This is what happens if I don’t go to bed early

Tuesday 23 January at 2257 | Posted in Humour, Lifestyle, Personal, Wii | 15 Comments

Or “Jonny, I too love Adam now.”

In a bid to up my reputation for keepin you kids happy here are some things I found whilst traversing the World Wide InterWeb. Wicked.

Soupy, if you haven’t already got Thom Yorkes amazing album The Eraser here is another reason why should pick it up.

Sasha has already started remixing tracks off Thom’s album in to his trance house set.

Go. Get. The album. Now!

Next is a clip from Adam Buxton’s youtube page Adam is of course famous for the Adam and Joe Show.
Big thanks goes to Jonny Greenwood of Oxford for this.

A ‘random’ caller on the Richard and Judy show. Very funny. But wait for the last round. Best. Clue. Ever.

Too many funny quotes from this. Some memorable ones are
 Judy “Is she English?”
Caller “No. She’s. Just. Rubbish.”
Or caller “Its a FALCON Richard”
Richard “Hawk?”
And the last one is the best. Told you so.

So soupy youtube embedding does work.

Make sure you bookmark Adams blog and youtube page to keep you entertained.

Also for any Wii owners. Check out this site for having your Mii turned in to a sculpture. Looks good. I wonder if they would do Wii Sports poses?

PS does anyone know of any good gigs to look forward to in the Summer? Preferably London, England.

A little extra for those readers using Google Reader. It comes with many keyboard shortcuts.
For example hitting gh <Thats ‘g’ followed by ‘h’> It takes you to the Google Reader homepage
gu brings up your subscriptions. You can either use arrow keys and enter to quickly bring up you desired blog or you can type in its name. Voila
gt does the same as above, only for tags.
hitting u on its own will make the left sidebar dissapear giving you nothing but all your blog entries. Hitting u again will bring it back.
For the whole list, go here.



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  1. hmmm well, that’s a lot of stuff

  2. Its a few. I would of put more up but I was carried away trying to find a theme I like.
    I hope everyone else likes it?

  3. you can change that header picture you know?

  4. I did. You cant do that with all themes though. I couldn’t think of anything to better the tunnel photo. Maybe I will soon though. Maybe I will.

  5. i think you should. make it something dead funky!

  6. I dont know if I can do funk. Who knows. I don’t. Maybe I’ll mull over it.

  7. Cool new theme 🙂
    That video of richard and judy seems so fake 😛 must have voiced over or something…

    oh btw, my comment didn’t go through properly yesterday 😦 I meant to say we should meet up in animal crossing – perhaps you could email me some times when your free?


  8. Or does seem fake. And thats what I thought. But Richard and Judy bother react to what he says, ie his voice, about being “mashed.” It has to be real.

    Yeah sure. Ill send you an email about it later on.

    Thanks for the thumbs up on the theme.

  9. ok so I am rubbish. I swear it just wouldnt work on this computer.

  10. Well I just wanted to prove a point Soup 😉

  11. Awww I’m sure your dream was better than the film, at least the chickens cant eat someone’s dog!! Is that the Wallasey tunnel or some random tunnel?

  12. Unless they are very big chickens Mon.

    I dont know which tunnel it is. It was already on the theme when I picked it. But if you want it to be Wallasey Tunnel then I will pretend it is. Just for you 😉

  13. Thanks, I’m petrified of it though haha scary little dark tunnel. Giant chickens would look cute, aww.

  14. Chickens in a Caravan sounds like a bloody ace film!

  15. Chickens in a caravan would be a great movie. But your comment would of looked better in the entry above 🙂

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