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Thursday 18 January at 1136 | Posted in Humour, Life, Personal, Rants | 14 Comments

Well here are some little tidbits.

The boy who likes to keep it real.

So I’m off tea. Not completely, just for a while. I think tea may be staining my teeth. Not lots, but enough for me to notice in the mirror. Despite my brushing twice a day, using mouth wash and flossing, Ive noticed that there are a few stains that dont seem to want to go away and I have been drinking ALOT of tea lately, so I think it is that. Ill end up brushing my teeth off if I continue brushing like I do.
So my 41 odd cups off tea are now on hold, indefinitely.
Ok, it might not be 41, but the number is in double figures per day. Im back on water and juice. And just one cup of tea to go with my breakfast.

The one thing that has annoyed me this week is one of the chaps on the help desk. This help desk phone up my office with IT problems. I get someone to fix them. But this morning the one guy who is on the rota to call up my office with faults is the happiest person. In. The. World. … Ever!
Why does he have to be so chirpy at 8am when he wants to let me know that there is work for me to do. I wish there was a dial on the phone where I could tone down the callers chirpiness.

Also there is a trailer out for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, that I have been shown. Go see it here. I was disappointed when I first heard that the movie was not live action. But it still looks cool. Do you think I might look a tad old queing up for this when it is out in the cinema. I might just wait for the DVD.
Either way I cant wait to see what the TMNT game plays like on the Wii. The graphics look good, so I am following this. What is it about games? Im allowed to go in to a game store and buy TMNT without worrying about any funny looks. But if I want to go see this “cartoon” in the cinema people will think I’m a bit strange?

Next, big shout out to Jennesis for this next one.
There isnt much that would make me go the gym. Not that I am unhealthy, but Id rather have a run in a park or go walking a few miles then pay a monthly fee to join an over crowded gym.
But Jennesis has pointed out a great gym that I want to join. What is so good about this gym? Its a gym combined with KARAOKE! Where do I sign up?
Singing out my favourite Vanilla Ice or Run DMC song while jogging on a treadmill sounds the best idea since sliced bread.

Also if you wish to kill some time, go visit this M&M site.
Create your own M&M charcater, with hats, shades and other stuff. Then put them in a photo of your chocie, film or even your own game.
This is what I made, enjoy
My M&M photo

Finally. My next blogging entry will be about tank tops, which if you are up to date is my new look. I’ll be posting a photo or two and will keep the post password protected. Ill try and email everyone on my blogroll with the password, but if you dont get the email just leave a comment.
Or if you arent on my blogroll and wondering what is behing a password protected blog, then leave a comment with a really really dead good ace reason why I should give you the password. Good luck 😀



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  1. that’s a good idea about the tea….all the sugar in it wouldn’t have been good for your teeth either and water is better they say


  2. Thats a nice tank top song.

  3. thanks! 😀 it is rather catchy

  4. and i always thought it was ‘tit bits’

  5. Thought what was tit bits?

  6. tit bits NOT tidbits

  7. I completely agree with you about evil over crowded gyms! Not gonna renew my membership when it runs out nuh uh.

  8. Pinky, Im not sure if tht is just a Southener thing, or your very rude mind that thought it was tit bits 😉

    When does it run out Mon?
    The only gym membership I ever had was a free one when I was in 6th form

  9. Tea also has loads of caffeine in it – more than coffee. That said, I get people to send me PJ Tips tea because I can’t get it in Canada and because it’s my fav.

  10. It is nice PG Tips.
    Although Im having to drink Twinnings, so I hope no one things Im posh after drinking this stuff.

    But since I started my new “no tea diet” Ive had no more then 2 cups of tea per day. Which is good.

    Althoguh I blame the work cleaners for my increase in tea drinking. They keep binning my plastic bottle I use for water so never have anything to drink water from.

  11. Maybe you should put your water bottle in your desk when you leave.. ?

  12. Why have you gone to password protect?

  13. Hi Shelby. It was only for one entry that I have put the password on. You should of been included in the email that was sent round (it was sent by the missus and not myself)
    The email was sent to the address you ahve registered with wordpress. If you didnt get it let me know, or if you want it sent to another email address just let me know and Ill post you the password again.

  14. Thing is… I donno whether the gym is combined karaoke for a fact.

    It might not even be a gym, persay…

    U know wat i mean, karaoke and whatever ‘gym’ these people may be doing…

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