The trip; wasting time; lovely woman and new fashion

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On the journey home from London yesteday I was annoyed at the fat person sat next to me. I dont mean slightly overweight, I mean unhealthly obese. Dont get me wrong I don’t mind people being fat. Thats their choice, except when they decide to take up my personal space in an already tight spot on public transport.
I hate that I was stuck between a rock; her, and a hard place. This being the window seat. Why oh why do train/bus companies decided to not make the arm rest closest to the window in a permenant position. Why dont they allow us, the customers, to chose if we want to haveΒ the arm restΒ up, or down and sticking in to our ribs/preventing us from sitting comfy.
I hated that some guy decided to use the toilets and make them smell like last years V fesival toilets. V festival toilets at the time when the loo people are emptying them.
But I decided that I couldn’t be bothered writing about the above.

The boy who changed his mind.

Cycling on a good dayI’m glad that my fortnightly coach travel from home to London is about to end. I only have one more return ticket left. Then I no longer have to deal with 5 hour travelling, in the cold and being uncomfrtable.
Instead I get to swap that with daily commuting, which by reading some blogs is quite a pain.
I’m thinking that when I get a place in London I might take up doing the one thing that I dislike on the roads. Become a cyclist. I may start to hate myself.

Although to take my mind off things, I have learnt that there is a new male fashion trend coming out that I may try. Mans leggings. Maybe this can be something that I can use instead of my new tank top idea. Maybe in Milan Fog Gray. Can’t believe that is an actual colour. What do you say?

Also I think all women should be like this woman. If I gave out Hero of the Year awards she would get it straight away. Inducing a pregnancy so the partner can watch a major sporting event involving his team. That’s love!

Also go read some science myth busting while you are bored. Although I’m not too please about teh “5 second rule” busting. All those bits of food I’ve ate off the floor. Yikes!

Also thanks to the genius that is google reader, not only will I never miss a blog entry but all you guys can read stuff that I am currently finding of interest. See the “What I am reading” widget on the side.
For those without Google reader I recommend checking it out through the Google Labs, or clicking that link. Adding it to your Google Homepage makes life so much easier keeping in touch with friends.
Those without Google Homepage. Go. Get it. Now! Best homepage site ever created. As it is created by you for you. What else do you need?



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  1. if you ever wear leggings like that, i will NOT be seen out with you

  2. Come on! Give them a chance. I wish youd give things a try first before making up your mind. They look good. Especially on that model and wearing no socks.

  3. no. this is one thing i won’t even consider, sorry.

  4. Leggings – just say no! Do you mean like long johns or those silly things girls have been wearing lately? You’ll look like a male ballerina haha πŸ˜›

  5. boy!.. how did you get that ‘what am i reading’ thing on there?

  6. Mon If you follow the link youll see exactly what I mean. Just. Be. Prepared.

    Pinkish, Ill email you how to get up that thing there.

  7. but i want to know too

  8. pinky – go to “add stuff” and search out google reader… πŸ™‚ I’m faffing around trying to get it sorted too – it’s the same as bloglines by the looks of things πŸ™‚

  9. boy – if you become a cyclist and don’t start hating yourself dont worry, the rest of London will be hating you more than enough πŸ˜› Don’t. Do. It!!! You are such a nice guy. It would be such a waste!

  10. “On the journey home from London yesteday I was annoyed at the fat person sat next to me.”

    At least there was space for you to sit. I had to stand in the train beside a fat and rude lady.

  11. For the benefit of others

    So go to google reader
    – Click on “Shared Items”
    – There will be a very long link saying “here is your Shared Page….”
    After it will be a little RSS feed icon and link.
    – Click that RSS icon and link A new window will appear. Copy the address

    Now have a new page open with your wordpress dashboard.
    – Click presentation
    – The click sidebar widgets
    – Then scroll to the bottom of the page and youll see a “widget”
    RSS 1. Drag that on to your “side bar”
    – Click the little blue box next to RSS 1 and paste the address from above.
    – Click the little X button on the RSS 1 Widget box
    – Click save.

    Now when you go in to your google reader on all items or by click on a individual blog name to bring up their entries, at the bottom of each entry are some options, including “Share”
    Click share and it will go to your own page.
    The wordpress rss widget automatically updates itself.
    *if you have already used up rss 1 youll need to scroll to the very bottom of this page ad increase the number of rss widgets you have by 1.

    Any help?

    Goat, Ill take your advice on the cyclist thing

    MJ, I feel for you.

  12. Thanks

  13. Haha. Wonderful. I’ve experienced one too many times being too close for comfort. I saw that pregnancy thing on the news, I think-except I wasn’t paying much attention. And what you commented on my blog is abosutely true; new opportunities are always just around the corner. I know that I am much happier here in Vegas than I would have been back home with that job at the newspaper.

  14. It happened again yesterday.
    Im thinking that maybe we should all walk around in spheres if people arent going to paying much attention to “personal space.”
    You watched the pregnancy on TV? Really? What kind of shows do they have on over there? πŸ˜€ haha (I know what you mean.)
    Like I said, if you keep on doing what your best at youll get the opportunity soon enough.

  15. Honestly, you have no idea how hard it was for me to put that in the blog – I thought it was important at the time but now, I regret it. πŸ™‚ I know this isn’t much better but it was my mom’s at one point and how I ended up with it in Las Vegas, I’m not sure. But I was in a what-the-heck kind of mood yesterday so I thought, “why not?”.
    I’m all for walking around in a sphere. That way I would never have to worry about some stranger breathing down my neck…ew

  16. Well its good to see you are taking the first step towards realising the mistake you done by making all now you have that CD πŸ˜‰
    What the heck mood. A good mood. One of my top 5 moods I think. But sometimes it gets you in to trouble.
    Well until they invent such a sphere, maybe you could yell at people when they breath down your neck. Creeps! πŸ˜€

  17. juvsa yfciwal dexu tsquykna rsoxdh xurvjdz aevu

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