Who’d of thought it would taste like this?

Wednesday 17 January at 1523 | Posted in Life, Personal, Sandwiches | 24 Comments

There are alot of things in this World that I do not like. Some of those things I haven’t even tried.

The boy who likes change.

I hate marmiteWhat is it about certain products, items, people that without evening knowing them, tasting or seeing them you’ll know you won’t like?
For instance I’ve always thought that I would not like Marmite, Dr Pepper or Philadelphia. I’ve never tried these products, but I know that I wouldn’t want to try them as I know I wouldn’t like them.

After finding out the website for my old favourite sandwich shop, I went in to my current favourite bagel shop and asked for an old favourite bagel. This wasn’t on the new shops menu but they were happy to make this bagel for me. For those interested it goes mayo, soft cheese, turkeyย and salad. As much or as little of each as you want.
So after trying this old favourite in the new place I thought that this was a very tasty sandwich and on a recent visit to the supermarket for my Big Shop I picked up bagels and ingredients for this bagel sandwich.
Except I didnt know what cream cheese was. I looked on google and “cream cheese” brought up Philadelphia and some other spreadable cheeses. But I wasn’t sure about this as I had always hated Philadelphia and my bagel sandwich was nice.
I thought maybe cream cheese was cottage cheese. Cream and cottage both start with C. Therefor that must be right.
So on my shop I bought both, just to be safe. When I got home I made a bagel with half and half of Philadelphia and cottage cheese and you know what? I really like Philadelphia. After all this time. And not only do I like it, I really really enjoy it’s taste.
So this morning, after much making of bagels, including being able to avoid getting tomato, mayo or soft cheese on my white shirt/tie, I had two very tasty bagels for breakfast this morning.

Who’d of thought?

I’m still not trying marmite or Dr Pepper though. No way!

ย So what do you hate without giving a chance to?

What is your favourite sandwich filling?



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  1. Oh come on chicken! Try both of them! They are just great!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I hate spiders. I am not going to try eating them ๐Ÿ˜›

    But foodwise, I won’t try cottage cheese as it looks like it has the same texture as vomit. I also won’t eat snails. Or a lot of sea animals (the shell fish look weird and the normal swimmy fish are just plain scary)

    And THE best sandwich filling in the world is mature cheddar and marmite… or perhaps egg and bacon…. or perhaps Philidelphia and tomato… or perhaps good old cheese and pickle… and I am rather partial to an Italian BMT at subway…. oh hum la la la this is too hard.

  2. I dont know. It took me almost 25 years to try philadelphia. Maybe Ill try marmite at 50. But Im not promising Ill like it.

    You should try them, theyre nice!

    Yeah, I didnt like the look of cottage cheese when I opened it. It went straight in teh bin. I already own 3 different types of cheese in the fridge. Didnt want a 4th.

    Thats alot of sandwiches. I see you go for a very minimal look with your sandwiches. Cheese and pickle I like. But I always have pickled onion and not pickle sauce or stuff or whatever it is called.
    I Was going to mention a very tasty sandwich filling then, but arent you in Liverpool tomorrow? Try Bagels ltd. Near the courts. Go for the traffic jam. Best sandwich ever.

  3. oysters and muscles….they look like lady bits…so i’m not going to eat them, no way

  4. Marmite and dr. pepper are super sweet, your really missing out man.

    I love a bit of cream cheese on toasted cinnamon and raisin bagels. Yumyum!

  5. I’ve always tried everything I’ve been offered – oysters, sea snails (cold – not recommended, hot, in garlic – nice), brain, offal, you name it… My theory is never to write something off until you’ve tried it. But obviously no obligation to test it more than once if it’s gross.

    Favourite sandwich filling… turkey, chilli and avocado. YUMN

  6. Ididn’t go to liverpool. I begged my boss to let me out of it. And he did.

  7. Pinky – Im not going to comment on eating things like lady bits. Safest option, especailly before dinner.

    Kerri – I cant try those two. I dont know why. Dr Pepper, who names a drink after a person? Weird!
    See cinnamon and rasin I have tried and know I dont like

    Dater of London Did you ahve to crack open the sea snails shells? I get scared when eating close to the bone on chicken legs, dont know about cracking stuff open.
    Turkey is quite good on bread. Just dont do what I did an dover do turkey dutties during the festive season. ๐Ÿ˜€ haha

    Soupy, damn you. You would of had a good time. And gotten away from work. More importantly you would of got to try what I claim to be the nicest sandwich shop in the whole of the World. bar none. Howabouththat!

  8. i was only answering your question!
    i don’t think i could do the swallowing oysters whole thing

  9. Dont get me wrong Pinky. I was just sayin, in not as many words. I have no problem with eating things like lady bits **wink** **wink**

  10. Boy – Well, I am not sure what to say to that…

  11. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Well you should be ashamed of yourself Soupy. Here is your boss giving you the chance to go to Liverpool, JUST SO you can taste my favourite sandwich, no other reason, and you turn it down. tut tut. :p haha

  13. philaelphia I thought I’d hate and I love it. Marmite I thought I wouldl ike and I hate it. Dr Pepper is nice if you like cherry coke. it taste kinda like the ‘cherry’ part of cherry coke.

    as to other foods, I’ll try anything once. I ate snails from the garden last year (they were tasteles but the sauce was yummy) but I did turn my nose up at the extra ingredients in the jakarta specilaity known as ‘goat’s leg soup’. the added ignredients (you pay extra for these) include tongue, lung and penis. I just had the soup plain.

  14. See, I dont like cherry coke. And I know I dont like cherry coke, I thought Id hate philadelphia, but I really like it. So I might stick with your opinion on marmite.

    garden snails? Can you eat them? I know you can eat snails of course, but I didnt know they were from your garden. I thoguht they were some special farm bread snails. Somewhere some farmer is just breeding snails.

    I can see why you would just stick to the plain. ๐Ÿ˜€

  15. well if you don’t like cherry coke, you won’t go a bundle on Dr Pepper. Yes the garden snails happily munching through your prize rhododenron are in fact edible. IN fact, the reason we have them in this country at all is because the Romans introducde them to Britain as a food animal.
    We ate them out of revenge for eating every leaf on our strawberry plants, all leaves bar one on the gooseberry plant and didn’t leave much on the tomato plant. We picked a dozen of the largest ones, put them on a two week detox (and de-grit) diet and then put them in the fridge (to hibernate, so as to make mroe bearable the next step) and the boiled them. Stuffed them with a garlicky sauce, baked them in the oven and ate them. They were um… edible.

  16. I’m with you on the Marmite, but I have tried it. It is foul, foul stuff. DON’T EVER TRY IT! I am not the same person that I was pre-marmite.

    Also, my fav sandwich is avocado, bacon and brie. YUMMMMM!

  17. anotherblogger, you do know alot about snails.
    How did you put them on a two week diet and degritting? DO you use any special soil or plastic box for that?

    venting, ok. Im trusting your judgement here. From no on, when someone asks why I wont try it, Ill say you said so.
    Two people have mentioned avocado. Not too sure about having fruit on a sandiwch though.
    Saying that, i bet apple and grapes will be nice with philadelphia on bread. hmmmmm

  18. yeah, but an avocado is like a tomato, a fruit that’s really a vegetable.

  19. hey again
    my girlfriend bought me animal crossing for ds today, how sweet is that!
    do you have online support so I can visit your little town? hehe

  20. Venting, I remember once having some avocado. It was a long time ago now. I might pick one up in the near future and try different fruit with my sandwich/bagel and soft cheese.

    Kerri, that is sweet. Ill Wii you my FC code pronto!

  21. Snails you don’t crack open – you pry out the snail from the shell. Haven’t you seen Pretty Woman? If not, you are officially deprived and make sure you do so!

  22. My mum made me watch Pretty Woman when I was a kid.
    But, I dont think I could suck a snail out of a shell. ๐Ÿ˜› bleeeurrgh
    How else do you pry them open?

  23. The snails were kept in a very large galss vase adn fed lettuce and soy flour (they sucked it off the glass) I got rather attached to my snails. They are very cute.
    I cleaned out their vase every day and once there was no more brown poo (only green and beige) then I knew they were all clean (well, some might just have been constipated)

    When they cook, they shrink in their shells. We got them out of their shells with toothpicks. They don’t look very snailly, but they do retain that spiral shaape from their shells.

  24. This is far too much information about snails.

    They stay spirally out of their shells? Weird!

    Good to see that they had lost all their brown poo though. Yuk

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