Damn it man. I’m hungry can’t you see?

Thursday 11 January at 1058 | Posted in Life, Personal, Rants, Sandwiches | 16 Comments

Well I’ve sacrificed breakfast. This could be the stupidest move I’ve made all week.

The boy who hates missing a meal.

InThe quest for the best sandwich my search of the Holy Grail, here on after referred to a decent sandwich shop for dinner, I’ve been tipped off. I was infact tipped off prior to Christmas about two “good sanwich” shops in town. But due to Christmas shopping I avoided town like the plague.  But now it’s all quitened down I’ve tried them out.
Now I know you may be thinking “Boy, why do you still continue your search despite being there for only a few weeks?”
Well I’m a bit stubborn when it comes to stuff like this.
So the sandwich shop I went to yesterday. Its on the far side of town. But they have a large selection of average, but still tasty, sandwiches at a very good price. £.175. And they have fruit for an extra 30p. Which isn’t too far over my £2 limit.
But the second sandwich shop I was tipped off about is a little fancier. They are the kind of shop that offer different varities of bread, cheese and range of different hams. In other words they are expensive. So expensive that I could get two sandwiches from the first shop for the same cost of a sandwich at this place.
In order to to go over my daily budget I’ve decided to skip breakfast and use the extra money to fund my dinner sandwich.
But now I’m really really hungry. And tired. I don’t know if the two are linked, but I could easily of got rid of one of these problems had I had my morning meal.

I’ve been thinking of an equation to work out if a sandwich shop is in fact worth its trouble. It goes a little like this:

X=     DxE      

X is how good the shop is
D is distance from work
E is ease of getting to shop(taking in to account weather and public)
N is how nice the sandwich is
V is the variety os sandwiches available
and C is the cost of the sandwich

So there we have it. A simple equation for all to use.

And I’ll let you know which of the two sandwich shops has The X Factor after my dinner today.

I just hope that this second sandwich shop is tasty enough to make up for me missing my breakfast.

PS If you are ever visiting Liverpool I highly recomment Bagels Ltd sandwich store. A “New York style deli.” Best range of sandwiches, very very filling – these sandwiches are the height of your palm and bigger and cheap. Very very cheap. Its on Lord Street and a few minutes walk from the Albert Dock. Try the 5th Avenue Traffic Jam. Its the greatest sandwich I have ever tasted.
If you feel up to the task they have a New York Skyscraper which has three layers. Only for “Real Men” that one. I never tred it.

If you forget these details just email me next time you go Liverpool asking about “That Sandwich Shop” and I’ll let you know.



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  1. Boy – you have been tagged. Go here…

  2. £.175?


    hahah, I’m a loser.

    I am off to Liverpool on Thursday actually to interview a client!

    You should never miss breakfast… tut tut

  3. that’s a very sexy equation

  4. Soup, just as it is you Ill not change that typo and leav up there for all to see 😉
    You are going to Liverpool? To the city centre? Do you know where the interview is? If you get the chance to go for dinner I think you should definitely head there. Just ask someone how close the courts are and your only 30 seconds away from that shop. Take my word for it, youll want to take days off work just to visit that sandwich place. 5th avenue traffic jam. Best think to stick on sliced bread.

    A sexy equation Pinky?

  5. yep. sexy

  6. Are you feeling ok? 😀 haha “Sexy equations” Weird!

    PS when I mocve down to yours we have to always make sure the ingredients for 5th avenue traffic jam are always in your fridge. Im droling about that sandwich now. Also Im considering forgetting about going home on Sunday afternoon and spending my birthday in Liverpool just so I can try this sandwich again.
    They also do healthier stuff like salads and jacket potatos.

  7. ohhhhh nononono that’s not fair at all. Just like it’s not fair us going to the pub and you being able to have a big pub lunch and me having to have a salad.


    not fair

  8. So the new rule is I have to eat the same as what you eat or feel guilty? :p

  9. that sounds about right, yes 😉

  10. That sounds “not fair” :p ner ner

  11. I’m gonna try that sandwich shop, it sounds really good! 😀 Hate maths, but I do love that equation, so you’re forgiven! x

  12. Mon you should try it. If you stand at near the statue where the courts are and face towards town there is a somerfield (or sainsburys) on the left hand side of the road. Its about 2 or 3 doors down from there.
    Youll be amazed at how nice the sandwiches are there!

  13. Thanks for the directions, should be easy to find cos I used to work around there. I can see a treat coming on monday after my exam! 🙂

  14. all this talk about sandwichs is making me hungry….i’m gunna go make one

  15. damn i mean wtf im hungry..if you hungry you can eat dis pu$$y str8t ^…i

  16. damn i mean wtf im hungry..if you hungry you can eat dis pu$$y str8t ^…i

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