Ugly Betty Fans

Monday 22 January at 1748 | Posted in Humour | 8 Comments

Uno momento por favor

I promised this to the missus, but I thought I’d let all Ugly Betty fans know.

The Spanish TV show Vidas de Fuego seen in Ugly Betty can be viewed online here. Catch up on your favourite fake Spanish TV show.

There is also Muchas Muchchas, which is a new fake series that will kick off on Ugly Betty soon.

Youll need to let the mini 30 second advert to finish loading before you click on a link to play a different episode.



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  2. Whats the big deal with this show? I don’t get it… its just not that funny

  3. Ugly Betty rocks

  4. HUrrah indeed pinky. ALthough I havent started watching Muchas Muchachas yet. Ill have to catch up on that show later.

    Kerri I dont think it is laugh out loud funny. I dont think it is trying to be. There are of course some moments that do get a big laugh. But it is still fun to watch.

    Fab, it does, with socks on too.

  5. GUESS WHAT!!?!

    What? i hear you say…

    The fab Fabulous is sending me episodes 1-12 of Ugly Betty!!! No more worrying about missing them!!! HURRAH!!!!!!!!!

  6. I didnt say “what.” Obviously your listening to the little vioces in your head. Again. Pinkosa!

  7. oh, hmmm, damn it

    too much coffee

    my jelly baby has gone on a holiday…see?

  8. I see. It looks very peaceful.

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