It’s a new dressed me.

Tuesday 16 January at 0837 | Posted in Birthday, Life, Personal, Rants | 20 Comments

Due to a pair of pants un-hemming, I have bought a whole new work wardrobe. But there is one item missing.

The boy who likes to dress.

Due to curcumstances I posted a few weeks ago with having my pants hem come undone I went out and bought some new pants. Then I thought that the new pants didn’t go with any of my old shirts and that my old shirts were starting to show their age. So I bought some new shirts. “New pants, new shirts, lets go for a new look” I thought. So I decided to buy some tank tops. And it all looks good.
I could of been anything that I wanted to be.Yesterday I was in the same store I bought my new pants from and saw some other pants. Very nice, but with medium sized pinstripes. So this morning I look like I’ve just stepped out of a scene with Bugsy Malone. “Charlie, it’s a double cross.”
So all seems good. But it’s not.
The missing item is, …. my shoes. Currently I’m wearing some rather nice brown shoes. I much prefer brown over black. I’d prefer white over brown except they a) cost much much more then regular shoes; and b) the missus would cut my feet off.
I do however have a second pair of shoes. These are really cool shoes. Possibly the nicest pair of shoes I’ve ever owned.Has the date of the Big Bang changed? They look smart, funky and they are very long and pointy. So long and pointy that thet can cut through time and space. Infact, I may warn scientists they might need to double check that I haven’t booted the creation of Time And Space back by a few hundred years. That could be a bit embarrassing if I had. Just strolling along and hoofing the Big Bang a few hundred years back. Whoops.
But despite these shoes being super funky and time splitting they are also a Birthday Present. They lie under my bed, 1 foot under me each night, until the day comes where I turn 25. Which is in 25 days – February 12th, depending on what days you want to exclude. So until then I have to stick with just my regular good looking nice brown shoes.

At least scientists and God won’t be worried about Time And Space gaining a few years all of a sudden.



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  1. you will be in big trouble if you wear those shoes…i’ll be checking the bottoms for scuff marks!

    but i’m very glad you like them so much 🙂

  2. What happens if I scuff them on The Birth Of Time And Space while trying them on in the house? You dont mind if there are some space dust or scrathces from comets on the bottom do you?

    I do like them very much.

  3. hang on! you think i’m weird for talking about Jesus and the Egyptians when you talk about The Birth of Time and Space?

    pot, kettle and black my dearest

  4. Wel when I talk about it, it is FACT. Therefor cannot be weird.

  5. I’m with Pinky on this one. This most recent post has confirmed my suspicions that you are as mad as a march hare.

    And you’ve got tank tops?! I have never seen a man wear one and not look stupid so I have to see this!!

  6. actually Soupy….he looks pretty hot in his tank tops….but i’m biased i guess

  7. Soupy, are you sure your observation isn’t that similar to one of a blind person pointing out a blind person?
    What is a march hare exactly? Is it posh for “hatter”?

    well tank tops. They do look good. I think they look good as no one else in the whole of my office on any floor, or anyone I have seen out, wears one.
    But I like it so I think Im going to invest in more tank tops. Go for the whole rainbow collection. Maybe buy a rainbow coloured tank top for dress down Fridays 🙂

    But the missus has seen me in a new work wardrobe with tank top, but like she says, she may be a bit biased.

    Ill post a picture some time this evening when I am back from bowling and you can let me know what you think. Im sure I can make you change your mind 😉 haha

    Pinkie, flattery will get you everywhere 😉 yesssssssss

  8. really? i must do it more often then

  9. aww come on man, don’t wear wife beaters

    ps- did you get the mii i sent you?

  10. The March Hare is a guest at the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party in Alice in Wonderland! The saying means that you are loopy 🙂

  11. Pinky – You do it enough, but I wouldnt comaplin if you did it more 🙂

    Kerri, close, but not quite. I wear the tank top jumper variety. Not the undergarmet. But I like where you were going with there. I was saying somewhere it would be nice to get a second nunchuck as they are in stock now everywhere, so I can go a few rounds with the missus on boxing haha

    Well soupy Ive never heard that saying. Ive always thought the saying was “mad as a hatter,” not “ a march hare.”
    ps I secretly love the cartoon of Alice in Wonderland. I made all my friends watch it in mine a few years back. That didnt win me any fans haha

  12. Also Kerri, Ive not had chance to check my Mii’s lately so would have to say, as of now no.
    Since completing Zelda at robbing the missus Animal Crossing at the weekend I dont think Ive switched the Wii on since Saturday. But Ill have a look tonight.

    Also, do you have Animal Crossing?

  13. Boy – both sayings are quite well known. Perhaps it is a southern thing? You will have to learn our strange version of the language!

    And I love Alicein Wonderland too!!I have it on DVD!! And I always wondered why a raven is like a writing desk, so I once wrote a blog on it on my old blog. I might dig it out and repost it on Blue soup.

  14. I think you should recycle your entries. Otherwise Ill never get to see them 🙂
    Im dreading having to start talking Southernish. The missus father already has problems with my accent, and that not taking in to account vocabulary.
    Lunch instead of dinner
    dinner instead of tea.
    And you dont have barms. Damn it!

  15. and pants are underwear not trousers….

  16. they arent. Pants are short for pantaloons and mean trousers aswell. Crazy southenersish
    What else cant I say anymore?

  17. underPANTS


    not trousers…..who in the world says ‘pantaloons’ any more?!

  18. Your right. no one uses pantaloons anymore….because the say pants!

  19. I did have animal crossing but I geeked out and traded it in for new super mario brothers. I definitely want to get the Wii version though, I kind of miss it in a way 😦

  20. Damn you Kerri and your trading. You should never trade a game. Ever. Unless of course you decide that you will never play on that console of course.

    But Im looking forward to Animal Crossing on the Wii also. Will be lots of fun.

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