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Thursday 11 January at 1706 | Posted in Personal | 10 Comments

Having been tagged by Soupy, 5 facts you did not know about me.

 1) I’m not that interesting. I have had to fill up 1 interesting fact on my list to tell you this.

2) I have a third nipple. It does not give me superpowers, make me more comical or give me milk.

3) I have walked across England. It took a few days and was fun.

4) I still have a teddy bear that I was given at my birth. I keep it with me where ever I live.

5) I dont like chips or gravy. I can’t stand them. I’ve enver liked gravy and there was an incident with over vinegared chips on afternoon. Oh, I also hate vinegar for this reason.

 The first 5 people to read this who havent wrote up a list are tagged.

Good luck



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  1. Well i think your third nipple is very funky and interesting baby

  2. Thank you 😉

  3. You sound interesting! Did you walk across England for any special reason? 🙂

  4. Nope. It was just a holiday. Walked 200 miles with my dad and his friend over 12 days. Was very enjoyable. Apart from all the major injuries happened to me 😀 haha typical

  5. i really want to walk across the country, or at least a very long distance. that’d be so fun!

  6. You should try it. There are loads of routes that you can do. And it doesnt cost much as you can stay in Youth Hostels, which are cheap. Lots of people do it alone aswell. We met lots of random people when walking across the coutry who were doing the saem thing but alone.

    You just have to try and get someone to drop you off and pick you up.

    Have a look here for some popular walks with lots of guidance and help to get you started.

  7. You and I have your fourth point in common.

  8. We do?

    Whats your teddy called? Mine is named Hector. I dont know why, it wasn’t choice – I could barely manage a “burbeh” at that age 😀 haha But I think I like that name though.

  9. Mine is called ‘Yellowy’. Guess why?


    I never used to make noises. Apparently.

  10. I dont know if I actually made noises come to think of it. If I did it would of been more of a wailing Banshee like scream then cute gurggles.

    What was Yellowy?

    My Hector is a dog, that is dressed in some dungarees and checkered shirt and stood on two feet instead of four

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