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Tuesday 23 January at 1005 | Posted in Lifestyle | 16 Comments

After posting an entry yesterday about me sharing with my readers the blogs entries that have caught my eye, it appears that not everyone knows about Google Reader.

So let me let you all in on a little secret.

Google Reader is a Hidden Gem. So called, as it is not fully operational so cannot be found in the normal Google Services. Google Reader can only be found by looking in Google Labs.
You need to be signed up with your own Google Homepage to get full use out of Google Reader.
By adding just the regular url off your favourite blogs to the “Add Subscription” button you can have one page that displays and updates automatically all your favourite blogs.
It looks a bit like this.
Googel Reader
My current view of Google Reader (plugging the missus blog there too. Hopefully get me brownie points 😉 haha)

Also by going in to the Settings | Goodies you can “add Google Reader” to your Google hompage you can read all of your favourite blogs without ever leaving Google hompage.

Normal view
My ‘normal’ Google hompage.

By clicking on any entry you can read that entire entry through a little bubble.

Viewing blogs.
Reading blogs from your homepage.

So there we have it. Everyone can keep up to date on their favourite blogs without missing a beat or navigating through many pages.

*You do have to view the actual blog to make comments though. Google is good, but it isnt magical.



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  1. ahaaaaaaaaaa 🙂

  2. Hoped that helped. Let me know if you get stuck at all.Let me know if you found it useful. I sure have.

    Then when you have Google Reader setup and Google Homepage Reader set up, go add your Shared Entries RSS to your WordPress sidebar widgets, mentioned in the previous post. And voila, you can keep up to date on all your blogs, not missing a beat and you can inform us what we should be reading.

  3. oh well done Teacher Boy!! 🙂

    i’d like to know who’s writing about Child Snatching though…. eeeep

  4. Thank you kindly. If you leave an apple on your way out Ill be most pleased.

    Child snatching was an entry by Girl Dates London, for your information.

  5. You sir, have a future in info-mercials. Masterful explanation

  6. I doff my cap at that compliment.
    I could be a King in Japan with these kind of diagrams. King of the Japan People Ill be called. And Ill communicate to my people through MSpaint edited photos.

  7. Very swish!

  8. It is swish. Excpet that because it is still in Googles Lab it isnt very fast. It takes a while to update. not like days or hours, just minutes.

    Also its having the hardest time in the World updating anything bluesoup says. Maybe the World really is against bluesoup today?!

  9. hello there matey..nice one..thats me signed onto google reader too now!something new learned for the day..hope ur doing good…and i hear a birthday wish is in order..many happy returns of the day and wishing u lots more! sppadic over n out!

  10. Glad to see Ive been able to show some people the (google reader) light.

    Not quite my birthday yet. The missus is just very excitable sometimes. Still af ew weeks left till my birthday in fact. But thank you anyway. 🙂

  11. you

  12. Kerri You?

  13. Thanks for telling me about Google reader. I intend to check it out.

  14. glad to of shown more people the light that is Google Reader.

  15. Umm I wouldn’t want to be in one place only. So I prefer going to the different sites.

    Reminds me of an “aha” experience I had in 1995 when I was surfing the net for the first time. I was totally thrilled about visiting websites located in Hawaii etc. So cool. Ever since I’ve liked, in fact been hooked, on the idea of being able to be transported to somewhere completely different by a single click of a button.

    I realise it’s sort of the same with Google Reader but there’s a slight difference which is important to me.

  16. […] A while back I championed the new Google Reader. […]

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