when I first moved in to my current house, saving up for a new bed and now moving only 6 months after having it, I’m stuck. I was hoping that the new housemate would need a bed and buy it. Simple. But no, she has her own bed. Arse. Which means that I ever have to have it picked up and stored at a relatives until I find my own place down in London and have it send down there once I move in. But this all depends on if my new place has a bed or not. If it does then I need to get rid of a bed that is hundreds of miles away. Or should I simple make a huge cut in the offer for the bed, stick it on ebay for someone to pick up and hope that the new place has bed. Failing that go more out of pocket and buy a brand new bed. My second one in less then 12 months.
Also just to note. My currect bed isnt cheap either. I had already offered it to the new house mate with £100 knocked off. Now Ill have to take a bigger loss on this if I decide to sell.

At least some of my worries are resolved. The egg came first. Apparently. I thought as much.



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  1. hehehe you’re a funny sausage!

    i say keep the bed until you know what’s going on in London, then you can’t regret selling it. your mum said that someone had space for it and she will be picking up your TV anyway…

  2. Im not that funny. 😛

    Well the thing is is that I have to find out someway of being able to move it over a hundred miles to my mum. Then hudreds of miles from my mums to my new place. And all that wont be cheap, even if I can find a friend of relative with a van to help it still wont be cheap. May coast as much as buying a decent new bed. Dilema 😦

  3. If it is any consolation I have to lose my beloved mattress when I leave my current place. When we moved here I didn’t like the mattress on the bed… The bed at my old flat (we had both flats for an overlapping week as trying to move when in full time employment and working 80 miles from where you live is a total mission, especially when only I can drive so there is only my car to move all mine adn my sister’s crap in, so we needed a few evenings to do it in) was mine and I had stumped up some cash for a lovely firm mattress.

    So, I somehow roped a mate and his dad in to swap the mattress from my old bed over with the one at the new flat one day when iwas at work. This meant that I would have to leave my mattress behind when I move to London, but Ah well… I’ll get another. It’s only money after all…

  4. Your point about it “only being money” is right.
    But it was a very nice and new bed.

    The general feeling I have is that its going to have to be sold on ebay.
    Ive not spoke with my mum to see if she know anyone who can pick it up. Even if she could get it to somewhere while Im room searching, I dont know how to get a double bed and mattress 200 and odd miles down to London?

    Any idea how much it costs to move a bed?


  6. Do you have any mates who would drive a van if you paid for hire?

    Then it would just be the cost of van rental.

    If you do sell it… make sure you say “goodbye” to it properly 😛

  7. Ha found you! I’m having the same problem with my whole room, spent too much redecorating it when I moved back in so I’ll find it hard when I move again. Hope no one noticed the fishy smell!

  8. haha, so you have. 🙂
    Well my room got to the point where I was starting to decorate it then I started to think about moving again so all decorating was put on hold. So my room is just a bed and some shelves. thats it.

    I dont think anyone noticed the fishy smell. Pfew. My manly odour may of overpowered it :p peehewwww

  9. eee maybe thats it! try to pm me now, i think i’ve fixed it! 😀

  10. Well ive sent one to you. If it worked you probably already know that ive sent you a message. 😀 haha

  11. Any luck with the bed?

  12. Well my mum has offered to pick it up for me. This will mean it it will be stored at a relatives until I get my own place and find out if it is furnished and either a) have it shipped down to London somehow!?! or sold by my mum to anyone wanting to pick it up.
    Nut at least I can get it out of my current house which is the main thing.

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