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Thursday 25 January at 1230 | Posted in Lifestyle | 26 Comments

After two attmepts – both I somehow, unknown to me, did not get in to a mess, I’ve come to the conclusion that Cadburys Flake is safest eaten in a bowl with a spoon.

Now that my desk draw is empty of the Christmas Selection box, its time I got it refilled.
Without Flakes.

Update: I’ve just checked and I still have an Aero Dairy Milk Bubbly in the draw. That should save me till after the weekend.



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  1. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    i can’t have chocolate! i want it so much

  2. I will pay someone good money to send Worchestershire Sauce Wheat Crunchies. PLEASE? Or, in exchange, a big box of Canadian chocolate bars.

  3. You should go make some brownies then Pinkosa!

    Hmmmmm, this sounds like a good deal. Where would I get a box of Crunchies from?
    Dont you need special allowance to send food items across the World? Or have I made that up?

  4. Nope – you can send food (as long as it’s not perishable). And crunchies are light. Not like sending cans of beans.

    Have you ever been to Canada? Anything you would prefer? We have lots of yummy maple candies.

  5. but that’s not PROPER chocolate

  6. No, but I would add some Coffee Crisps (they are proper Canadian chocolates – and despite the name, they are chocolate and not coffee). Also, Crispy Crunches!

  7. I did stop by in Canada once when heading to Florida. I was only in the airport for an hour or so. We didnt try the Chocolate.

    also venting, let me explain somethign to clear up confusion.
    pinkyjellybaby has decide to take up a bit of cooking and found a low fat chocolate brownie recipe. I asked her how much does she think they would taste of chocolate?
    Her comment above was to me saying she should make brownies.

    Whats a Crispy Crunch?
    Do you have anything in a jelly sweet?

  8. ooops yes, sorry venting!

  9. A jelly? Not really. Canadians don’t like jelly as much as British people do. I will look though.

    A Crispy Crunch is delicious and you haven’t lived until you’ve had one.

  10. Venting do you have Taffy? i’m not sure what it is.. i’m intrigued

  11. No not jelly. like gummybears, or jelly cocacola bottles, or gummy figures. Small chewy sweets. We call them jelly sweets.

    What is in a Crispy Crunch?

  12. Is taffy like caramel?

  13. i don’t have a clue! lol

  14. 😦

  15. i ate some worcester sauce wheat crunchies today. How odd. But very nice. Sorry V xx

  16. Well thats not very nice Soupy. Rubbing in Venting virtual face 🙂 hehe
    Maybe we should all chip in to send Venting some wheaties

  17. Yes. Very mean. 😦

  18. I always like a flake in some vanilla ice cream.. and a spoon!

  19. Tell me Boy… how do you fit in a bowl? Is it a very big bowl?

  20. Not big no. Quite long though. I have a special flake bowl. If you cant get one I recommend a shoe. Any will do, left or right.

  21. no no… but how do YOU get in it?

    Read your post again… 😛

  22. Oh and BTW, I sent Venting Wheat Crunchies of the Worcester Sauce variety… so ner… well, kinda nyway

  23. I see what you have done there soup. Very funny indeed haha 😀
    How many packets did you send her? I bet she’ll be made up with McDreamy and Cruchy Eaties all arriving.

  24. Awww it’s times like that when you realise just how much of a difference they make in your life and how important they are :)That’s lovely. x

  25. it sure is Mon.
    It also cute how everyone who comments from always comments on the wrong entry haha.

  26. I was just wondering where my comment had gone…haha *blush*

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